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one, specializes in providing simple, easy to understand hosting options for small business owners.

Even though they don’t specialize in dedicated or VPS hosting plans, still offers fast hosting with their shared options for beginner to intermediate website owners and bloggers.

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Here is how they’ve trended over the years:

Features offers a number of features that web developers will find useful.

Here are a few of them:

1) Statistics: One of the most important tools webmasters use are the statistics and behavior of the people that visit their website. If you can see how people are reacting, you can make small changes to see if it alters their actions for better or worse. This process is called split testing, and it all starts with data. has the tools you need to see a large amount of statistics about what visitors are doing on your site. Not only does it include how many people are visiting, but how they are requesting the files (where they are going and what they are downloading).

The data will be given to you in graphs and tables. You can then use the data to make your site faster and maybe more profitable. If you are new to online hosting stats, you don’t have to worry. has a detailed explanation of every metric that you can track through this feature and several other key terms that you will need to understand before moving forward.

2) Multi-Lingual Support: In a growing global economy, websites are becoming easier to start from anywhere in the world. Although, the majority of companies that host websites were started and remain in the U.S.A. This can make it difficult to get the support or help you need due to language barriers. has embraced this global internet renaissance by adequately serving at least 14 different languages. They can assist you by clicking on your language in the footer of their homepage.

If you need assistance, they offer multilingual phone support as well. So far, they’ve included some of the most used languages including Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and many others. Having the entire website translated into your native tongue can be a huge advantage if you’re not fluent in English and don’t want to rely on Google to translate it for you.

3) SSL Security: In an increasingly hostile internet environment, many companies and individuals are looking for ways to keep their information safe. This, and other reasons have led to a need for an SSL Certificate for most website owners. An SSL helps secure sensitive information (like credit card numbers) by encrypting it as it is sent between sites and customers.

Google has even taken steps to rank sites with an SSL certificate higher in the search engines, increasing the importance of having one for your web property. makes it easy to attain one of these SSL’s by giving them to all of their customers for free. Your site will not only receive an SSL, but the technicians at will implement it while keeping both your data and your customer’s information as safe as possible.

Customer Support offers 24/7 live chat support along with email responses within 24 hours.

Not bad customer support for a hosting company, but probably not the best either. Try companies like Globat and WHP if you’re looking for over-the-top support.


We have looked all over the Internet to find informative reviews for Many positive reviews for this hosting company center around its features and ease of use.

One customer impressed with the overall options of the host states: “Their support is top notch, get a response in matter of few hours if not quicker depending on the situation. They offer excellent features and they have made me a customer for life.”

Another reviewer also impressed with its ease of use writes: “The good thing about it is that it comes with a website package with good templates which makes it easier for beginners to host with ease. Nice control panel and email inbox. Easy to use, easy to register.”

Not all reviews were positive however. We found many users had a negative experience with their customer support.

One customer complains that: “The support is one of the worst I have seen, I got passed around to 3 diffrent people to help me, but at the end they were not customer service oriented and did not help me at all.”

Another frustrated reviewer warns: “Terrible company to deal with. Don’t be fooled by the low prices, as it also only allows the company to afford terrible customer service teams.”


1) PHP and MySQL: has the option for coders to create complex and large sites with these popular languages.

2) Unlimited Email: You’ll be able to create as many email accounts as you need with any hosting plan offered.

3) Web Editor: offers an easy to use, professional website builder that allows you to create as many pages of content as you need quickly.

4) Free Cloud Drive: You can store up to 5GB of data on the cloud just by signing up. You don’t even have to be a paying customer.

5) Money Back Guarantee: You have 15 days to determine whether or not is the right hosting company for you.

6) Affordable: With their size, offers some of the least expensive shared hosting options available online.


1) No Uptime Guarantee: doesn’t seem to offer an uptime promise or the ability to track server availability.

2) No Phone Support: While they do have 24/7 chat support in multiple languages, you aren’t able to call a support phone line.

3) No cPanel: has created a completely custom control panel, but doesn’t offer the popular cPanel as an option, which could be a problem for developers looking for the familiar interface.

Summary is great for a bargain hunter who needs to host one or more websites with a company that provides a number of services. It would also be a great option for any webmaster outside of the U.S. who needs a hosting provider that can offer support in your native language.

But if you’re looking for phone support and specialized hosting services, there are other options out there better than

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