ServInt review: Everything you need to know

servintServInt specializes in providing high-end VPS hosting solutions for businesses with demanding requirements.

(If you are just starting your first blog or website you might want to consider something cheaper and more simple like shared hosting.)

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ServInt was pretty popular back in the day.

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


ServInt features some advanced features that aren’t offered by your typical beginner hosting company.

Here are some of them:

1) Jelastic PaaS: Platform as a service options aren’t offered by all hosting companies and can be a huge selling point for many developers. Jelastic is a cloud platform that has been specifically designed for software developers and ISVS. Unlike other PaaS this is a truly scalable option and doesn’t require custom coding to an API. You’ll be able to allocate resources in real time as the data for project(s) grows, and once you aren’t using as much the price goes down.

The pricing is based on usage and is flexible to fit your ever changing needs as a developer. Jelastic supports both GIT and SVN, making it easy to deploy changes in your code. Enterprise customers will be happy to know that containers are isolated and any failures in one doesn’t affect other environments.

Managing the entire process is also easy with this ServInt tool, and includes an intuitive drag and drop dashboard that allows you to configure application environments to you and your teams liking. There is also a remote app that allows you to do some remote work. This is a great tool for any agency or independent developer.

2) Hosting Solutions by Industry: Almost all hosting companies on the market offer the same services to all of their customers (typically shared, VPS and dedicated plans). You can also find some that specialize in a certain industry or hosting type. ServInt offers specific hosting solutions to a variety of industries to ensure you have the resources you need to keep your website or application running smoothly.

They offer some typical hosting plans that are catered to small businesses and bloggers (including WordPress). They also have larger solutions for app and web development, agencies, resellers, and enterprise customers that allow for better scalability than many other hosts. ServInt also serves the education and government sectors due to their experience and incredible security. With so many specific options, you’ll know that your site has been given the resources and care it needs to succeed.

3) Extensive Blogs: Communication from a hosting company is typically done through tutorials, or in the event of an issue, through technical support. Some offer blogs and other news outlets, but ServInt makes staying connected with their customers a priority. They not only have a blog, but 8 regularly updated blogs to keep you informed about your hosting account as well as a range of other relevant content. For the tech savvy there is the tech blog that includes how-to’s on topics like SEO, software, and hosting theory.

There is also a “hosting for non-techies” blog that goes over all of the basics you’ll need to get the most from your site. If you want to keep up to date with your host, you can visit the ServInt Fundamentals blog where they talk about all things company and community related. There is also the knowledge center to help you troubleshoot problems and the executive corner to hear from the leadership team. Along with all of these great options, you’ll also find blogs about industry trends, products and offers, and one pertaining to all issues related to internet governance.

Customer Support

Not what they used to be, at least that’s what recent reviews are saying.

Customer support issues must be addressed using their support ticketing system, no live chat or telephone help is offered.

If you value a 24/7 support team with a high quality reputation, consider other hosting companies like Siteground, A2, or InMotion.


We checked several internet review sites to find out what customers are saying about ServInt. We found several customers happy with their uptime and features.

One customer writes: “I’ve been with Servint for many years, and have always been really happy with their uptime, the quality of their support, and the support response time.”

Another reviewer states: “They give you daily offsite backups which most like liquidweb charge extra for, and their support almost always gets on tickets in under 20 minutes.”

Not all reviews were positive. We found customers were upset with a non-intuitive control panel and with the level of technical help available.

One frustrated user writes: “Their control panel is overwhelming, slow, and nightmare to try and get through. Documentation is really lacking, and there is no way to search it.”

Another reviewer disappointed with support warns: “Most of these guys resolve every problem by simply resetting apache every time you call in with a slow server, and getting someone to call you back is an absolute nightmare.”


1) ServInt’s Site Performance Guarantee: Their guarantee says this: “If your site slows down because your server doesn’t deliver 100% of the CPU, RAM, disk and IOPS you were promised, for more than five minutes… you get your entire month of hosting absolutely free.”

2) Powerpartners Program: Earn discounts, cash or hosting credits for referring customers, anywhere from $49-$799 dollars per referral.

3) Jelastic: a PaaS solution with no custom coding to an API. A cloud platform specifically designed for software developers and ISVS.

4) Live Updates: ServInt has a dedicated twitter account for live network updates. They also give real time server analytics and core network updates.

5) Green Initiative: ServInt aims to reduce its carbon footprint in every aspect of the business by a re-forestation project to balance the emissions for its VPS infrastructure (see: FatCow, Codero, and Netfirms).


1) Not for beginners: ServInt has positioned itself to help businesses, non-profits, and even government entities.

2) Overwhelming options: ServInt’s website does a good job explaining all their different options but unless you are a master web developer with specific needs you’ll be lost in all the data.

3) No free migration: ServInt does offer Managed Migration but the website does not list the cost. You have to contact a support representative to request a quote.


Only offering VPS and dedicated servers, ServInt has positioned itself as a high-end host for customers who want a higher level of service and hosting.

This is a great option for anyone who wants excellent speed and uptime and are looking to pay a steep, but reasonable price for it.

If you are looking for inexpensive or shared hosting, there will be better options for your needs.

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