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justhostJustHost is a great entry level host that offers reliable and inexpensive shared and VPS hosting options.

They offer hosting starting at very reasonable prices, perfect for beginners who will be needing to scale up their hosting performance as they grow.

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JustHost isn’t as popular as it was back in 2010.

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


JustHost offers some unique features that make it one of the most popular web hosting solutions

1) cPanel Demo: JustHost has an award-winning control panel (cPanel), and you can see exactly how this works prior to purchasing your hosting plan through their demo. You’ll find the link to try it out front and center on their homepage. You’ll get to see exactly how streamlined their cPanel is. You can go through the demo as if you’re working in the real cPanel and you can see how email accounts are set up, how one-click installations work, what their file manager and ftp manager look like, and much more. User friendliness is a big factor in choosing web hosting plans and JustHost certainly succeeds in this area.

2) Instant Provisioning: Many VPS (Virtual Private Servers) or dedicated servers hosting plans require hours or days to provision. JustHost goes above and beyond with this unique feature by making your information available to you fast. JustHost has instant provisioning that can get you up and running in mere seconds saving you time and money. This means handing it over to you fully ready with as little time and cost incurred as possible. This feature is especially important if you have an e-commerce website and you don’t have days to allow for provisioning. Fast provisioning means no lost customers or sales for you.

3) Dedicated Server Specialists: JustHost’s regular support is already robust, but for their dedicated hosting, they also have a dedicated support staff. When you opt for their dedicated hosting plan, you’ll have exclusive access to specialists who can answer your questions quickly. If you go to their website you’ll find the phone number to talk to a dedicated specialist prominently displayed at the top of the page, whereas most hosting companies hide their phone numbers or only provide email and chat options.

Customer Support

With an extensive knowledgebase and a 24/7 support team available via live chat, phone, and email, JustHost isn’t your average hosting company (see: 000WebHost, Aabaco, and MediaTemple).

These guys even show the current wait times for each contact method, allowing customers to choose an appropriate selection based on the method of customer support they prefer (phone, chat, or email).


We have looked over several online reviews for JustHost to see how customers feel about them. We found that customers have had positive experiences with uptime:

One customer seems very happy with their service saying: “I’ve never had a problem with uptime – the servers seem solid, especially since they did an upgrade a couple of years ago.”

Another reviewer also pleased with pricing as well as uptime states: “I am very pleased with the uptime of my website, and them giving away unlimited virtually everything for a measly £2.75 per month. I think that’s a great deal!”

We also found several negative reviews for JustHost. Customers here were disappointed with their email service and downtime.

One frustrated user writes: “I lose about 90% of emails that come in from clients. I am able to email between my JustHost email accounts but can never send or receive email from any other source ie. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, ATT or other business emails.”

Another reviewer warns: “the last two years JustHost had constant downtimes, even for static HTML pages. Their FTP service is terrible due to constant disconnections. Their CPANEL logs you out constantly without reason.”


1) Multiple Support Options: Just Host has multiple avenues of around-the-clock support, from phone, email, and live chat. On their support website, they clearly show how long you have to wait (if any) for each type of support. They also have an extensive knowledge base.

2) Price: Their introductory prices are one of the lowest, starting at $2.95 per month for their most basic plan. They revert to regular pricing at renewal, but they’re still reasonable. You also get 50% on your first month of dedicated server hosting plan.

3) User-Friendly: Their cPanel is user-friendly, visually appealing, and intuitive.

4) Uptime: JustHost hosts their customer websites on quad processor servers and their data center has a backup generator. With 24/7 network monitoring, they guarantee near-perfect uptime and the ability to address issues quickly.

5) Free Script Library: Hosting plans include a script library called SimpleScripts that can install most popular scripts like WordPress, phpBB, Joomla, and osCommerce.

6) Dedicated Hosting: Just Host offers VPS and dedicated servers with instant provisioning at competitive prices.


1) Confusing Website: When it comes to finding information on dedicated hosting or VPS, it’s buried in the lower part of the website. JustHost also touts unlimited bandwidth, storage, and email accounts on the main page, but for their cheapest plan ($2.95/month promotional price), storage and email accounts are limited.

2) Cancellation Policy: JustHost has the fairly standard 30-day cancellation policy, no questions asked. But this policy doesn’t extend to domain names, so if you cancel the plan, they’ll not refund you the price of domain name, which is $14.99. The upside is that even outside the 30-day cancellation term, you can receive a prorated refund for the remainder of your term.

3) Migration: There is no help with any migration, and migrating a WordPress website is reportedly cumbersome according to PCMag.


JustHost is your standard web hosting company that has low introductory prices.

Their strength is the user-friendly cPanel and good support infrastructure. While their lowest tier doesn’t offer unlimited storage, it should be good enough to run a small website or blog. If you outgrow the shared hosting plan, you can upgrade to their VPS or dedicated server hosting plan.

Those plans come equipped with specialists who can help answer any questions, and they’re reasonably priced. Their VPS and dedicated server accounts have instant provisioning so it only takes a few seconds to get up and running.

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weeblyWeebly specializes in helping webmasters build simple, mobile friendly sites.

They offer a free shared web hosting plan, along with paid options to upgrade.

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Weebly was founded in 2006 and they continue to compete against hosting giants like GoDaddy, Wix, and JustHost.

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


Weebly offers a number of features, particularly for those that aren’t particularly skilled in web design and coding.

Here are some of those features:

1) Membership Creation: Weebly currently has 3 plans – starter, pro, and business. While their starter plan doesn’t allow you to create membership sites, their pro and business plans do. Membership creation is useful if you’re looking to make a private club or restrict certain content from the public. The pro plan allows up to 100 people and the business plan has no limit on the number of people you can invite for membership creation.

There are various ways you can take advantage of membership creation. For example, if you have a photography website, you can create a private members-only group for access to high-resolution images. It’s also useful for running classes or tutorials that are premium content.

2) Header Slideshows: This is a feature for Weebly Pro and Business. With this option, you can transform your entire header of your website into a slideshow. For a simple drag-and-drop hosting option, this is a rather powerful feature.

