AwardSpace review: Everything you need to know

awardspaceAwardSpace is a hosting provider that specializes in flexible hosting options for beginner and veteran website owners alike.

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AwardSpace was pretty popular a decade ago.

Here is how they’ve trended over the years:


1) Freebies: There are several other free hosting options on the internet, but few of them compare to the amount of freebies offered by AwardSpace. In an attempt to let potential paying customers try their hosting services, AwardSpace offers free website hosting. The feature of the free hosting is limited, but it does come with several other free features.

One of which is a free subdomain that will put your name and theirs together, but does allow you to create a completely custom site. If you upgrade to a shared hosting plan, you’ll also be able to use their free website builder called Soholaunch. This builder was created with the novice in mind and is easy to use with no previous experience or technical knowledge. Along with all paid plans you’ll also receive a free domain name that is entirely your own. All of the free features offered by AwardSpace are geared towards inexperienced web masters and beginners to help you get started the right way.

2) Concrete5: While Soholaunch is free across all of AwardSpace’s plans, you can receive their premier site builder Concrete5 free with certain plans. Still easy to use with beginners in mind, this builder is a bit more feature rich and will be enjoyed by more advance users as well. Not only does it have the drag and drop style elements it also has the ability to create more customer elements for an even more functional website. Some of the things you can create include forms, maps, slideshows and more. Creating sites is even easier if you follow AwardSpace’s four step process.

Step 1 is to choose a template from literally thousands of different options. Step 2 is choosing the types of pages including home page, contact page, and others. Step 3 is entering the content and images that will fill the pages you just chose. Finally, Step 4 is previewing your work, making any edits you see and putting your site online. This builder is included in only certain plans, but is a valuable tool to help your site.

3) SMO Services: Social media is something that is necessary for every website owner to think about. Having an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest can be a valuable asset in helping spread the news about your new project. Understanding the need to be socially active, AwardSpace has created several social media optimization (SMO) services.

The two services they offer are for either Facebook or Twitter. They both include complete account setup, custom graphics and page setup, and integration with your other social channels. All-in-one services are included to help you start getting the most from your account. You’ll be ready to start regularly posting tweets and posts to whichever account you choose. The benefits of a new website being active on at least two forms of social media have been well documented. AwardSpace can help you be ready to talk with your audience right where they are.

Customer Support

Hopefully you’re okay with support ticket systems, that’s all AwardSpace offers as far as customer support goes. No live chat, email, or telephone support.

If you really value exceptional customer support in a hosting company, check out A2 or Siteground.


After looking at several online review sites we found that Awardspace customers were happy with pricing and available features.

One customer with a good overall opinion of the host states: “Support is friendly and helpful, control panel is easy to build a site or install wordpress/joomla, but the best part is that their costs are low and won’t break the bank.”

Another reviewer writes about their ease of use and functionality: “Professional web hosting with free wp and joomla installers. Very easy to get started with. It incorporates all the tools needed to get the job done.”

We also found negative reviews as well. It seems several Awardspace users are upset at renewal and billing policies.

One disappointed reviewer writes: “Once you make your first payment to them, they just renew it every year without consulting you and for the price they want (usually two times the money you paid the first year).”

Another frustrated customer warns: “After 1 year, they automatically renewed the plan, but this time it was not 8$ a year but >70$/year. That’s why I’d like to WARN anyone who joins AWARDSPACE, to contact their support and disable this auto-renewal thing.”


1) Unique Payment Option: According to a recent article posted on their twitter feed awardspace now accepts bitcoin as a form of payment.

2) Free Reseller Hosting: Awardspace proudly states that they are the absolute pioneers in free reseller hosting.

3) Uptime Guarantee: 99.9% uptime is guaranteed for their paid services. No guarantee is given for their free hosting however.

4) Money Back Guarantee: Awardspace promises an unquestionable refund within the first 30 days as a commitment to their clients.

5) Green Hosting: AwardSpace servers use energy from wind power and they offer you the option to purchase green VPS or shared hosting.


1) Limited Support: Support is only available through a ticket system. Their website also offers a FAQ section for specific questions frequently asked by other users.

2) Barebones Free Plan: AwardSpace has set up their free hosting to be more like a trial option with very limited features and lower speed.

3) No Backups: AwardSpace does not offer backup with their plans and it is stated that backups are the responsibility of the customer.

4) No Managed VPS: There are three different VPS options to choose from but none of them are managed.


AwardSpace is a great option for anyone who wants to start a website and have the options to grow into different plans that their files may need over time. With versatile options and affordable pricing they are a solid option for many different site owners.

If you want a host that offers specific hosting plans for larger sites with more personalized service, you may be better off with something else.

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