Overview: Just Host is a great entry level host that offers reliable and inexpensive shared hosting options. Just Plan: $3.95/mo for shared hosting. VPS: $15.00/mo for VPS hosting. Premium: $19.95/mo for shared hosting. Ideal Customer: This provider is perfect for individuals who want a blog or small business site hosted professionally with great customer support. [...]

Overview: Weebly specializes in helping webmasters build simple, mobile friendly sites. Free: $0.00/mo for shared hosting. Professional: $12.00/mo for shared hosting. Business: $25.00/mo for shared hosting. Ideal Customer: Weebly can help anyone without technical knowledge create a professional looking site and host it for free. Membership Creation: Weebly currently has 3 plans – starter, pro, [...]

Overview: One.com specializes in providing simple, easy to understand hosting options for business owners. Number 1: $1.45/mo for shared hosting Number 2: $3.00/mo for shared hosting Number 3: $5.65/mo for shared hosting Ideal Customer: A solid option for anyone searching for inexpensive and clear hosting options that aren't confusing. Statistics: One of the most important [...]

Overview: PowWeb specializes in shared hosting for websites with small to medium levels of traffic. OnePlan: $3.88/mo for shared hosting. Ideal Customer: An excellent option for someone looking to host a small personal blog or business site with easy to understand pricing. Only One Plan: PowWeb is different from most web hosting companies in that [...]

Overview: Lunarpages specializes in providing business hosting with excellent speed and uptime. Starter: $3.95/mo for shared hosting Basic: $8.95/mo for shared hosting WordPress: $12.50/mo for WP hosting Ideal Customer: This is a host for businesses and individual webmasters who want their site to stay up and running properly. Global Failover: If you've ever had a [...]

Overview: GreenGeeks specializes in shared hosting options for the enviromentally concious. EcoSite Pro: $3.96/mo for shared hosting. Seed Reseller: $19.95/mo Reseller hosting. 1GB VPS: $39.95/mo VPS hosting. Ideal Customer: This host is an excellent option for someone who wants to know that the services they use are actively reducing their carbon footprint. 100% Green: You [...]

Overview: Pagely is a company that exclusively offers WordPress hosting for businesses. Business: $64.00/mo Wordpress hosting. Professional: $149/mo Wordpress hosting. VPS 1: $399.00/mo VPS Wordpress hosting. Ideal Customer: Pagely is a great option for businesses, or a large blog owner that wants to use WordPress for a scalable high traffic website. WordPress Only: Pagely only [...]

Overview: Flywheel specializes in WordPress hosting for small businesses, agencies and web developers. Tiny: $15.00/mo for shared hosting. Personal: $30.00/mo for shared hosting. Professional: $75.00/mo for shared hosting. Ideal Customer: This is a great host for an agency that is looking for powerful tools to organize their teams and flexible options to please their clients. [...]

Overview: Pantheon is a high-end host that only offers WordPress and Drupal hosting plans. Personal: $25.00/mo WordPress and Drupal hosting. Professional: $100.00/mo WordPress and Drupal hosting. Business: $400.00/mo WordPress and Drupal hosting. Ideal Customer: Pantheon is great for a development agency or multi-site company that wants an upscale and manageable solution for their hosting needs. [...]

Overview: Digital Ocean specializes in cloud hosting for web developers. 5 Plan: $5.00/mo SSD Cloud 10 Plan: $10.00/mo SSD Cloud 20 Plan: $20.00/mo SSD Cloud Ideal Customer: Developers who build multiple websites or applications who want a scalable and versatile cloud hosting plan. Advanced Equipment: To create an environment that attracts web and application developers, [...]

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