WebHostingPad review: Everything you need to know

whpWebHostingPad specializes in providing affordable shared hosting for beginner and intermediate website owners.

Perfect for web developers that are looking for unlimited shared hosting and VPS hosting for a great value.

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WHP wasn’t around until 2007.

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


WHP offers some unique features that separate them from other hosting companies (hint: Memset, 123-reg, or Globat).

Here are some of those features:

1) Free Website Transfer: There’s a high chance you already have a hosting company but you may not be satisfied with it. It can be daunting to think about moving your existing website to another web host. That’s why WebHostingPad’s free website transfer service is all the more enticing. It takes the frustration and stress out of the process. Plus it lessens the chance of something going wrong with your website while moving it, like missing files, broken links, prolonged downtime, and more.

There are some restrictions and maximum transfer size (2 GB). If you have PHP and/or MySQL on your existing website, their versions need to match WebHostingPad’s versions to ensure a successful transfer. And only the website files and databases are transferred; any add-on domains, subdomains, FTP accounts, and email addresses have to be recreated. But even with these caveats, a free website transfer by an experienced technical support team is a good deal, especially if you’re not experienced in moving your entire website to another company.

2) Free Softaculous: Being able to install complicated scripts with a single click is an attractive feature many web hosting companies offer. One-click installation is now ubiquitous. Softaculous is both a premium and free commercial script library that enables automated installations of web applications.

Many web hosting companies use Softaculous’ chief competitor, Fantastico. Lesser companies use another competitor, Installatron. There are several reasons Softaculous is preferable to those two script libraries. Softaculous (the pro version) currently offers 377 scripts, as opposed to Fantastico’s 50 and Installatron’s 83. Even the free Softaculous version offers 56 scripts. With Softaculous, virtually any script, app, or database can be installed with a single click (including WordPress). This feature is available for WebHostingPad’s shared plan as well as VPS plans.

3) Free RVSiteBuilder: WebHostingPad uses RVSiteBuilder as their WYSIWYG site builder. RVSiteBuilder is one of the most advanced website builders there are, and it’s vastly superior to most of the site builders that come equipped with typical hosting plans. RVSiteBuilder provides you more than 500 business-ready templates, adoption of responsive design, backup system, missing project recovery, and the ability to easily insert social media icons without confusion.

You also get the standard add-ons like photo galleries, newsletters, database-driven FAQ system, and more. This is a great site builder to use if you’re not familiar with building websites. It retails for $12 a month, but with WebHostingPad, it’s included. Considering the low monthly price of WebHostingPad’s various plans, you’d actually be saving money.

Customer Support

Pretty solid here. WebHostingPad offers a support team available 24/7 via phone, live chat, and a support ticket system.

Company also runs an active Twitter account, so with all the contact options available, it shouldn’t be too hard to get your problem addressed with WHP.


Looking at several online review sites we found that WebHostingPad’s customers had positive things to say about their customer support.

One reviewer happy with quick response time writes: “As someone who doesn’t know much about computer languages, the fast turn around of Webhostingpad’s customer support is very important to me. They always get back to me within a few minutes.”

Another customer agrees saying: “I always experience quick response to my problems, the support is straight to the point and very help full. There is no feeling of just want jump onto the next job, they take their time to make sure all your problems are sorted.”

While checking review sites we also found negative reviews from customers about WebHostingPad’s downtime and policies.

One frustrated customer simply states: “To keep it as short as possible: they have way too much downtime, way too many times, and way too often.”

Another customer complains about repeated sign-in screens for security: “My frustration with them came since they enacted a policy to “protect the database” on wordpress sites. The policy is unprofessional and annoying. They should set up their servers better if they are having issues not punish their customers.”


1) Low Introductory Prices: For multi-month purchases, WebHostingPad has probably the lowest price among similar companies. You can get a basic shared hosting plan for $1.99/month if you prepay for 3 years. Even if you just buy one year, it’s very reasonably priced at $3.99 month.

2) Multiple VPS Plans: WebHostingPad’s VPS plans are powered by a separate company known as VPS Depot. They currently offer 6 tiers, with the lowest tier (beginner) starting with 20 GB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth, and 1 GB RAM.

3) Excellent Support: WebHostingPad offers support 24/7/365, through phone, live chat, a ticket system, and knowledgebase.

4) Free Website Transfer: If you need to move your existing website from another company, WebHostingPad provides a technical support team at no charge.

5) cPanel: WebHostingPad uses the industry-standard cPanel, which is known for its user-friendliness and intuitive features.


1) Website: WebHostingPad’s website leaves something to be desired. Their knowledgebase portion of the website looks vastly different than the other parts.

2) No Marketing Tools: There is no free credit towards Google AdWords or Yahoo, and no marketing tools are offered to help market your website.

3) Uptime Guarantee: WebHostingPad’s uptime guarantee is 99%, which is lower than what other companies typically guarantee at 99.5% or 99.9%.


WebHostingPad offers a multitude of plans to suit all types of users. Shared hosting plans start at very reasonable introductory prices, while still including all the standard features like unlimited storage and bandwidth.

The tools that power the underlying accounts, like RVSiteBuilder and Softaculous, are solid and highly regarded by other users. They also offer free website transfer. With their multiple support options you know you will be able to get help when you need it.

If you are looking for more of an uptime guarantee or free marketing tools to get you started you will find a better option somewhere else.

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