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You’re here to find the best web hosting.

Good. I think I can drop some knowledge.

Jeremy here, and because I am addicted to new internet ventures (and mostly because I’m an idiot) I’ve used well over 50 web hosts in my day. Some of the providers, multiple times.

It’s hilarious how most hosting review sites complicate web hosting. The truth is, most of the popular web hosting companies are run and managed by the same company (1), including Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage, Arvixe, FatCow and A Small Orange. [click to continue…]


You’re here in search of the best WordPress hosting and I don’t blame you.

I’m Jeremy and I’ve worked with a ton of (too many) hosting companies over the years. I also primarily use WordPress for my website projects.

WordPress is the most popular way to start a website online. With an estimate of over 75 million sites using this content management system and 25% of all new websites starting on this platform, it has become a focus of many hosts.

Most hosting companies now cater specifically to WP users with a special set of plans and servers specifically set aside for the CMS.

That doesn’t mean that they’re all the same. You probably chose to put your site on WP because of how versatile it is, and choosing a host is an important part of getting the most out of it.

You should carefully list your needs and put them up against the features and price of any company you consider.

(Note: if your site already gets lots of traffic, you’ll wanna check out our premium VPS or dedicated hosting rankings. If you’re looking to go “bare minimum”, check out the cheapest.)

So without further discussion, here are the top 5 hosting options for WordPress. Enjoy.

#1: Bluehost

Bluehost was an early adopter of the WordPress platform, and due to their specific support they have become the preferred hosting platform of internet marketers and bloggers from around the web.

Visit Bluehost.com

In fact, they have been endorsed and recommended by WordPress.org since 2005. All of the WP plans from Bluehost are placed on a specially tailored VPS platform which enhances the speed of your new blog.

With the basic “blogger” plan you can have up to five sites, which is a feature not offered by many other WP hosts.

You will also have access to an enhanced cPanel, SiteLock pro and SiteLock CDN which are included with every plan. Knowing your files are secure is a must for any new site.

Another feature that helps Bluehost propel to the top of our list is the bandwidth. Some hosts limited the amount of traffic to unrealistic levels in an effort to get you to a higher payment level, but Bluehost’s blogger plan allows for up to 100 million visits every month.

This is a solid WP option for anyone who wants to use a host that is recommended by WordPress themselves.

Unique features: Automatic data backups, formally endorsed by WordPress, ManageWP pre-installed, and SiteLock Pro.

Pricing: Starting at $2.95.

#2: InMotion

InMotion’s helpful WordPress hosting plan uses top of the line SSD hardware for better speed and reliability, offered at a reasonable monthly cost.

Visit InMotion.com

WP comes pre-installed for you by a technical expert, get free updates and backups, and access to the 24/7 support team. Your site will be hosted on SSD hardware to ensure speed.

InMotion has even developed a drag and drop site builder for WordPress that is included with all hosting plans to help you build an attractive site easily.

If you just want a great theme, there are several that come free with your hosting plan. InMotion’s goal is to help you have a site online in under an hour.

This is a great value for bargain hunters or anyone else who wants a fast WordPress site.

Unique features: Free SSL and unlimited bandwidth, free domain and site transfers, free backups, and host unlimited WP sites on one account.

Pricing: Starting at $3.49.

#3: GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is an environmentally friendly hosting company that can host your WordPress site with incredible speed and security.

Visit GreenGeeks.com

The problem with many WP specific plans is that they are on servers that are still shared with other customer’s files. This can, but not always, lead to issues on all other sites on that particular hardware.

While GreenGeeks does still employ shared servers, they employ something called “account isolation” which means that your files (website) is completely separated from the other clients on that server.

The top priority of this host for your WordPress site is security. Your site is updated automatically to keep your site up to date and safe from the hostile internet.

There will also be real time security scanning to pick up malware and proactively block vulnerabilities.

Pair all of this with expert support, daily backups and some excellent hardware and software solutions and you have a solid performing WordPress host for the globally conscious webmaster.

Unique features: Low # of sites per server, 30-day money back guarantee, and top rated security.

Pricing: Starting at $3.95.

#4: HostGator

HostGator is known for it’s great value shared hosting used by blogs all over the internet. That’s why offering WordPress hosting was a natural choice for this provider.

