Ranking the best VPS hosting companies of 2018

You probably searched for something looking for the best VPS hosting plans, right?

Great, I think I can help.

I’m Jeremy and I’ve tried over 50+ different hosting companies in my years of digital projects, so I have a pretty good feel for the industry.

When it comes to reliable hosting for mid to large size websites and blogs, your options are pretty much either getting dedicated servers (most expensive) or going with a VPS. 

A virtual private server (VPS) is a great way to have greater control over your resources and is a preferred choice of developers and larger blogs.

An analogy that helps explains the difference between shared and VPS hosting is kind of like living arrangements.

Shared hosting is similar to renting an apartment while a VPS is like buying a condo. While other files are hosted on the server, you have greater control of the resources and security of your part of that server.

Depending on your hosting provider, this level of access can change. Choosing the right host for your new VPS plan involves several factors including price, resources, access and more.

This list narrows down the top 5 VPS choices to help you decide. Enjoy.

#1: InMotion

InMotion is an incredible VPS hosting company for those who need some serious power and reliability.

Visit InMotion.com

The options available are not for basic site owners, but developers and programmers will enjoy all that this provider offers.

For starters, all your files will be hosted on SSD hardware that comes standard with every plan (many hosts charge extra or don’t offer this).

You’ll receive the preferred control panel, cPanel, free with your account as well as your choice of data center to help keep your files even faster. All of these options make for an incredible environment to develop and host powerful websites and applications.

Pricing is competitive, but the amount of disk space available caps out at 200GB, which may be a factor for those looking to host large, robust sites. Multiple backups are also included as well as a 90 day money-back guarantee.

This VPS host is the best option for anyone who wants a lightning fast website or app with the peace of mind that comes from the security that InMotion offers.

Unique features: Free SSD and SSL certificate, free cPanel/WHM licenses, free server management for patches and updates, and a 90-day money back guarantee.

Pricing: Starting at $19.99.

#2: Bluehost

Bluehost is a top option for VPS hosting providers because of the high capacity they offer for developers.

Visit Bluehost.com

Almost all other hosting providers start off their VPS plans with 1GB of RAM and one core topping out at around 8GB of RAM.

This is pretty standard for the price point, but Bluehost provides webmasters with much more. Their plans go from 4GB -16GB of RAM so you’re server will be an incredibly powerful tool to help you create any project you can come up with.

Bluehost also makes it possible to have a seamless transition from a shared plan to one of the many VPS options available.

The performance available from a Bluehost VPS will have developers excited to use the power available at such a reasonable price, but if you just need the ability to hold more visitors without slowing down your site, then you may find a more cost-effective, less feature-rich option.

Unique features: 2 to 4 cores and up to 16GB of RAM, works well with WordPress (see all WP hosting), and easy to upgrade from a Bluehost shared plan.

Pricing: Starting at $19.99.

#3: Dreamhost

Dreamhost offers one of the most flexible and easily scalable VPS hosting plans.

Visit Dreamhost.com

This is a reliable company that offers extra security options and unlimited domain names and bandwidth from the beginning, with 100% uptime guaranteed.

They are also a very affordable hosting option with VPS plans starting as low as $15/mo., but you can upgrade to one of their higher plans easily and quickly as your demand increases.

Your dedicated IP address comes standard and all files are hosted on solid state drives to ensure speedy access for your visitors and files.

The power and resources are there for developers, the speed is there for site owners, and the price is reasonable for bargain shoppers.

Unique features: High performance SSD drives, custom web based control panel, unlimited MySQL databases, and easily scalable RAM.

Pricing: Starting at $15.00.

#4: 1&1

1&1 comes in as one of the largest and most affordable VPS hosting companies.

The entry level plan starts at a shocking $4.99/mo for 1GB of RAM, 50GB of hard drive space and unlimited bandwidth. The highest plan introductory rate only goes to $29.99/mo for much higher resource levels.

This pricing can help those who want the option of a VPS, but don’t have the budget, get it without spending more than a basic shared plan.

Reliability and uptime are concerns of many developers looking for a server from 1&1, but it should be noted that the company does maintain an uptime guarantee.

So, if you want a hosting company that has notable reliability and customer service to put your next project on, you might need to go with something else.

Unique features: Unlimited traffic with SAN storage for security, independently configure CPU, RAM, and disk, and alter at any time, and free domain and site builder.

Pricing: Starting at $4.99.

#5: GoDaddy

Shared plans often say their bandwidth is “unlimited”, but if you reach a certain level of visitors you hit a soft cap and your site slows down or even crashes.

GoDaddy has created VPS plans that allow you to “bring on the traffic” without slowing access to your files.

The plans range in price and start out at a slightly higher price point of $16.99/mo for 1GB of RAM and 40GB of storage, but the bandwidth has the promise to allow unlimited levels of traffic to flow onto your website.

The somewhat underwhelming resources may have developers wanting to look to another on our list.

However, this is a great option for blogs and e-commerce stores who have hit that invisible ceiling of traffic with their current shared plan.

Unique features: Unlimited bandwidth, managed services come standard, and lots of SiteLock security add ons.

Pricing: Starting at $16.99.


Going the VPS route can be a reliable, hassle free solution for web hosting.

While it’s not the cheapest hosting out there, most find the added value and quality well worth the extra cost.

If you need quality VPS hosting for a lightning fast mid-size website or blog, give InMotion a go. If you need a high capacity VPS for larger projects, try BlueHost.

If you are looking for the overall best VPS hosting company with reliability and fast servers, your choice is easy.

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