If you’re running an e-commerce store and want to showcase certain products or images, this feature would be useful. You can customize the slideshows in many ways, including transition styles, navigation styles, delays, and image editing.

3) Mobile Apps: Weebly has iPhone, iPad, and Android apps that allow you to manage your website from anywhere. This is a surprisingly unique feature that is yet to be provided by their chief competitors that also specialize in drag-and-drop website builders.

If you wanted to, you actually have the convenience of building your entire website, including an eCommerce store, from Weebly’s mobile apps because they’re optimized well for mobile devices and are very user-friendly. Best of all, the mobile apps are available for all plans, from starter, pro, and business.

Customer Support

When it comes to contacting support at Weebly, phone support is only offered to customers of the top three hosting plans.

All other customers can contact support via live chat, email, and can access the helpful forums and knowledgebase.


We have looked at several review sites online to see how customers feel about Weebly. We found several positive reviews about their features and ease of use.

One customer states: “I have used weebly and it is amazing, it let’s me make good websites for free. My favorite hosting program.”

Another reviewer writes: “As someone who is not technologically savvy, I appreciated the easy to use drop and drag tools on Weebly. I built an awesome website in only a few days and I can edit it easily.”

While most customers had good things to say, we also found several negative reviews. Most users seem to have negative thoughts about features not included in their paid hosting and smaller technical issues.

One reviewer complains: “I think that for the high price of around $7 a month would be good if we got a free domain with it…I also think that they should give things like an email for free with your domain for what you are paying.”

Another user had an issue with specific file issues recalling a time when Weebly changed the image title to a: “permanently renamed to a nonsense string of characters. There is no way to add title information to an image unless you hand code your page’s image content.”


1) Free Domain for a Year: Weebly allows you to use your existing domain or purchase one for free for a year. After that, it’s $19.95 for all three – starter, pro, and business – plans.

2) Inclusive Starter Plan: Weebly’s most inexpensive starter plan is still fairly inclusive. You have access to all their templates. This plan even allows unlimited storage.

3) Online Store: You can open an online store no matter which plan you have, although how much you can sell varies by the tier.

4) Attractive Themes: Weebly is known for their attractive templates (themes) that are optimized for mobile devices, and with over 100 themes you can choose from, there is no shortage of options.

5) Intuitive Site Building: Easy and user-friendly interface is the key to any drag-and-drop hosting, and Weebly succeeds in this area. Site elements are arranged in groups.

6) Migration: One major concern about using services like Weebly is that you’d be locked into their site builder. Weebly allows you to download your site as a ZIP archive file so if you want to pack up and move, you can easily do so. This does come with a caveat – you won’t be able to move interactive features and comments, but that’s to be expected.


1) No Email Accounts: That is, unless through Google Apps. While email accounts are standard features on most web hosting plans, this is not the case with Weebly. They’ve partnered with Google Apps for email accounts for $45 per year, which can be a bit steep.

2) No Online Storage of Images: So if you wanted to reuse certain images, you’d have to keep them on your hard drive and re-upload each time, which can quickly become a hassle.

3) Premium Accounts Are Not Cheap: At over $30 per month (Business Plan) and over $12 per month (Pro Plan), Weebly’s premium accounts aren’t exactly inexpensive, but if you’re planning to run an ecommerce store, premium plans are something worth springing for.


Weebly has gained a reputation for an eye-pleasing, user-friendly site builder. For something that sounds so simple, it’s surprisingly robust, with capabilities to run a full e-commerce store. Their multi-tier plans are suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

All plans include access to templates and unlimited storage, but the true meat comes with pro and business plans. With those plans, you can have header slideshows and a host of other attractive features.

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one,comOne.com specializes in providing simple, easy to understand hosting options for small business owners.

Even though they don’t specialize in dedicated or VPS hosting plans, One.com still offers fast hosting with their shared options for beginner to intermediate website owners and bloggers.

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Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


One.com offers a number of features that web developers will find useful.

Here are a few of them:

1) Statistics: One of the most important tools webmasters use are the statistics and behavior of the people that visit their website. If you can see how people are reacting, you can make small changes to see if it alters their actions for better or worse. This process is called split testing, and it all starts with data. One.com has the tools you need to see a large amount of statistics about what visitors are doing on your site. Not only does it include how many people are visiting, but how they are requesting the files (where they are going and what they are downloading).

The data will be given to you in graphs and tables. You can then use the data to make your site faster and maybe more profitable. If you are new to online hosting stats, you don’t have to worry. One.com has a detailed explanation of every metric that you can track through this feature and several other key terms that you will need to understand before moving forward.

2) Multi-Lingual Support: In a growing global economy, websites are becoming easier to start from anywhere in the world. Although, the majority of companies that host websites were started and remain in the U.S.A. This can make it difficult to get the support or help you need due to language barriers. One.com has embraced this global internet renaissance by adequately serving at least 14 different languages. They can assist you by clicking on your language in the footer of their homepage.

If you need assistance, they offer multilingual phone support as well. So far, they’ve included some of the most used languages including Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and many others. Having the entire website translated into your native tongue can be a huge advantage if you’re not fluent in English and don’t want to rely on Google to translate it for you.

3) SSL Security: In an increasingly hostile internet environment, many companies and individuals are looking for ways to keep their information safe. This, and other reasons have led to a need for an SSL Certificate for most website owners. An SSL helps secure sensitive information (like credit card numbers) by encrypting it as it is sent between sites and customers.

Google has even taken steps to rank sites with an SSL certificate higher in the search engines, increasing the importance of having one for your web property. One.com makes it easy to attain one of these SSL’s by giving them to all of their customers for free. Your site will not only receive an SSL, but the technicians at One.com will implement it while keeping both your data and your customer’s information as safe as possible.

Customer Support

One.com offers 24/7 live chat support along with email responses within 24 hours.

Not bad customer support for a hosting company, but probably not the best either. Try companies like Globat and WHP if you’re looking for over-the-top support.


We have looked all over the Internet to find informative reviews for One.com. Many positive reviews for this hosting company center around its features and ease of use.

