2016 GoDaddy review: Everything you need to know

Overview: GoDaddy’s primary business model is selling domain names but they also offer affordable hosting with a variety of features.


Starter WordPress : $2.99/mo for shared hosting.

WordPress Economy: $3.49/mo for shared hosting.

WordPress Deluxe: $4.49/mo for shared hosting.

Ideal Customer: Anyone looking for a one stop shop to purchase a domain, hosting, SSL, or email marketing software will benefit from GoDaddy.


Unique Features:

Code Signing Certificate: GoDaddy offers something not too many web hosting companies do – code signing certificates. Code signing is digital signing of executables and scripts. Some purposes of code signing are 1. To guarantee the author of software, 2. To Guarantee the code hasn’t been corrupted and 3. To eliminate security warnings during download and installation. GoDaddy provides code signing certificates for $169.99 a year. These certificates inspire confidence in users when they download something from your website, like Java applets, web scripting codes, and Active X controls. They also prevent unidentified third parties from altering your code. It’s a nice service for software developers and content publishers. GoDaddy also offers a driver signing certificate which works nearly identical to code signing certificates, but for Microsoft hardware drivers.

Email Marketing: Most web hosting companies offer emails and some help with email marketing, but when it comes to actual email marketing software, they tend to partner with other companies like Constant Contact, AWeber, or Mailchimp. But GoDaddy has their own email marketing software. It’s simple and intuitive to use, with a drag-and-drop email composer, analytics and reports, integration with social media and other tools like Facebook, Etsy, and Google Analytics, and automatic removal of bad addresses. GoDaddy’s email marketing service comes in 3 different tiers, starting at $4.99 per month (500 contacts) up to $9.99 per month (5,000 contacts). The good thing about this proprietary email marketing software is that you’ll get access to the same support 24/7 that knows GoDaddy inside and out. This helps you troubleshoot any problems you might have with integrating the email software with your website.

GoDaddy Garage: The Garage is a blog operated by GoDaddy aimed at small business owners and blogging pros. It’s free and accessible to anyone, so you don’t have to sign up with GoDaddy for it. But it’s unique because it shows that GoDaddy’s involved with the small business and blogging community. Almost all web hosting companies have a blog; that is nothing new. But most of them are abandoned or updated with poor content. The Garage is different because it’s updated almost daily with useful posts on running a small business and resolving technical issues. Multiple authors from different industries submit the posts that are highly educational and practical. The blog is on a WordPress platform so it serves as a showcase of what you can accomplish with WordPress. It is worth your time to check out The Garage while you’re on GoDaddy’s site looking at all that they offer.


We have looked over several online reviews to find out how customers feel about GoDaddy. We found that customers were happy with their pricing and uptime.

One happy customer writes: “Godaddy is amazing with the quality features it provides against such a low cost. I have been working with godaddy since last 3 years and I have had no problems with it!”

Another reviewer agrees saying: “GoDaddy is a pretty good first time host, uptime is pretty good and their prices are cheap, especially with their frequent discounts.”

Not all reviews were positive however. We found that customers were frustrated with customer support and resolution times.

One disappointed reviewer explains: “A great brand with some awesome products BUT if you are stuck with a problem it is to stay for long, verrrry long like forever, as the support team does not seem to care about any of its clients issues.”

Another customer agrees saying: “GoDaddy boasts world class support. But these tech support agents only seem to want to get you off the phone and not help you with any real problems.”

We also checked Twitter to see what people are saying about GoDaddy. One customer is happy with the level of support:

Another user is upset that support has been unable to resolve an ongoing issue:


  • Low Introductory Prices: For web hosting, GoDaddy has plans that start with low introductory prices, from $4.49 to $7.49 per month.
  • cPanel or Plesk: GoDaddy offers the popular and intuitive cPanel or Plesk control panels.
  • Uptime Guarantee: GoDaddy publishes 99.9% uptime on their website.
  • SSL Certificate: GoDaddy’s Ultimate Plan with the introductory price of $7.49 per month includes an SSL certificate, which is not a common feature with this level of pricing.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: GoDaddy’s plans offer unlimited bandwidth, provided you adhere to their usage policy and terms of service.