The company also understands that WP is no longer just used for blogs, but entire rich websites and ecommerce platforms can be hosted using this CMS. That’s why they provide suPHP which helps increase security from malicious attempts on your files.

If you’re transferring from another platform, the entire process will be handled by the tech support team for free.

Once your site is off the ground and growing it will be easy to scale your resources. HostGator’s cloud architecture makes it easy to quickly allocate new resources due to spikes in traffic.

This is also one of the most affordable WP specific options online, making it a great choice for avid WordPress users.

Unique features: Unmetered bandwidth, free email marketing tools, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 45-day money back guarantee.

Pricing: Starting at $3.95.

#5: A Small Orange

A Small Orange is a good choice for WP users, if you are a fan of the Softaculous one-click WP install. After the WP install, it’s easy to use and update with plugins available to do just about anything you want.

Their tiny plan is perfect for just starting out and at under $3/mo it’s a huge bargain.

To keep the good value going you will get a free domain name and 2 months of free hosting when you purchase a year’s worth of service in advance. This makes hosting through this provider an incredible value for your first site.

If you already have a site the transfer is free and with a rolling 7 days worth of daily backups your files will always be protected. A Small Orange is a great beginner’s hosting platform for any WordPress User.

Unique features: 99.9% uptime, US-based support team, and Softaculous one-click WP install.

Pricing: Starting at $2.92.


It’s kinda funny how people complicate the web hosting process.

When you really compare what all the companies have to offer, the ones that offer real value stand out and make the decision easy.

When it comes to WordPress specific hosting, BlueHost is the overall recommendation. You have great options offered by GreenGeeks and InMotion as well, but you’ll pay a little more.

If you are looking for the overall best WordPress hosting with top tier customer service and fast servers, your choice is easy.


Most of the people who come to HostAuthority are looking for the best hosting company to pair with their new blog.

If this is your goal, then we want to help you get started on the right foot by offering a detailed guide to starting your first blog.

Why Trust Us?

Our team and founder have built dozens of sites that attract organic visitors from search engines, like Google.

The people that come to our blogs stick around, talk with us in the comments, and buy products we sell.

We think these facts give us the ability to teach others where to start, and we want to share our knowledge with you.


Quick Start (Instead of reading the whole guide)

We understand. You’re excited and have content bursting out of you waiting to entertain people online. That’s why we have a brief, but adequate overview of the process you need to start sharing your words. This section will help you get going quickly, and if you want to read it last, that’s fine with us because it contains information that’s not in the rest of the guide.

Important Note: There is no end to the number of awesome tools you can use on your new website, but the most important thing is the quality of your writing.

Here’s the Skinny

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You probably Googled something along the lines of cheap web hosting, right?

Well you’re in the right place.

Jeremy here, I’ve started dozens of websites in my days on the Internet and I’m here to drop some knowledge based on my experiences with hosting companies to help you find the right plan for you.

While there are a few factors to consider when choosing a hosting plan, the most important factor is price.

Sometimes hosting ends up being more expensive than what you thought you were signing up for. To accurately find the least expensive hosting plan to start your website, you should consider three main factors: [click to continue…]


Hopefully you’re here to find the best dedicated hosting.

I’m Jeremy and I’ve started dozens (too many) of websites and have used dozens of hosting companies over the years.

Dedicated hosting is one of the most expensive ways to host, but it is the fastest and safest option to keep your website online.

Search engines like Google monitor page load up speed, so if the pages on your website and images are loading up quickly at lightning speed, your site will show up higher in the search results for more keywords (1).

If you are just starting your first web project, you could consider cheaper options until your website starts getting consistent high-volume traffic.

(Developers and coders- you have a lot more options for flexibility with dedicated servers compared to VPS, WordPress, or other shared options.)

Usually dedicated servers are the best choice for large sites, corporate websites, or developers looking to utilize all the resources offered.

Choosing the right dedicated hosting plan typically comes down to the type of hardware and level of service before price.

Here are the top rated web hosting companies for dedicated server plans. Enjoy.

#1: iPage

iPage is one of the most flexible options available when it comes to dedicated servers.

Visit iPage.com

Their flexibility is something that will be appreciated by developers who work on multiple projects that may need resources allocated on a day by day basis. iPage offers a cloud based environment that allows for instant provisioning to make it easy to manage resources and grow fluidly.