One customer impressed with the overall options of the host states: “Their support is top notch, get a response in matter of few hours if not quicker depending on the situation. They offer excellent features and they have made me a customer for life.”

Another reviewer also impressed with its ease of use writes: “The good thing about it is that it comes with a website package with good templates which makes it easier for beginners to host with ease. Nice control panel and email inbox. Easy to use, easy to register.”

Not all reviews were positive however. We found many users had a negative experience with their customer support.

One customer complains that: “The support is one of the worst I have seen, I got passed around to 3 diffrent people to help me, but at the end they were not customer service oriented and did not help me at all.”

Another frustrated reviewer warns: “Terrible company to deal with. Don’t be fooled by the low prices, as it also only allows the company to afford terrible customer service teams.”


1) PHP and MySQL: One.com has the option for coders to create complex and large sites with these popular languages.

2) Unlimited Email: You’ll be able to create as many email accounts as you need with any hosting plan offered.

3) Web Editor: One.com offers an easy to use, professional website builder that allows you to create as many pages of content as you need quickly.

4) Free Cloud Drive: You can store up to 5GB of data on the cloud just by signing up. You don’t even have to be a paying customer.

5) Money Back Guarantee: You have 15 days to determine whether or not One.com is the right hosting company for you.

6) Affordable: With their size, One.com offers some of the least expensive shared hosting options available online.


1) No Uptime Guarantee: One.com doesn’t seem to offer an uptime promise or the ability to track server availability.

2) No Phone Support: While they do have 24/7 chat support in multiple languages, you aren’t able to call a support phone line.

3) No cPanel: One.com has created a completely custom control panel, but doesn’t offer the popular cPanel as an option, which could be a problem for developers looking for the familiar interface.


One.com is great for a bargain hunter who needs to host one or more websites with a company that provides a number of services. It would also be a great option for any webmaster outside of the U.S. who needs a hosting provider that can offer support in your native language.

But if you’re looking for phone support and specialized hosting services, there are other options out there better than One.com.

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powwebPowWeb specializes in shared hosting for websites with small to medium levels of traffic.

With simple pricing and advanced technology, PowWeb offers a decent hosting solution for beginners or intermediate site owners and bloggers.

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PowWeb was pretty popular back in 2006.

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


PowWeb isn’t your typical hosting company.

Here are some of the unique features they have to offer:

1) Only One Plan: PowWeb is different from most web hosting companies in that they only offer one plan. “One Plan, One Price,” is their operating slogan. This eliminates the confusion that inevitably comes with different pricing structures. You don’t have to wonder about which plan is more suitable for you. But just because they only offer one plan doesn’t mean they lack essentials.

Their plan comes with all the standard features, including unlimited storage, unlimited (scalable) bandwidth, FTP access, web-based file manager, control panel, and more. They also allow more advanced technology such as PHP, Perl, MySQL databases, ecommerce functionalities, etc.

2) Interactive Forums: PowWeb’s community forum boasts over 11,000 registered users (not quite on GoDaddy or BlueHost‘s level). With over 100 active users online at any given time, any question that the support staff can’t quickly answer is highly likely to be answered by forum users. The forum is also the first place to check for system outages or company announcements.

Forum topics range from general issues to any technology allowed by PowWeb, including PHP, MySQL, Perl, domain names, script installers, etc. With thousands of question and answer strands available for you to look through you are sure to find any information you are looking for quickly.

3) Load-Balanced Technology: PowWeb uses proprietary load-balancing hosting technology, similar to what large corporations use to support their critical websites. This simply means that there are multiple paths to access your website, known as “redundancy.”

PowWeb balances a single website on multiple servers, so even if one server fails, your website is guaranteed to stay up. When there are multiple entry points to a single website, this ensures your website is up most of the time. This is perfect if you are running a eCommerce store and need to ensure your site stays up and running so you don’t lose customers or money.

Customer Support

When it comes to support at PowWeb, they offer live chat 24/7 along with a support ticketing system and a phone number for US customers.

They offer pretty straightforward and simple hosting plans so most of their customers probably never need support anyways (customer support can get pretty complex as you move up into issues dealing with VPS and dedicated servers).


We have searched the internet looking over PowWeb reviews. The positives of this hosting company that customers enjoy are price and uptime.

One customer simply states: “Our websites have pretty well 100% uptime, they are good value for money.”

Another happy reviewer raves: “Virtually no down time. I cannot recall an instance of downtime with any of the sites they host for me in the 5 years I have been a customer.”

We also found some negative reviews however. It seems most customers here were disappointed with PowWeb’s tech support and wait times.

One reviewer stated that: “Support is terrible, sure you can chat with someone – but that person will always pass it on and you will get an answer in a day or two.”

Another customer agrees saying: “The average response time to a support query has gone from less than an hour to more than four hours, the support staff are not anything like as good as they were.”


1) Marketing Tools: While $100 doesn’t sound like a lot, every bit helps when it comes to spending money on Google AdWords or Yahoo/Bing Sponsored Search. Plus, if you’re not yet serious about aggressively marketing your website or know nothing about online advertising, $100 provides a good starting point to learn the ropes.

2) Scalable Bandwidth: No website hosting plan offers true “unlimited” bandwidth because this opens too many doors for abuse. PowWeb is no exception, but they still offer unlimited bandwidth provided you stay within reasonable limits.

3) Daily Backup: Backing up your website is crucial but doing so manually can be a pain. PowWeb offers SnapShot instant click that restores daily backups in a few seconds.

4) Price: For prepay options, PowWeb offers very reasonable prices at $4.18/month for 1-year, $3.88/month for 2-year and 3-year plans. These are some of the best prices you’ll find for web hosting plans online.

5) Scripts: PowWeb doesn’t offer Fantastico, a commercial script library that automates most of the popular script installations, but they do offer 25 automated script installers. These include Joomla, WordPress, image galleries, chats, web calendars, and ecommerce carts among others.

6) Good Support: PowWeb has toll-free phone support, email support, 24-hour live chat support, and a myriad of tutorials and support documentations. There is also a support forum where other users answer questions.

7) Generous Referral Fees: PowWeb pays $77.77 for every referral through their affiliate program, and $35 credit for a simple tell-a-friend referral.