  • Too Many Options: When you first go on GoDaddy.com, you’ll face a dizzying array of options, everything from domain names, web hosting plans, web security (SSL certificate, malware removal, code signing certificate), online marketing, and even more “fringe” services like email, Microsoft Office, and online bookkeeping.
  • Emphasis on Domain Names: GoDaddy has always had their roots in domain names – bulk domain purchase, domain brokering, domain auctions, etc. As such, their web hosting plans are a bit on the thin side and things that would normally be included, like a website builder, is an extra add-on with GoDaddy.
  • Limited Support: GoDaddy offers 24/7 phone support and live chat, but there is no email support or a ticket system.


GoDaddy is an interesting option for web hosting because their primary focus is on domain names. GoDaddy’s homepage is primarily devoted to domains so you’ll have to look to find their hosting information. They offer other services like email marketing software, code signing certificate, online bookkeeping. Their personal plans are reasonably priced and they have an award-winning support, though the support channels are limited.

Takeaway: If you’re interested in having a one-stop shop for all of your needs – web hosting, domain names, email marketing, dedicated IP, etc. – then GoDaddy would be a good choice. But if you’re paralyzed by all their offerings that have little to do with web hosting, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

2016 Hostway review: Everything you need to know

Overview: Hostway is a well established hosting company offering packages that will appeal to both individuals and busniesses.


There is no pricing information listed on Hostway’s website, but there is a phone number for the sales team.

Ideal Customer: Any individual or business looking for a wide selection of hosting plans or looking to try managed servers risk free.


Unique Features:

6 Months Free Managed Servers: HostWay has a very generous offer of 6 months free managed servers. If you want to try out managed servers but don’t know what the process entails, now you have a risk-free way of doing so with HostWay. Managed servers negates the need for in-house IT, so you can focus on your business rather than worrying about day-to-day tasks like backups, patching, updates, and more. HostWay guarantees 100% uptime for their managed servers and offers 24/7/365 support by their in-house data center. You can also customize your solutions to match your goals and optimal hosting environment. You can add on managed security services, ideal for PCI-compliance initiatives or HIPAA compliance.

Geographically Dispersed Datacenters: HostWay has 4 geographically dispersed datacenters in North America: Austin, Chicago, Tampa, and Vancouver. Having multiple locations presents several advantages. Customers have the ability to choose one or more locations, although the location of cloud resources shouldn’t really matter. People tend to like knowing where their infrastructure resources are located, so giving them that option is nice. Redundancy is another advantage of having geographically dispersed datacenters. If a natural disaster or some other catastrophe cripples one location, there are other locations for backup or recovery purposes. Reduced latency is also a big advantage. Companies in the West Coast, Australia, or East Asia can connect to the Canadian cloud to bring their servers closer to their own time zone. Likewise, people in the Central Time zone can connect to the datacenter in Austin and people in the Eastern Time zone can connect to Tampa.

Brand Ambassadors: HostWay has their own word-of-mouth program that is slightly different than a regular referral program. It’s called Brand Ambassadors – it’s an elite group of their customers who share their success stories on social media, review sites, blogs, and HostWay’s Ambassador page. Common review sites are Webhostdir.com, Hostsearch.com, Whoishostingthis.com, Besthostratings.com, among others. Brand Ambassadors get entered into a drawing every quarter for a prize and are the first ones to receive updates about beta releases and special products. The drawing prizes are worth your time, the last one being an iPad for the winner. To get started with HostWay’s Brand Ambassador program write a user review and then fill out a simple form on their website telling them your information and the URL of the review.


We have looked at several online sources for Hostway reviews. We found that users are split in their opinion about tech support.

Here one customer is happy with their service: “We have never had an unscheduled outage in all of that time and the customer service has always been very responsive and knowledgeable when we’ve needed help with changes.”

Another reviewer writes: “Whenever I have a question tech support can resolve it in the shortest possible time. I would recommend Hostway for it’s excellent service both in it’s reliability and tech support.”

We also found several negative reviews for Hostway’s customer support and billing.

One frustrated customer states: “Their support is by far the biggest joke I’ve ever ran into. They can’t solve even basic issues. I ended up walking them through what they had to do to fix things.”

Another upset reviewer writes: “Totally shady company! Offers absolutely no refunds. Automatically bills you in advance even if you have requested them to stop.”

