Google Cloud review: Everything you need to know

google cloudGoogle Cloud allows advanced developers to use the same network as the largest search engine in the world.

All Google hosting plans are calculated based on your storage needs and the options you choose and are charged by the minute.

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Google Cloud is more popular than ever before.

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


Google Cloud offers a number of features that you won’t find with traditional hosting companies.

Here are some of those features:

1) Advanced Pricing Options: Hosting providers almost exclusively offer monthly or annual pricing that tends to go up over time, especially after your initial contract period has expired. Google uses by the minute billing, which is preferred by developers who only want to pay for the storage they use. This host also actively tries to innovate and optimize to lower costs and pass those savings directly to their users.

There are no long-term contracts, and you can quickly increase and decrease the amount of storage you are using to keep your projects running correctly, but not wastefully. To attract talented developers, Google also offers a “free-trial” through a $300 credit. This trial period will allow you to test out the impressive abilities this host offers as well as help you understand the truly unique pricing structure without spending your money. Google also offers discounts based upon your usage, not on how much you spend, rewarding quality innovation.

2) Google Infrastructure: A unique feature that Google offers developers is the ability to use the same systems and infrastructure as the world’s largest and most intuitive search engine. Not only is it a very low-cost solution for developers, but it has the highest availability of one of the most advanced computer networks. You will utilize the thousands of miles of fiber optic connected systems that provide incredible caching and scalable performance.

Your data will also be mirrored on storage devices across the globe to create some of the best redundancy in protecting your data. Google is a driving force of innovation and constantly improving the development landscape. Developers who choose this platform to host their data are promised a faster introduction to the newest innovations in the software world. There are even managed options where Google will handle your load balancing and other technical aspects allowing you to fully focus on your code. Utilizing all of the same tools as Google is a very attractive prospect for advanced developers.

3) Versatile Solutions: A basic hosting company is geared toward webmasters who want to make their sites available. Cloud-based developer hosting gives the ability for more versatile options like web apps. Google’s hosting and infrastructure allows for some of the most versatile developer solutions of any host. This is an advantage for some who want a more tailored solution to share their data or application. Artists and other creatives can use Google Cloud hosting to not only share content but offer custom playing options and live streaming without using a third party application.

You can also build mobile applications for Android and iOS while hosting with Google, not just web-based apps. Larger retailers can create a custom eCommerce experience that is unique to their brand and products. Game developers have found that this host pairs perfectly with their complex and large file storage needs. Google’s platform allows you to develop, test and upload your applications without the need for a third party platform expert.

Customer Support

Google Cloud offers free 24/7 support, along with three paid support options.

Paying for customer support is becoming increasingly popular in hosting companies, and Google is no exception. Their paid customer support plans are particularly expensive, so if you are just starting out or not quite an advanced website owner, you might want to look elsewhere.

If you value premium customer support included in your hosting plan, consider companies like Siteground, InMotion, or Globat.


We looked all over the Internet to find reviews from Google Cloud customers. Customers had a very good overall view for the services and speed offered by the search giant.

One positive reviewer says: “First demo of an application I built on Google App Engine and zero capacity related hiccups. I think I’ve found my new favorite platform!”

Another customer states: “So I have been running some cluster tests on @googlecloud today, I must say, I am super impressed! I think I like it better than AWS!”

There were also several negative reviews as well. These views tend to point out Google’s payment model and hosting options.

One reviewer simply wasn’t impressed with the entire platform: “Google App Engine was a significant waste of time and extremely underwhelming. Fancied trying something new and wish I hadn’t.”

This customer is disappointed specifically with the payment options: “The billing setup for @googlecloud is convoluted and confusing. Really disappointing given the hard work that has gone into the platform.”


1) Multiple Products: Google offers over 2 dozen hosting products allowing you to only pay for those you need and not unwanted extras.

2) Tutorials: Not surprisingly, there are thorough video tutorials to help you with a range of technical aspects.

3) Speed Options: You only pay for the storage you use and can choose between three different speeds at which data is accessed.

4) Launch Checklist: Google offers a comprehensive launch checklist that developers can use to make sure all loose ends are tied up.

5) Security: The security Google uses is an end to end process that has evolved over the last 15 years (and still is evolving).

6) Partner Integrations: Some of the largest tech and software innovators have partnered with Google to offer several integrations you can use on your project.


1) Seemingly Complex Pricing: While it is versatile it can take some time to understand the pricing model Google employs.

2) Limited Support: Support is availabe by phone and ticket, but expert support does cost extra.

3) Info Overload: With all of the options, Google Cloud hosting is almost exclusively for experts in development.


Google doesn’t have to sell developers on their ability to provide a quality and versatile environment to create applications. This host is an excellent choice for a highly skilled developer or firm who knows exactly what they need.

If you need a basic hosting you probably won’t want to use Google, and if you are a new or inexperienced developer there are other options that are easier to implement.

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