1) Tight Cancellation Policy: PowWeb has a 30-day cancellation policy, which isn’t too bad but a bit short compared to other companies that offer 60 or even 90-day guarantees. To cancel outside the initial 30-day term, you’ll owe $35 cancellation fee. You’ll also have to give at least one-month notice for cancellation.

2) Shared Hosting Only: PowWeb only offers unlimited shared hosting. So if your website has massive bandwidth needs, you would do well to find a company that offers a dedicated hosting plan.

3) No Migration Service: If you are migrating from other hosting plans, PowWeb doesn’t offer migration services to make the process easier. But their support system should negate this factor.


PowWeb is your standard web hosting company that offers incredibly good prices for multi-year plans.

While there is no advanced extras like WordPress hosting or dedicated servers, their plans are perfectly suitable for someone running a simple website, blog, or small ecommerce store. Signup bonuses for Yahoo sponsored search and Google AdWords is another perk. Their proprietary load-balanced technology ensures your website’s uptime is high. They have multiple support avenues that should help resolve any issues.

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lunarpagesLunarpages specializes in providing business hosting with excellent speed and uptime.

They offer easily scalable cloud hosting options for sites experiencing growth.

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Lunarpages was pretty popular back in 2007.

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


Lunarpages offers a number of unique features that set them apart from their competition in the hosting industry (see: PowWeb, One.com, and Weebly).

Here are some of those features:

1) Global Failover: If you’ve ever had a website that had its server go down, you understand how frustrating it can be. This problem is especially costly when your business collects leads and even sales from your site. Making it harder for your online marketplace to be down is crucial for any business. That’s why Lunarpages created Global Failover.

This feature allows your site to be stored on multiple servers around the world. If the server your files are on goes down, another takes its place. The process will keep you from unnecessary outages, improving uptime. In the event of your primary server going down the host will simply start putting out your data from the secondary hardware. The entire process can be automated and help save your data from a large-scale failure.

2) Scalable Cloud: The amount of data you use to develop new websites or the sites of clients sometimes changes on a monthly basis. Many hosts don’t have a lot of flexibility in their plans. You have only so much disk space and bandwidth before you have to upgrade to a permanently higher price. That’s why Lunarpages has created scalable cloud hosting that allows you to increase and decrease resources on a monthly basis depending on what you need. It seems relatively customizable with the option to purchase things like CPU cores, bandwidth, disk space and RAM.

The flexible plans start out at $44.95/mo, and you can add resources by the gigabyte or core for pennies a day per gig. You can figure out exactly how much you may need on a regular basis right on the cloud hosting page, and you can order extra resources conveniently right from your account page. You can also view your current data levels and make any adjustments very easily.

3) Uptime Blog: Almost every hosting company on the internet claims to take Uptime seriously, but Lunarpages has taken it a step further. This company has actually named their blog “the Uptime Blog”. It’s not just a blog about how to keep your website up and running either. You’ll find posts segmented into a broad range of categories including hosting, security, data recovery and much more.

There are also several posts available to help you market your website better and reviews of tools, like WordPress plugins to help you get the most from your CMS. Any webmaster, from beginner to advanced, can use the Uptime Blog to find business and tech tips to keep their data safe and healthy.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support at Lunarpages, there are a few different options. They offer a toll free telephone number for both US and UK customers. They are available to take your requests 24/7.

They also offer an extensive FAQ page with tutorials for even the most technically challenged website owners.


We’ve checked several internet review sites and found that the positive aspects of Lunarpages are price and uptime.

One customer long-term customer states: “After 15 years I am still very happy with there great service! My site NEVER goes down– they give me fare renewal prices. Great bang for the buck!”

Another reviewer agrees saying: “We love the uptime and service for over 3 years. We love the dedicated support admins as they resolve any issues asap.”

In our search we found several negative reviews as well. Many customers have complained about email issues as well as their IP addresses being blocked for no reason.

Here one frustrated customer warns: “Our email has been hacked several times. There was no help from them to help get our email back on track. Their spam assassin is a joke. Our email boxes are flooded with spam on a daily basis. Not only that, but we are told that we hit our limit of email usage.”

Another reviews states: “Recently, Lunarpages started automatically blocking IP addresses. They’ve repeatedly blocked my home IP address. It kept happening to me, over and over, even though my IP hadn’t changed. It took between four and 24 hours to get a response from support each time I contacted them.”


1) Versatile Cloud Options: Lunarpages offers private and shared cloud hosting to help attract developers.

2) cPanel: Their hosting comes with the standard cPanel which is a favorite among seasoned webmasters.

3) 100% Uptime Guarantee: Lunarpages offers a reimbursement for any down time that is faulted to them.

4) Lunar Wiki: You’ll find a large amount of necessary data on the Lunarpages Wiki that is helpful to experienced and new developers.

5) Search Engine Optimization: The company offers services to help you rank for certain terms in Google and other search engines.


1) Support: While Lunarpages touts U.S. based support, their tech staff are located in different locations and have had negative reviews.

2) Lack of Extras: The company offers extras, but they aren’t as plentiful as the ones offered by your average hosting provider.

3) Money Back Guarantee: Lunarpages offers a money back guarantee, but doesn’t explain how to get it or any terms on their website.


Lunarpages is committed to keeping the sites hosted on their servers online. This commitment makes them an ideal option for a business or site owner who relies on their platform being available to visitors. With versatile hosting plans for businesses, WordPress users, and cloud developers they will appeal to almost anyone who wants a reliable solution.

Although, if you are looking for an inexpensive host that offers an unlimited bandwidth and disk space plans you may not find what you’re looking for with Lunarpages.

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greengeeksGreenGeeks is an environmentally conscious web hosting company that specializes in shared hosting options for small businesses.

They also offer reseller and VPS hosting options as well, making them a popular choice for all around green enthusiast web masters.

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GreenGeeks has only been around since 2008.

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


There are a few features that separate GreenGeeks from their competition (see: Site5, AwardSpace, or ServInt).