We also checked Twitter to see what people are saying about Hostway. This user is happy with the level of communication from the host:

Another user is upset at an ongoing email issue:


  • Cloud and Managed Hosting: HostWay’s primary emphasis is on cloud hosting solutions (public, private, dedicated private, hybrid) and managed hosting. If cloud and managed hosting are what you’re looking for, you’ll find a lot of options with HostWay.
  • Virtual Data Center Tours: Hostway’s website shows an interactive tour of virtual data center, which is a good way to learn about how their geographically dispersed datacenters operate.
  • Support: Hostway offers the standard 24/7/365 support via phone, ticket system, email, and support chat. There are different ways to get in touch with support staff for each type of hosting – cloud, VPS, managed servers, etc.
  • cPanel and Plesk Included: For managed hosting services, you can choose between cPanel and Parallels Plesk Panel, two of the most popular control panels. They’re easy to use, intuitive, and practical.
  • VIP Support Upgrade Option: Whatever plans you purchase come with 24/7/365 support, but you also have the choice of upgrading to VIP support. This includes a special phone number and email that guarantee priority response and also free file restoration, valued at $99.


  • Confusing Product Offerings: It’s good to have many options, but HostWay’s website presents them in a way that’s confusing to look at. There is a separate page for each plan type and you have to click on a different page to see a comparison of all plans.
  • Limited One-Click Installations: HostWay offers a slew of one-click installers but the options are limited. Their website currently shows 11 applications under content management, ecommerce, forums, online learning, photo gallery, projects, surveys, and wiki.
  • No Money-Back Guarantee: HostWay offers no money-back guarantee, although with 6 months free managed servers, that wouldn’t be necessary.


HostWay’s products aren’t really appropriate for someone looking for a simple shared hosting plan. They’re more appropriate for people looking for scalable cloud solutions and managed servers, or a hybrid. They have geographically dispersed datacenters to increase speed and reduce latency.

Takeaway: HostWay is geared more towards people looking for cloud hosting and managed server hosting. Their 6 months free managed servers is a good deal to take advantage of. If you’re looking for cloud solutions, you’ll find many options with HostWay through their public, private, and dedicated private solutions.

2016 WebStarts review: Everything you need to know

Overview: WebStarts caters to beginners and novices looking to start a new website.


Free: $0.00/mo for shared hosting.

Pro: $4.89/mo for shared hosting.

Pro Plus: $7.16/mo for shared hosting.

Ideal Customer: Anyone looking for easy to use web design tools to get started making their web presence.


Unique Features:

Free Website: Free websites might be a relic of the past since Yahoo shut down Geocities some years ago, but WebStarts is one of the very few hosting companies still offering it. Of course, there are limitations. You can’t have a custom domain name and the number of web pages you can create is limited to 5. And there are dreadful ads shown on all pages. But the reason it’s still a good deal is because it’s free and it gives you a good chance to experiment with WebStarts’ support and their website builder. Their free templates are very attractive and follow all modern trends and design practices. If you’re looking for a simple portfolio or personal website, WebStarts’ free plan would be perfectly reasonable. Support is limited for free websites however. Only paid versions are able to use phone support. Users of the free option are limited to email and help documents.

Rich Website Builder: WebStarts’ website builder has more features than typical website builders. They’ve teamed up with WePay to let you accept credit card payments right away. You can create custom forms and integrate your website with Twitter, Pinterest, or other social media sites. You can create a “members only” part of your website. You can make one page designs with anchor links, which is not a very common feature of a drag-and-drop website builder. Their image editing features are fairly sophisticated, with the ability to set image opacity. You can completely customize their existing templates with different images and text, so you don’t end up having the same boring website design as everyone else using the same template.

Designer Platform: You can easily become WebStarts’ partner through their designer platform, with your own web design without knowing code. Designer Platform allows you to create and sell websites without writing a line of code. You can save your designs as templates to save time and streamline your process. You can brand your designs with your own logo. This is an interesting platform for budding designers. It’s similar to selling your own WordPress themes, except you don’t have to know how to build complicated themes yourself. There is no mention of how big this platform is and how many people are involved, but if anything, it’s a good platform to test your skills and improve your designs.