This type of scalability is easy to understand and won’t cost you a higher amount due to hidden fees. All of the reasonable pricing options are clearly laid out and you won’t be surprised by your hosting bill.

While you do have independent control of your environment, managed hosting comes standard with every server at no additional cost which is a welcome feature for those who don’t have the time for updates and configurations.

Another great feature for iPage customers is that there are no overage charges for using more resources than previously expected. Dedicated servers from this hosting company offer web masters and developers a scalable option at an affordable rate.

Unique features: Fully managed support, easily scalable with growth, and extensive security.

Pricing: Starting at $119.99

#2: HostGator

Many people choose this company for shared hosting because of their price, the features and benefits of “unlimited” bandwidth and disk space.

Visit HostGator.com

Although, HostGator packs some impressive dedicated hosting plans to go along with their cheap shared options. They made it onto the list because of their unique position for using a dedicated server to resell your own hosting.

While other hosting companies give you the ability to sell hosting from your server, HostGator makes it incredibly easy. With each plan, you’ll receive WHMCS to help you bill clients and maintain your financial affairs.

You also have the WHM control panel to set up client accounts and access to over 4500 website templates and tutorials that are brandable (meaning you can put your logo on them).

This dedicated hosting can be used by anyone, but can be a great opportunity for someone wanting to start their own hosting company with a great resource.

Unique features: Unlimited bandwidth and space, easy to resell hosting, well known company.

Pricing: Starting at $76.56

#3: 1&1

1&1 is a great dedicated server option due to several factors including the sheer number of plans available.

Visit 1and1.com

While dedicated servers are typically at a higher price point, many website owners wish to have the security and space that they offer.

Since 1&1 is one of the largest hosts on the internet, they can provide some of the cheapest dedicated pricing. With nine different plans and hardware that has different processors and data resources even small businesses and individual site owners can afford the options that a dedicated server brings.

Some of their plans even offer a three-month free trial to give you the ability to see if their service is right for you. All of the plans are clearly laid out with processors, server speed, RAM, disk space, and the server software is easily viewed.

Just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean that you’ll get fewer features. You can choose between Linux or Windows servers and can choose to have your server managed by the 1&1 tech staff.

Unique features: Large company, 3 month free trial, great customer support.

Pricing: Starting at $29.99

#4: GoDaddy

GoDaddy is mainly known for it’s domain registrar service and small business website hosting, but they also have a great option for dedicated servers as well – it’s called GoDaddy Pro.

They let you figure out how much RAM and disk space you need and then give you three options about how you want your server to be managed.

You can choose self managed (comes standard), partially managed which includes several features (patching, monitoring, backups, etc.), and fully managed which comes with a dedicated team of server experts as well as all of the partially managed options.

The partial service is an additional $10/mo no matter which plan you choose, and the full managed is a costly additional $120/mo.

GoDaddy is a great host for those who seek a no nonsense dedicated option from a reliable name in the hosting world.

Unique features: Three options (self managed, partial managed, and fully managed), industry-leading load times, and award-winning support and security.

Pricing: Starting at $69.99

#5: Dreamhost

Dreamhost offers incredible customer support and hands off approach to dedicated server plans.

If you’re looking to manage your own server, this won’t be the option for you due to the fact that Dreamhost only offers managed dedicated plans. This is great news for someone who wants the power, space and flexibility of their owner server, but doesn’t want to mess with updates.

If you have a high traffic site, ecommerce store, or resell your own hosting this is a great service due to the tremendous tech support and 100% uptime guarantee that is offered. It’s not the least expensive option, but it is one of the most reliable dedicated plans online with excellent customer satisfaction and state of the art SSD hardware.

Dreamhost boasts some of the highest RAM and bandwidth of all other dedicated hosts on the market making them a favorite of developers and experienced webmasters.

This is a great option for someone who wants the managed services of experts and the best tech available and is willing to spend a little more for the quality.

Unique features: All plans are managed by the Dreamhost team, excellent customer service, 100% uptime guarantee, high RAM capacity.

Pricing: Starting at $149.99


If you need the fastest, most reliable kind of web hosting there is to offer, you need dedicated servers.

While they’re not the cheapest hosting options out there, it is definitely worth the price to have reliability and fast page load up speeds.

Luckily, I’ve dealt with plenty of hosting companies and have a pretty good idea who really means business when it comes down to it.

If you’re looking for the most reliable and affordable dedicated hosting plan, your choice is easy.