Here are a few of them:

1) 100% Green: You can figure out by their name that GreenGeeks is out to be the most environmentally friendly web host available online. The company was started by experienced industry pros who care about emissions. They claim that by 2020 web hosting will be responsible for more pollution than all of the jet fuel traffic on the planet. This has caused them to purchase enough wind energy credits to offset the energy they use by 300%. That math adds up to the equivalent of planting over 300 acres with trees for every KWH of energy they use hosting websites.

GreenGeeks has also been recognized by the EPA as a green power partner, and users can put a badge up on their sites proudly showing that you are conservative with your resources by using them as your host. In addition to being earth-friendly, GreenGeeks also helps other causes including providing clean water to impoverished nations.

2) Easy Pricing: GreenGeeks is one of the only hosting companies that only has one shared server plan. While they did have reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting, Eco site pro is the only available shared plan for $3.96/mo. This comes with all of the typical features associated with a shared plan; as a free domain, site migration, and unlimited domains. It also comes with some extras that aren’t as normal; like free SEO tools, a marketing package, and Google App integration with one click.

All of their shared hosting extras for one affordable price. While they have more than one plan for other hosting services, the pricing is still simplified throughout. Each service is laid out plainly with exactly what you’ll get and how much it will be per month. This simplified pricing makes it an ideal option for new site owners and seasoned multiple property web managers alike.

3) Valuable Tutorials: Most hosting companies have tutorials, knowledge centers, and a few even have video tutorials, but GreenGeeks has created an amazing video database to help you along. Not only are they organized by category they are also easy to find and watch. The tutorials had very high video and sound quality as well as being paced well for you to follow along.

With over 100 videos, you should be able to find almost anything you need. Some of the categories are for the CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Other videos help explain reseller features, cPanel, and their RV Site Builder. Along with their videos, GreenGeeks has an extensive knowledge base that has 31 categories full of helpful articles. If you still can’t find what you need the support team is located in the U.S. and claims a 15-20 minute resolution time.

Customer Support

GreenGeeks offers a support team that is available 24/7 via live chat and email.

They also offer a support telephone number, but the phone team is only available during certain business hours.


We’ve looked at several reviews from all over the Internet and customers seem to be generally happy with GreenGeeks:

This customer states their intent to be a long-term user: “I am at my 2nd year going to 3rd and I will be with them for more years to come.”

Multiple sites and reseller accounts are not a problem for GreenGeeks. Here are what a few of their customers are saying:

One review states: “I am using the shared hosting plan and the sites are fast, even with many things going on.” Additionally, this customer is pleased with their hosting: “I have a reseller account and have a number of clients using them. No complaints from my clients makes me happy.”

A few of the negative comments come from the fine print on their money back guarantee and site speeds:

This customer is disappointed due to: “their terms on the 100% money back guarantee aren’t as simple as they state… there’s actually a setup fee that they don’t return.”

Another expressed their frustration by saying: “their servers are often slow, and although rarely down, I would regularly get up to 1-minute load times before a connection would be made.”


1) Not Just Green: In addition to it’s green efforts, GreenGeeks also supports several humaritarian and non profit organizations.

2) Nightly Backups: There are nightly backups of all customer data stored in the event of hardware and software issues.

3) Uptime Guarantee: GreenGeeks does offer an uptime guarantee to reimburse users for any down time that is the fault of the host.

4) Generous Affiliate: The company offers a very generous tiered payout structure to affiliates.

5) CEO Promise: The CEO, Trey Gardner, personally offers to help you with any issues that can’t be solved by the support team.

6) Socially Active: GreenGeeks is a forward thinking brand that is very active on social media for support and interaction.


1) No Phone Support: At this time, GreenGeeks doesn’t offer telephone support, but they do offer both chat and email options.

2) No Uptime Tracking: While they do offer an uptime guarantee, the host doesn’t release any information about server performance.

3) Linux Only: GreenGeeks only supports linux/unix and doesn’t offer Windows hosting.


GreenGeeks strikes a cord with environmentally conscious web masters as well as small business owners looking to align themselves with other green companies. The geeks offer great shared hosting options for smaller sites and VPS/Dedicated options for web developers and larger sites. If you are looking to do your part in saving the planet while receiving a great hosting service, you’ve found what you want with GreenGeeks.

If you need a Windows based server, phone support, or a focus on uptime you can find a host that is still great for the environment that offer these features somewhere else.

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pagelyPagely is a company that exclusively offers WordPress hosting for websites.

While they’re not cheap by any means, Pagely is a great option for businesses, or a large blog owner that wants to use WordPress for a scalable high traffic website.

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Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


Pagely offers some features that separate them from the rest. Here are some of them:

1) WordPress Only: Pagely only supports projects that use the WordPress platform. The parent company is a web development firm that wanted to create a one of a kind host for the WP CMS platform. Not only is everyone at the company an Expert on the platform, but they were also the first hosting company to offer exclusive managed WordPress hosting. The company provides automatic updates of everything on your site including plugins and the incredible knowledge of the staff can help “make your site sing”.

If a major brand has a project using WP, chances are they trust pagely to host it for them. Some of the host’s clients include Facebook, Disney, Warner Bros, Microsoft and about three dozen more that are listed on their website. Their specialty isn’t just WordPress, but how to scale it to handle versatile projects and large amounts of traffic. Even though they work with some intimidating names, Pagely offers reasonably priced hosting for businesses with many of the same features and benefits as their premium plans.

2) Amazon Hosting: Many hosting companies own their servers and provide excellent speed and value to their customers. Others lease their equipment which can compromise speed and reliability. Pagely has a unique partnership with Amazon Web Services to offer the same cloud hosting that most of the fortune 50 sites are utilizing. By using this company to host your WP site, you are using the same equipment as the largest and fastest websites in the world. Your data will be on the best servers available with automatic backups to the Amazon S3 storage service as well as the best-balanced power systems and live malware tracking.

This is a very attractive feature to anyone who wants their site to be fast and reliable. eCommerce, high traffic blogs, and large corporate sites have embraced Pagely for their ability to host on Amazon, including very large companies.