We looked at online review sites to find out what Webstarts customers were saying. We found that many users were happy with its ease of use.

One happy customer states: “I’ve tried a number of website builders and found webstarts to be the best. They’ve got good customer service and I like the drag and drop editor.”

Another reviewer agrees saying: “It helped almost immediately, and it was really easy to create! Their easy to use interface and video tutorials made it easy to make an entire working website in less than a week. Thanks Webstarts.com!”

We also found several negative reviews as well. These users are unhappy with customer support and billing hassles.

One frustrated reviewer writes: “After attempting to cancel my account with webstarts .com , They have not stopped billing my submitted credit card for membership, and they do not reply to any inquiries that I make to them!”

Another customer warns that: “They are not easy to get ahold of, and once you get a real person, they are often rude and usually not helpful; the billing function continues w/o your notification and exact knowledge of what it is for, and its very difficult to resolve billing mistakes.”

We also checked Twitter to see what people were saying about Webstarts. This user is happy with their mobile feature:

Another user is also frustrated with billing and refund issues:


  • Low Prices: Besides the obvious free plan, WebStarts offers plans with low introductory prices, at 50% off of regular prices.
  • Attractive Templates: WebStarts has attractive templates used for both free and paid plans. They are 100% customizable and modern. With higher plans (Pro Plus and Business), the templates can also be optimized for mobile devices.
  • Free Flash: Although Flash is not in vogue anymore, some people still use it and you have access to free Flash animations.
  • Good Knowledgebase: WebStarts’ knowledgebase is fairly extensive with answers to many questions regarding account management, apps, website builder functions, analytics, widgets, and much more.
  • Cancel Anytime: There are no cancellation fees for closing your account early.


  • Limited Support: There seems to be limited support through a simple form email. There is no ticket system. Phone support is only available for Pro Plus and higher accounts. On the contact page, it mentions “Chat With Us” but there is no chat button.
  • No Uptime Guarantee: WebStarts has no published uptime guarantee.
  • No Money-Back Guarantee: WebStarts doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. The flipside is that you don’t pay any cancellation fees if you do decide to close your account early. But since the company charges by the year, you wouldn’t get the remaining portion of your money back. The way to mitigate this is to try the free website with no strings attached.


WebStarts offers the dying breed called a free website, even though it comes with ads and is limited to only 5 pages. Their regular plans have reasonable introductory prices at 50% off. While there is limited support except for higher-tiered accounts, their knowledgebase is pretty solid and should answer most questions. WebStarts obviously aims more toward beginners, with a powerful website builder that has many rich features.

Takeaway: WebStarts offers shared hosting plans only and aren’t for sophisticated users who want more control. If you’re completely design-illiterate and don’t require a fancy website, WebStarts is definitely worthwhile, especially considering they have a free website for you to try out.


2017 Siteground web hosting review

Overview: Siteground offers a variety hosting plans that will appeal to anyone from beginners to established businesses.

sitegroundHow much does Siteground cost?

StartUp: $3.95/mo for shared hosting.

GrowBig: $7.95/mo for shared hosting.

GoGeek: $14.95/mo for shared hosting.

Ideal Customer: The best option for web designers or bloggers looking for a variety of features and applications.


Unique Features:

Optimized Setup for Popular Applications: Almost all web hosting companies support most popular applications like WordPress, Joomla, or Magento. You can install any of those CMS, typically with a one-click installer. But that’s where they stop. Siteground is unique in that they offer special hosting solutions for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and other popular applications. These solutions come with Siteground’s proprietary optimized server setup, security, speed systems, free templates, and detailed tutorials. There are multi-tier plans – StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek – to meet any hosting needs, including web space, number of visitors, and application-specific features like caching, staging, and repo creation. Support is optimized for specific applications. For example, on a WordPress plan, you’ll deal with experts who are knowledgeable in WordPress. Premium support is included with higher plans (GrowBig and GoGeek).

