RackSpace review: Everything you need to know

rackspaceRackSpace specializes in managing dedicated and cloud hosting for business and corporate customers.

They don’t offer the cheapest hosting plans out there, but they’re a step above the typical shared hosting plans you see.

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It doesn’t appear that RackSpace is loosing steam anytime soon.

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


RackSpace offers some unique features that separate them from their competition.

Here are some of them:

1) RackSpace Blogs and Newsroom: While there are a lot of hosting companies that have blogs, few compare to the amount of information that is provided by RackSpace. There are three different online publications that are offered. The RackSpace Blog is the main hub for the company, but it has six different channels to choose from. You can read specific blogs dedicated to things like the cloud industry, products and technology, and “Racker” culture (which is a look at the employee culture). The information is highly technical and very relevant to the host’s customer base.

In addition to the RackSpace Blog, there is an entirely different blog that is solely intended for developers. Topics covered in this publication include all sorts of server data, tips, and RackSpace specific products to help you make the most of your host. The third publication is the Newsroom. The posts here are specific newsworthy announcements from the RackSpace team. You’ll find information about staff changes, updates, and new product announcements. The communication you get from RackSpace is unequaled anywhere else.

2) DevOps: DevOps is a truly unique feature to any other hosting company. It’s not a product or a service, but more of an open view into how RackSpace runs their company. Other hosts have promises and guarantees, but rarely do you get such a detailed look at the atmosphere created to take care of your web properties. RackSpace has united their team around a set of processes that ensure maximum communication and efficiency.

Their DevOps strategy consists of four parts Culture, Automation, Measurement, and Sharing. The team works seamlessly together while testing their infrastructure constantly to ensure everything is working properly. Metrics and goals are laid out clearly to avoid confusion and maximize customer service. Due to this unique corporate structure RackSpace has experienced incredible customer satisfaction and constant improvement.

3) Jungle Disk Backups: Many hosting companies provide backups as part of hosting services (HostGator, WP Engine, and IPower), but these can be inconsistent. It’s always recommended that you personally backup all of your data to ensure that it is correctly being managed. RackSpace has created a separate service that takes incredible care of your backup data. Called Jungle Disk Backups, it can help put your mind at ease in the event of any sort of data loss.

The company promises to keep your data secure (they can’t even access it directly). The service is great for businesses who understand the importance backing up your website but don’t understand exactly how it’s done. Jungle Disk offers two plans. The first is $4/mo and is a service that will backup your company’s computers saving all data, not just for your website. There is also a $5/mo service that allows you to have unlimited server backups on demand.

Customer Support

RackSpace offers a very informative knowledgebase, especially for information on cloud hosting.

As far as their support team goes, they are available 24/7 by phone, chat, and email, but reviews indicate the quality of service might be inconsistent.


We looked at online reviews to find out how people really feel about RackSpace. We found that customers had positive things to say about their tech support availability and expertise.

One long-term customer states: “We’ve used Rackspace for over 5 years at our Web Development agency. We’re using a Dedicated Server. Rackspace has great support, always answers the phone and provides great hosting.”

Another customer agrees saying: “They always answer the phone, and if you don’t want a ticket they will find someone to walk through the solution with you. You couldn’t ask for more! The only downside is that you really have to pay to have that level of expertise on tap.”

We also found several negative reviews for RackSpace. There seems to be a few customers frustrated with customer service as well.

One disappointed customer states: “Unfortunately, since going public, the customer service has turned into something that rivals godaddy, you essentially train the techs, the majority all level ones that don’t really get it.”

Another reviewer warns: “To put it bluntly, these people don’t know what they’re doing, have NO concept of customer service, have NO communication skills that I can think of, and make changes to my customers servers and services WITH NO ADVANCE WARNING.”


1) Support Options: Every person working at RackSpace is dedicated to delivering the highest customer service.

2) Highly Trained Staff: RackSpace boasts well over 600 certified professionals including Microsoft, Cisco and many others.

3) Active Forums: There is an active community available via the RackSpace forums.

4) Knowledge Center: A well organized and informative knowledge center is available freely on the company’s site.

5) System Status Page: You’ll be able to check server status live 24/7.

6) Windows Servers: RackSpace offers both Linux and Windows servers to store your data on.


1) No Shared Hosting: RackSpace doesn’t offer shared hosting plans at this time.

2) No Uptime Guarantee: While they do have a live server status page, there is no information on an uptime guarantee on the site.

3) No Money Back Guarantee: RackSpace doesn’t seem to offer a money back guarantee that is listed online.


If you own a business or are part of a corporation that needs a large amount of server space to host your website and files, RackSpace is one of the best options you can find. You’ll find that they serve many other happy clients just like you.

But if you want to find inexpensive shared hosting or a place to house your multiple properties there are other options that will be better suited for you.

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