3) Press Extras: Pagely offers several technological advancements that go along with every hosting package. These programs are exclusive to this host and offer some top of the line benefits to your plan. The first is PressArmor, which is the security feature that was developed by Pagely to prevent and reduce any issues for their network, hardware, and client sites. This high level of security is accomplished with live malware tracking and preset filters to root out malicious traffic before it does damage.

Another feature is PressCache, which is a global WordPress acceleration system that works like a CDN, but exclusively for WP. In addition to the custom WP cache, Pagely offers a CDN that will send the static assets to your visitors from the nearest provider. Another Pagely exclusive is the Atomic Interface. Atomic is an incredibly simple and intuitive control panel to manage your account from one place that is easy to use and understand.

Customer Support

Only a customer support ticketing system is in place for Pagely, no phone or live chat.

If you are looking for a hosting company with a reputable customer support team, try SiteGround or InMotion.


Looking over several internet reviews we found many Pagely customers love the safety and security measures. In fact, most of the reviews are positive like:

“Really happy with Page.ly for the site I have hosted with them. Fast, secure and I know it’s going to be updated. Don’t like having to pay for FTP and Multisite not included but they have a UK server which is good. There is a Captcha on the login page which is a really good idea for security.

Another reviewer states: “I’ve been hosting sites with various companies since 2003. Pagely is, by far and away, the best when it comes to combining their hardware and software stacks with proactive and responsive support.”

While there were mainly satisfied users, we also found a few Pagely customers unhappy with specific technical issues.

One reviewer expresses frustration with certain updates: “I have a client hosted with Page.ly. He does have an issue with a certain plugin being automatically updated, thereby breaking the plugin, but I’ve come to appreciate the tradeoff for security. My client is in California, so support response time is very good (although my client expects nearly impossible turnaround). I love that they do nightly backups and have super-secure servers.”

Another customer issues a warning about: “migrating an existing site to Page.ly. Unless you buy the Business plan or above, you will need to recreate your WP site using Import/Export feature, rebuild all your menus and widgets, re-install and configure your plug-ins, etc.”


1) Expert Support: Since Pagely only offers WP hosting, their entire support team are experts on the platform.

2) Page Speed: Ultilizing Amazon hosting, this company offers some of the fastest page speeds of any other provider, boasting response time of well less than a second on their site.

3) Global Options: Pagely makes it easy to scale your website worldwide with server locations all over the globe.

4) Uptime: The company has a 99.9992% uptime posted over the last six months on their website.

5) Daily Backups: Your data will be backed up daily onto Amazon S3 for easy access and restoration given any issue.

6) Charitable: Pagely has several benefactors that they actively contribute to and campaign for including St. Jude and PBS.


1) No Guarantee: While Pagely uses the most advanced technology, they don’t offer a guarantee of any kind. Although, you can cancel your account at any time.

2) Expensive: This host offers very high end features at a reasonable price for what you’re getting, but it isn’t the most affordable.

3) No Phone/Chat Support: While the support is experienced and knowledgeable, they are only available through support tickets.


Pagely offers one of the highest quality hosting services on the internet and is a great option for large companies, high traffic eCommerce stores, and intricate sites with a lot of data. This provider is also a great option for anyone who wants to take advantage of the same hardware as the biggest businesses in the world.

If you are looking for an inexpensive option, there are many hosts that offer incredible service and fast page speeds for a more reasonable price. If you are looking for basic shared hosting or another CMS besides WP, Pagely definitely isn’t for you.

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flywheelFlywheel specializes in WordPress hosting for small businesses, agencies and web developers.

Similar to web hosting companies WP Engine and Pagely, Flywheel only offers web hosting for WordPress sites.

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Flywheel hosting has really grown in popularity, despite tough competition in the industry (see: Lunarpages, PowWeb, or Weebly).

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


Flywheel has some unique features that you won’t find with all hosting companies (see the top ranked ones here).

Here are some of those features:

1) Creative Toolbox: Almost every hosting company provides extras that are included with their plans. Flywheel offers much more than this with their creative toolbox with over $4000 in free resources that will help you design the best WordPress site possible. The entire page is full of discounts, free trials and incredible offers to help you along. There are too many to list individually, but some of the highlights include 92% off a theme development course that will take you from no experience to developing customer WP themes.

There are also discounts to several theme development companies that have well made pre-designed themes. You will also find a free trial to Treehouse and an extended 60 trial of Avocode, which is a tool that helps developers stay organized on large projects that require multiple team members. The Creative Toolbox page is home to 63 different offers and bonuses for those who sign up for a Flywheel hosting account.

2) WordPress Only: Flywheel is part of a small, but growing, number of companies that only offer to host sites that use the WordPress CMS platform. As a result, they have made themselves WP experts and boast some of the best support in the industry. They not only help you with typical host problems but can also assist you in choosing plugins and optimizing the dashboard of your site. Their expertise also allows them to understand the best configurations for your site. Each user’s data is configured for the highest speed based on their experience working with WP.

They have a custom caching engine called Varnish that works far better than typical caching solutions, and it comes standard with all hosting packages. Flywheel also takes WordPress security very seriously, promising to keep your sight locked down tight and safe from malware. In the event that your site does get hacked, the host promises to fix it for free. Their site has detailed explanations of all of their WP specific features as well as funny videos describing the process behind them.

3) The Layout: Almost every other host has a blog with information, promotions, and news. Flywheel doesn’t have a blog, but instead offers a design publication called, “the Layout”. This online magazine has more than just hosting specific news. You will find that it is a well-written versatile source of development, design, and even business articles. There are several categories including inspiration, which will help get your creative juices flowing before your next build or the how-to section that is full of tutorials and instructions (some WP specific and some aren’t).

If you are looking for more WordPress, there is also a section devoted to the platform with tips and updates. You can even find some help running your company with articles about managing your social presence and freebies that will help you take advantage of all sorts of designer deals. The Layout offers an excellent and entertaining resource that is freely available to both their hosting customers and casual visitors. You’ll find the information is valuable and not pushy or salesy.

Customer Support

Flywheel offers an email address and phone number for all support inquiries. They also offer a helpful Q&A portal with lots of informational articles to reference.

