Pagely review: Everything you need to know

pagelyPagely is a company that exclusively offers WordPress hosting for websites.

While they’re not cheap by any means, Pagely is a great option for businesses, or a large blog owner that wants to use WordPress for a scalable high traffic website.

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Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


Pagely offers some features that separate them from the rest. Here are some of them:

1) WordPress Only: Pagely only supports projects that use the WordPress platform. The parent company is a web development firm that wanted to create a one of a kind host for the WP CMS platform. Not only is everyone at the company an Expert on the platform, but they were also the first hosting company to offer exclusive managed WordPress hosting. The company provides automatic updates of everything on your site including plugins and the incredible knowledge of the staff can help “make your site sing”.

If a major brand has a project using WP, chances are they trust pagely to host it for them. Some of the host’s clients include Facebook, Disney, Warner Bros, Microsoft and about three dozen more that are listed on their website. Their specialty isn’t just WordPress, but how to scale it to handle versatile projects and large amounts of traffic. Even though they work with some intimidating names, Pagely offers reasonably priced hosting for businesses with many of the same features and benefits as their premium plans.

2) Amazon Hosting: Many hosting companies own their servers and provide excellent speed and value to their customers. Others lease their equipment which can compromise speed and reliability. Pagely has a unique partnership with Amazon Web Services to offer the same cloud hosting that most of the fortune 50 sites are utilizing. By using this company to host your WP site, you are using the same equipment as the largest and fastest websites in the world. Your data will be on the best servers available with automatic backups to the Amazon S3 storage service as well as the best-balanced power systems and live malware tracking.

This is a very attractive feature to anyone who wants their site to be fast and reliable. eCommerce, high traffic blogs, and large corporate sites have embraced Pagely for their ability to host on Amazon, including very large companies.

3) Press Extras: Pagely offers several technological advancements that go along with every hosting package. These programs are exclusive to this host and offer some top of the line benefits to your plan. The first is PressArmor, which is the security feature that was developed by Pagely to prevent and reduce any issues for their network, hardware, and client sites. This high level of security is accomplished with live malware tracking and preset filters to root out malicious traffic before it does damage.

Another feature is PressCache, which is a global WordPress acceleration system that works like a CDN, but exclusively for WP. In addition to the custom WP cache, Pagely offers a CDN that will send the static assets to your visitors from the nearest provider. Another Pagely exclusive is the Atomic Interface. Atomic is an incredibly simple and intuitive control panel to manage your account from one place that is easy to use and understand.

Customer Support

Only a customer support ticketing system is in place for Pagely, no phone or live chat.

If you are looking for a hosting company with a reputable customer support team, try SiteGround or InMotion.


Looking over several internet reviews we found many Pagely customers love the safety and security measures. In fact, most of the reviews are positive like:

“Really happy with for the site I have hosted with them. Fast, secure and I know it’s going to be updated. Don’t like having to pay for FTP and Multisite not included but they have a UK server which is good. There is a Captcha on the login page which is a really good idea for security.

Another reviewer states: “I’ve been hosting sites with various companies since 2003. Pagely is, by far and away, the best when it comes to combining their hardware and software stacks with proactive and responsive support.”

While there were mainly satisfied users, we also found a few Pagely customers unhappy with specific technical issues.

One reviewer expresses frustration with certain updates: “I have a client hosted with He does have an issue with a certain plugin being automatically updated, thereby breaking the plugin, but I’ve come to appreciate the tradeoff for security. My client is in California, so support response time is very good (although my client expects nearly impossible turnaround). I love that they do nightly backups and have super-secure servers.”

Another customer issues a warning about: “migrating an existing site to Unless you buy the Business plan or above, you will need to recreate your WP site using Import/Export feature, rebuild all your menus and widgets, re-install and configure your plug-ins, etc.”


1) Expert Support: Since Pagely only offers WP hosting, their entire support team are experts on the platform.

2) Page Speed: Ultilizing Amazon hosting, this company offers some of the fastest page speeds of any other provider, boasting response time of well less than a second on their site.

3) Global Options: Pagely makes it easy to scale your website worldwide with server locations all over the globe.

4) Uptime: The company has a 99.9992% uptime posted over the last six months on their website.

5) Daily Backups: Your data will be backed up daily onto Amazon S3 for easy access and restoration given any issue.

6) Charitable: Pagely has several benefactors that they actively contribute to and campaign for including St. Jude and PBS.


1) No Guarantee: While Pagely uses the most advanced technology, they don’t offer a guarantee of any kind. Although, you can cancel your account at any time.

2) Expensive: This host offers very high end features at a reasonable price for what you’re getting, but it isn’t the most affordable.

3) No Phone/Chat Support: While the support is experienced and knowledgeable, they are only available through support tickets.


Pagely offers one of the highest quality hosting services on the internet and is a great option for large companies, high traffic eCommerce stores, and intricate sites with a lot of data. This provider is also a great option for anyone who wants to take advantage of the same hardware as the biggest businesses in the world.

If you are looking for an inexpensive option, there are many hosts that offer incredible service and fast page speeds for a more reasonable price. If you are looking for basic shared hosting or another CMS besides WP, Pagely definitely isn’t for you.

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