Web.com review: Everything you need to know

web.comWeb.com specializes in providing businesses with shared hosting and additional services like web design.

Their hosting plans are great for businesses who want their hosting company to handle the design and marketing of their new website.

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Web.com was founded in 1997 but they’ve managed to stay relevant in a competitive industry.

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


Web.com offers some unique features that set them apart from other popular hosting companies for small businesses (see: Arvixe, RackSpace, or Omnis).

1) No Upfront Cost Web Design: Starting a website can be a stressful endeavor. You have to worry about finding a quality host and putting up a site that is functional and good looking. Hiring a web designer can be a large cost that stops many businesses before they get started. Web.com has tried to help small business owners spread the cost of their web design services over the course of several months.

This pricing allows you to have a professional looking site that you pay for over time. You’ll get a site that comes with photos and copy that will serve your audience or customers. This service is something that you can continue to use and it will include monthly updates, which is a great option for someone who wants a website that is low maintenance. Web.com will take care of everything for you on a monthly basis with no upfront cost. You can even get a report tracking all of the progress your new site is having, making it easy to concentrate on your business.

2) Ignite Online Marketing: Putting your site online is the first step in getting your site found by online traffic, but if that’s all you do you’ll never have the results you want. Web.com has created a service for websites that takes the guesswork out of being found by the search engines. Their Ignite Online Marketing program will submit your site to hundreds of online directories to help it be found fast.

The service will also promote your site where your potential customers are, like other mobile sites, GPS devices, and Google Maps. You can also take advantage of their Facebook boost program that will create a fan page and get you ‘likes’ to grow the social proof of your business.

3) ReputationAlert: What people say about you online can have an incredible impact on your business. Negative reviews can keep new customers from trying out your products and services. Depending on the nature of your company, keeping an eye on what people are saying about you can be a full-time job that pulls you away from the important matters of your daily routine. That’s why Web.com offers ReputationAlert.

This service takes everything that is said about your company on the internet and puts it in one easy to see location. The best part is that you won’t just see the comments about your business, but those being written about your competition as well. Being able to see what others are doing better and worse can be a valuable tool to help you create a better overall experience for customers in your market. Your name is tracked across thousands of platforms and you are alerted anytime someone says something about your brand. This is a feature that is crucial for any business looking to break into a market and needs an edge on other businesses.

Customer Support

The support team at Web.com is available 24/7 via phone, email, and social media accounts Facebook and Twitter.

If you are having trouble getting a hosting problem resolved, it can really get a company’s attention when you address the issue using social media.


There are several reviews for web.com on the internet. We found that people are positive about their customer support and wait times.

One reviewer states: “The customer support is amazing… their support team is very patient and friendly with me and answers all of my questions right away which is wonderful.”

Another customer agrees saying: “I really appreciated the best ever customer support I received ,really appreciated it..There was a short wait time and the representative was very efficient and knowledgeable about why I callled in.”

Not all reviews were positive. We found several negative reviews dealing with Web.com’s pricing and charging practices.

One customer warns: “Please watch out for their hidden costs, from what the website said, the price was going to be 9.95 a month but I was getting $44 taken from my credit card every month by them.”

Another reviewer experienced a similar issue saying: “This company plays the monthly fee game. You know the one where they bait you with a “low” rate, but you end up paying more than you should.”


1) 24/7 Support: Web.com offers 24/7 support by phone or email, and are very active on Facebook and Twitter.

2) Affordable SSL: The prices for an SSL certificate vary by web host, but you can get one through Web.com for $24.00 a year.

3) Local Leads: You can choose to get agency support in helping you gather local leads for your small business.

4) Payment Processor: With the Take a Payment app from Web.com you can process payments for a low monthly fee.

5) Business Focused: This company is very focused on providing great service to small and medium business owners.

6) Large Blog and Forum: There is a very active and informative forum as well as an entertaining blog that is updated regularly.


1) No Uptime Guarantee: Web.com doesn’t seem to provide any details or promises regarding uptime.

2) No Money Back Guarantee: There is nothing on the website about a guarantee on the hosting plans.

3) Not Hosting Focused: While Web.com offers hosting, they prefer to work with businesses who need web development and online marketing help.


Businesses who are looking to take advantage of the opportunities of an internet presence will love Web.com. They are an all inclusive company that can handle the design, hosting and marketing of your brand from one place leaving you time to focus on what you do best.

But if you are interested in a hosting company that offers specialized service or focused attention you may find other options are better capable of taking care of your needs.

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