Pretty solid when it comes to support with this company since they offer fully managed plans, meaning they’ll help with all hardware and software problems you run into.


Looking at online reviews, we found several happy Flywheel customers. The positive reviews reflect an overall satisfaction with this provider.

One reviewer appreciates the company overall: “I called Flywheel and found the hosting company of my dreams. They had telephone support for every department, the friendliest people on the planet, faster speeds and much better dependability and for less money on top of it.”

Another customer raves about security measures: “Flywheel has some of the best security measures I have ever come across from a hosting provider. They have malware scanning, free malware removal, strong password enforcement, limited login attempts, intelligent IP blocking, and more built in for you.”

Not all reviews were positive, however. We found a few customers with negative experiences dealing with technical issues.

One customer expressed his frustration by saying: “My site is down. Its a redirect on redirect on redirect issue that I know how to fix but literally cannot get access.”

Another reviewer seems to think that his service has gone down hill due to rapid company growth. Here he asks: “growth too much? going on day 3 of site issues, no tech chat, tech voice goes to box. Sad to see you go down that path.”


1) Excellent Support: The staff at Flywheel is comprised of mostly WordPress pros and they promise to take care of your issue as fast as possible.

2) Simple Migration: Many reviewers have commented at the ease of the migration process from one host to Flywheel.

3) Multiple eBooks: There are over a dozen highly informative eBooks that are free for download on the company’s website for WP developers and users.

4) Free Demo Sites: Flywheel doesn’t charge for sites that aren’t being actively hosted. This give you the ability to show a site to a client and see if they like it before hosting it.

5) Nightly Backups: A backup of your data is saved nightly allowing you to rest easy.

6) Client Billing: This host offers you to pay for each individual site’s hosting or to ship the bill to your client if you are a developer.


1) No other CMS: Unfortunately, Flywheel doesn’t offer another platform or have unmanaged hosting options.

2) Traffic Restriction: For their most basic plans, you don’t get much traffic before having to upgrade. The lowest plan allots for 5000 unique visitors a month.

3) Multi Site Price: In order to host more than one site you have to pay a higher than normal price.


Flywheel offers WordPress specific hosting for a very reasonable price. Their customer support and individual care make them a favorite among businesses. Agencies and development firms will also enjoy their features for team members and clients.

If you are looking to host one high traffic WordPress blog you may find less expensive options, and if you are looking for a little more control with an unmanaged server you will have to go with a different company.

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pantheonPantheon is a high-end host that only offers WordPress hosting and Drupal hosting plans.

With their Elite plan you’ll even get a “Guaranteed Launch Success” where an on-boarding representative is assigned to guide you through training, testing, and planning to make sure your launch is successful.

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Pantheon has stayed pretty relevant in the hosting industry, despite tough competition (like A2, Media Temple, and IX).

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


Pantheon offers a number of features that you don’t always see in a hosting company.

Here are some of those features:

1) Agency Plans: While Pantheon only offers single site hosting for their three shared plans, you can have multiple sites on the enterprise and agency plans. The agency plans offer versatility and options that you won’t find at other hosts. Pantheon boasts the ability to develop and view multiple sites from the custom dashboard. There are tagging tools and quickly created cloud development environments to keep your crew and projects organized.

You also have permission options to keep your developers access level under control. Another feature that is a favorite among agencies is that hosting sites in development are entirely free. You only pay for hosting once a site is live. All of their features allow you to spend more time on billable work hours. The company also has an entire team dedicated to migration so you can transfer all of your projects with little headache.

2) Multiple Site Dashboard: To assist multi-site businesses in tracking, developing and maintaining their properties Pantheon has created a dashboard that puts everything in one place. While multiple sites aren’t offered with all of the plans, they are on enterprise and agency accounts. The interface allows you to not only see all of your Drupal and WordPress sites but update existing and develop new projects as well.

You can manage team access to the dashboard as well as communicate with both developers and clients. Pantheon even boasts the ability to handle thousands of websites at one time. You can also set up operating procedures for updating, developing and securing your sites to make sure your standards are always met. All of these features are meant to attract and be used by large development teams and design agencies and can save you time and money.

3) Launch Check: There are times when a developer finishes a site only to find that something went wrong during the launch. Mistakes happen, but if they happen on a live site that a client can visit, then you end up embarrassed. Pantheon has developed a tool to keep web designers from ever sending a client to a website that doesn’t work. Their launch check feature will run your entire project through an automated test of 50 indicators.

Some of the things the program checks for includes 404 errors, caching problems, and PHP issues. This test can help you launch the site with confidence. Not only does this work for the first time your design is live, but launch check can be run every hour on the hour to let you know about issues as they occur. Once your site is live, it’s going to take some time to open a support ticket, but this feature by Pantheon allows you to prevent issues before they happen. This unique program will tell you that your site is ready for clients and traffic.

Customer Support

Pantheon offers 24/7 support via live chat and telephone, along with a helpful knowledgebase of information.

One of the better hosting companies out there when it comes to customer support.


There are several business reviews for Pantheon, an overwhelming majority speak positively about the level of technical support and ease of use provided by the company:

“Without Pantheon, the migration process for our site would have taken two to three times longer with the previous engineering-driven systems and processes. I couldn’t imagine doing another site migration of this scale without Pantheon.”

Another review states: “Pantheon just works. It gives me all the access I need as a very technical person. But it abstracts away all the obnoxious, repetitive crap. The result has better uptime and reliability than anything I’d have built on my own.”

We could only find a handful of negative reviews for Pantheon. These users were concerned with things that are different than a typical hosting company.

This review serves as a warning: “The first thing you need to do is make sure you have backups turned on. As bizarre as it sounds, Pantheon does not back up your sites by default. We had the default configuration and after a week of development their systems crashed. We lost everything and had to start over.”

Another customer had a few bad experiences and was worried about a long term contract: “Had a lot of troubles recently and concerned about 12-month commit on enterprise plan.”


1) Development Options: Pantheon is a developer friendly enviroment, allowing you to manage and create multiple projects at the same time.

2) Great Caching: The company has tuned their equipment and software to offer some of the fastest caching available online.