A Little About The Host

HostGator is one of the most reputable and well-known web hosting companies currently operating. They offer several plans for shared, VPS, WordPress, and dedicated servers.

Their shared hosting plans are suitable for many beginners, as each plan comes with more than 4,500 free templates that are very attractive as well as Weebly Website Builder. They also come with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

There are three shared hosting plans by HostGator: Hatchling, Baby, and Business. Hatchling only allows one domain so it’s suitable for a small personal website. Business plan is the most robust with free private SSL, IP and a free toll free number. Figuring out your hosting needs and budget will help you pick which plan is right for you or your company.

HostGator is certainly very popular and highly reviewed, but it’s not without complaints, so it’s important to read all reviews before deciding on signing up with them. While HostGator is already known for their deep savings, if you do decide to go with them, you can claim an exclusive code here to maximize your savings. [click to continue…]


A Little About the Host

Bluehost is one of the most well-known web hosting services for their beginner-friendly features and low introductory prices.

Although there are many plans geared for every conceivable user, Bluehost is ideal for shared hosting and resellers. For shared hosting, there are three levels: basic, plus, and business pro. The basic plan is good for only one website but plus and business pro plans have more options.

There’s a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee to try out Bluehost and see if you like it. You save more money if you sign up for 24-months or 36-months plans.

If you decide to sign up for Bluehost, you can use our coupon to get a discount and maximize your savings. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how:

Bluehost Coupon #1: $3.49 Per Month Hosting

You can sign up with this coupon for Bluehost and pay as low as $3.49 per month on the basic shared hosting plan. The regular price is $7.99 per month, so use our special link to get the discount today.

How to Use the Bluehost Coupons

1. Click on the link here: Get the Bluehost Coupon This will open the Bluehost site in a new window. By clicking on our referral link, the discount will be applied automatically when you check out on the Bluehost website.
[click to continue…]


You’ve probably heard of a VPN – Virtual Private Network – but the chances are, you’re not using one.

It seems like a hassle to set one up or find the “best” one, whatever that happens to mean.

In this day and age of cyber crime, identity theft, and fraud, it’s too risky not to use a VPN every time you connect to the internet, especially when traveling or using the public network. Here, you’ll learn what exactly a VPN is, why you need to use it, and what qualities to look for in a good VPN.

What is a VPN?

VPN is a virtual version of a physical network that’s secure. It’s a private data network that is basically a group of linked computers to share files and other resources. For individuals, it’s a method of encrypting your files and communications over the web when you’re on an untrusted network, such as public Wi-Fi. Businesses use VPNs to boost their security and connect to resources they can’t access physically, such as remote data centers.

If you’re interested in the true inner workings of a VPN, you can check out this article on How Stuff Works.

Why Do You Need a VPN?

There are at least four reasons you’d want to use a VPN, whether you’re a business or an individual.

Reason One: You want your company and employees to be able to access the printer, files, applications, and other resources on the office network without compromising security. If you work remotely, it’s highly likely your company has provided you with free VPN access. [click to continue…]


COUPON CODE: (copy and paste)

SiteGround is one of the most popular and highly reviewed web hosting companies. They offer several hosting options for all user levels, including shared, WordPress, Joomla, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers.

The company was founded in 2004 and currently has over 280 employees. As of 2015, SiteGround hosts more than 450,000 domains.

SiteGround’s shared hosting plans are StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek.

The StartUp plan allows just one website, so it’s good for a small personal site. GrowBig and GoGeek plans have more features. None of the plans offer unlimited disk space. SiteGround publishes a 99.9% uptime guarantee on their website. They offer the standard 30-day money back guarantee.

While SiteGround is highly reviewed, it’s still important to read each review and carefully determine whether this hosting company is right for your goals and needs. If you do decide to buy one of their hosting plans, you can use our SiteGround deal to get a 60% discount on any shared hosting plans. [click to continue…]


Hopefully you’re here to find the best shared web hosting out there.

You’re in the right place. I’m Jeremy and I’m here to offer some advice to match you up with the right shared hosting plan for you.

I’ve dealt with 50+ hosting companies in my years as an internet entrepreneur, so I have a pretty good idea on what should be expected.

Finding a great shared account for niche sites, personal blogs, or small business websites starts with what you hope to get from your hosting company.  [click to continue…]