Memset review: Everything you need to know

memsetThis is a UK-based hosting company that promises to keep all your data secure with premium security.

They offer a range of services from managed VPS to dedicated servers.

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Memset was pretty hot back in the day.

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


Memset offers some unique features for premium security and customization.

Here are some of them:

1) Port Patrol: Keeping tabs on your website can be difficult to do while running your company. Downtime means that visitors aren’t able to access your site. Memset has created a proactive monitoring service. While other hosting platforms may offer to alert you when something is wrong with your server or files, Port Patrol was created to detect and fix issues before the site owner even knows about them.

The service has three levels to choose from including basic, advanced (self monitored), and advanced (Memset monitored). Basic is free to all customers and the advanced plans are $8/mo and $39/mo respectively. The free Port Patrol includes regular pinging of your site; if it becomes unavailable for more than 10 minutes the server will be rebooted. Should that not work, you will be alerted. The advanced plans include this basic service along with other features like load monitoring and disk space usage as well as SMS alerts for any issues that are found.

2) Penetration Patrol: Having your website attacked by malware or hackers can cause you to loose trust with your customers and may even cost you your business. While there are various things you can do to protect your files, it helps to have expert monitoring programs like Penetration Patrol from Memset. This service detects intruders that are attempting or gaining access to your server without prior permission. This service works even if the “hackers” get past firewalls and scans for vulnerability to alert website owners of potential problems.

Memset is very security conscious and offers a range of products to keep your files safe including Port Patrol (server monitoring), Packet Patrol (Firewall), and Perimeter Patrol (vulnerability scanning). Penetration Patrol acts as the final barrier of a protected site to keep you and your customer’s data safe from the hostile internet. If you have vital information that you can’t afford to let go to malware, this may be the host for you due to their stance on security.

3) Miniserver VM: Memset has positioned themselves to be very developer friendly by offering such rich enviroments for development. Miniserver VM is just another way they’re making it easy to create rich apps and websites. Built on the Open Source Xen hypervisor, this secure and scalable cloud service is safe and cost effective.

This is a shared cloud hosting option, but resources are separate and promised to be just as secure as dedicated options. Xen manages all the data on the server to make sure the resources being used between the products aren’t hampering the speed and functionality of other programs being developed on the same hardware. The flexibility offered by Miniserver VM is incredibly useful and resource needs can be changed right from your control panel. Being able to run your software as if it were on a dedicated server, without the cost, is a huge benefit for small and independent developers.

Customer Support

Memset offers phone support, but it’s not 24/7 and some people have had difficulties working with their customer support staff.

In addition, they offer a support ticketing system available on their website.

If customer support is something you value strongly, you might want to consider InMotion or Siteground or another top rated hosting company.


We searched different online sources to find out how customers feel about Memset. We found several users pleased with their service and uptime.

One happy reviewer writes: “We moved all of our sites to dedicated server on Memset over a year ago. The service has been excellent. No downtime so far and no complaints about performance or service.”

Another customer delighted with their service states: “Any web host that promises 100% uptime is lying, but Memset get pretty close. Their support team are knowledgeable and friendly, and will go out of the way to assist.”

We also found negative reviews for Memset. Some users seem frustrated with customer service and infrastructure specifications.

One disappointed user states: “Memset Infrastructure seems really overloaded and possibly, mis-managed. It is clear that Memset do not use any kind of clustering, don’t have redundancy to cope with fatal errors.”

Another reviewer warns about customer support problems saying: “We’ve had to waste a lot of time proving that problems are on their end. Their immediate reaction is always to ask you to pay for extra support.”


1) Green Hosting: Memset stays focused on the environments with carbon neutral hosting, a paperless office, and they even provide their staff with electric bicycles free of charge.

2) Free cPanel: The popular control panel comes free and standard with all hosting plans.

3) Four Blogs: Multiple blogs help you and the company stay up to date and in communication.

4) Excellent Security Options: There are few hosts that compare to the level of safety that Memset provides for your files.

5) Multiple Tools: The site offers many different tools like a PageRank checker (Google), RAID calculator, and a password generator.


1) Limited Support: While phone support is available, there are limited hours to contact the company directly.

2) Confusing Website: There are literally hundreds of options and pages to go through which makes it difficult to navigate.

3) No Guarantees: There don’t seem to be any guarantees (Money-back or Uptime) listed on their website.


Memset is a company that really wants to host sites from the United Kingdom and Europe. This is also a provider that goes through incredible lengths to keep your data safe from malware and other hostilities online.

If you aren’t based in Europe or want a host that has simple, straight-forward options you’ll want to look for something else.

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