3) Excellent Security: Pantheon has a history of preventing their servers from a hostile internet, and promise to stay “ahead of the game.”

4) Uptime Guarantee: Complete transparency with uptime is a goal of the company as well a three 9’s guarantee (99.9%).

5) Speed Ready: State of the art SSD’s, high performance PHP and an optimized database all come together to keep your site fast.

6) Energy Efficient: By using containers instead of virtual machines, Pantheon cuts down their energy usage by as much as 90%.


1) Pricing: This isn’t the most affordable host, but they do offer more than a typical shared provider.

2) Few Multi Site Options: The only multi site plans are geared towards developers and agencies.

3) WP/Drupal Only: If you are looking for other options beside these two CMS platforms you’ll have to look elsewhere.


If you want an easy to manage WordPress or Drupal website for your blog or business then you will benefit from the excellent options offered by Pantheon. Likewise, if you own a web development company or other online agency that has a large team, then you will find their interface and management options easy to use and very beneficial to your organization.

Although, if you want a bargain shared hosting account that can hold multiple sites at an affordable price, you will find better companies for your needs.

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digitaloceanDigital Ocean specializes in cloud hosting for web developers who build multiple websites or applications who want a scalable and versatile cloud hosting plan.

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Digital Ocean didn’t start getting popular until 2013.

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


Digital Ocean offers some cool features that web developers might find useful.

Here are some of those:

1) Advanced Equipment: To create an environment that attracts web and application developers, Digital Ocean provides the best equipment available for cloud hosting. The company understands the need for a fast, clean and powerful experience and boasts that a new SSD cloud server can be created in 55 seconds. The servers are decked out with the best hardware like powerful HEX Core machines with dedicated ECC Ram to go along with the solid state hard drives.

Every plan comes standard with a 1Gb/sec network interface, with the intro plan starting at 1TB transer limit and increasing in the other packages. With multiple data centers available in a few places around the world, developers can choose the center where their data will be stored, which will help with the response time of files. You can use this powerful set up to create multiple virtual server environments, which Digital Ocean call “droplets.” This equipment means faster development and faster load times for end users and website visitors.

2) Intuitive API/Control Panel: Having equipment that allows you to create just about any website or application means you will need an interface that allows you to organize and see all of your projects in a simple format. This necessity is exactly why Digital Ocean has created a custom API that gives developers complete control over all of the virtual servers (droplets) they create. A unique feature of this API is that it’s completely open source, which allows developers to tweak or renovate the interface entirely.

Digital Ocean also provides a custom designed control panel that will allow you to manage all of your resources efficiently. Some of the features of their panel are easy domain management, team accounts to help you keep your staff organized, and one click installs. One of the most natural options is the ability to allocate more resources with a single click. If your need has grown, the process of getting more storage is made simple. Their developer-friendly interface has made them a favorite of the more than 55,000 developers who use this host.

3) Active Knowledgeable Community: A knowledgebase of information is a standard among most hosting providers, and some have created communities that help each other by asking and answering questions. Digital Ocean has created a community of expert developers that are passionate about helping others who use the hosting platform. They have created a question and answer environment that is accessible by all and is organized by category and whether or not the question has been answered. There are also tutorials for many different functions available through Digital Ocean.

To encourage this user-friendly environment, they offer several benefits to those who are willing to help their colleagues. In addition to getting your name on the article or tutorial that you have put together, you will get paid. If you can provide an in-depth tutorial on a subject that is pertinent to their users, Digital Ocean will pay you $200. If you have an overview that is informative, but not too deep they will give you $100. They also pay $50 for articles about industry news and updates.

Customer Support

Digital Ocean offers a support ticketing system, but no phone or live chat contact methods are offered.

Since they cater mostly to developers, this company doesn’t have the best support for beginners or first time site owners. Those that want a top rated support team on-call to handle all their questions should consider hosting companies like Siteground, InMotion, or LiquidWeb.


There are several online reviews for DigitalOcean. Users seem genuinely impressed with the host, and most of the positive reviews focus on DigitalOcean’s pricing and hosting options:

“Digitalocean is very good for developers and also its better for VPS hosting. I am using Digital ocean to learn Linux servers and in same time used it for Host my websites. You can get VPS at less than Shared hosting price so this is really amazing.”

Another customer praising their options states: “I have an irc server, voice chat server, and game server running on mine currently, with plans to also host a web site on it. They have very flexible plans for a Linux vps, starting at just $5 a month. The one I use is a step up from the cheapest option ($10/month) so it can run the game server without any hiccups.”

There are however some people who aren’t completely satisfied. The few negatives we found are downtime and lack of managed VPS.

Here one customer is unhappy due to a downtime issue: “You can not use Digitalocean for professional use. You have to be careful. It is only suitable for simple websites. We faced a downtime for 2 hours and 10` in the rush hour for my customers.”

Another customer states: “Only one issue for Beginners that is they are not offering managed VPS… to resolve this issue they have very good and large collection of tutorials to manage the VPS.”


1) Uptime Guarantee: Due to the quality of their equipment, Digital Ocean is proud to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

2) Private Networking: The API allows you to network multiple virtual servers.

3) Transfer Virtual Servers: Developers can transfer the files on cloud servers around to the other facilities around the world at any time.

4) Unmanaged Hosting: Digital Ocean caters to professional developers who want to calibrate their own server experience.

5) One Click Installs: Every thing you can do on this platform is built for speed including setting up and installing CMS and coding options.

6) Get Paid to Write: The company will pay you to write articles in your area of expertise that will help other developers.


1) Limited Support: There is no phone or chat support, but the ticketing system seems to resolve issues in a timely manner.

2) No Basic Hosting: Digital Ocean is a host that almost exclusively caters to developers.

3) No cPanel: There is no cPanel available, but their API is open source and can be tailored to your individual needs.


Digital Ocean has created a place that both individual developers and large firms can use to simplify their process and focus on building their website or application. If you are looking for a clean slate and a developer’s playground then you will enjoy hosting with this company.

If you are looking for managed hosting options, including shared or dedicated then you’ll have to look for another provider.

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