Student Hosting: Student web hosting is surprisingly uncommon, which is a shame since everyone knows students can really use discounts. Siteground offers student plans starting at $1.99 a month, which includes all the features of a regular hosting plan excluding free domain. This robust plan includes 10 GB of storage space, multiple versions of PHP, unlimited traffic, unlimited MySQL databases, automatic daily backups, fast speed, and user-friendly cPanel. This plan is suitable for beginners and advanced users. Not only that, there is also Faculty Partnership that includes a custom sign-up page for a specific school or course. Best of all, Faculty Partnership is offered for free. The high level of support applies even to these low-priced or free accounts. Everyone has access to the 24/7 support by experts.

Unique Account Isolation Technology: Siteground was one of the first web hosting companies to use isolation technology, to isolate each account in its own directory for their shared hosting. They use unique chroot mechanisms to achieve this. The biggest advantage of account isolation is that if there is a single account that’s corrupt or has a major security flaw, other accounts on the same server wouldn’t be affected. Also, the common problem with a shared hosting plan is that if one account hogs too much resource, it affects the others on the same server. The account isolation technology helps manage server resources more efficiently even on a shared server. If you want maximum security and resources, you’ll always be better off with VPS or dedicated hosting, but since that’s not always affordable, it’s reassuring that Siteground has this isolation technology to ensure one black sheep in the herd doesn’t jeopardize the good accounts.


We looked at several different online sources to find honest opinions about Siteground. We found many users had positive things to say about their tech support and quick resolution times.

One happy customer writes: “The service to get things repaired are quick – usually within 1 hour, but generally about 15 minutes for me. Many times the tech team already has an issue discovered and is working on it before I contact them!”

Another reviewer agrees saying: “They boast about a 10 minute response time to their tickets, and that’s no idle boast. The last four tickets I raised were responded to in an average of 8 minutes, and all of them resolved immediately.”

We also found some negative reviews. Users here are upset with the site speeds and service with Cloud hosting.

One frustrated customer writes: “I moved from shared hosting to Cloud hosting, and ever since I started spending more money with them it’s been awful. My sites are slower, they gave me an IP address that was on email blacklists.”

Another reviewer had a similar issue saying: “They advised me to upgrade to their cloud service. Once upgrade the service went from bad to unbelievably bad, they then advised me to downgrade to my original plan, by the time I had done this I had spent over $300 for nothing!”

We also checked Twitter to see what customer were saying about Siteground. This user is excited at the level of support she has received:

Another user is experiencing different issues with his website due to an area outage:


  • Uptime Guarantee: Siteground a offers real server uptime guarantee of 99.99%. Their yearly uptime is purported to be 99.996%, while their monthly uptime is 99.999%.
  • Good Support: Siteground is reviewed highly by users on neutral review websites for their outstanding support. They offer the standard 24/7/365 support through phone, chat, and tickets. They claim their phone and chat reply time as “instantly,” while their tickets are initially responded to in 10 minutes.
  • Popular Apps Hosting: Siteground has customized plans for popular apps like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.
  • Multiple Plans: Siteground offers shared, cloud, and dedicated hosting, with multiple options for each.
  • Highly Rated: Siteground is one of the highest rated web hosting companies for their features and support.


  • Expensive: While their introductory prices are on par with other companies, their regular pricing can seem steep, especially the GoGeek plan at $29.95 per month on regular pricing.
  • One Website for Lowest Plan: The lowest plan only allows one website on the account, although this is relatively common for lowest-tiered plans on competitors as well.
  • Doesn’t Accept PayPal: Siteground only accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover as their payment options.


Siteground is a good choice for people preferring WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. Their pricing isn’t the lowest, but it’s backed by good user reviews and superior support. The glaring disadvantage is that they don’t offer unlimited disk space for shared hosting plans, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever need unlimited disk space for any of your websites.

Takeaway: Siteground is the best option for shared hosting. Their unique account isolation technology ensures your account is safe even if one on the same server is hacked or compromised. Support is the best, and pricing is more than fair. For a shared hosting plan, this is the best type of security you can ask for. Get a discounted rate of Siteground here.

2016 Hostgator review: Everything you need to know

Overview: Hostgator offers affordable shared hosting as well as a plethora of other hosting features.


Hatchling: $5.56/mo for shared hosting.

Baby: $7.96/mo for shared hosting.

Business: $11.96/mo for shared hosting.

Ideal Customer: Perfect for small businesses or any level of personal site that wants affordable shared hosting with lots of extras.


Unique Features:

Eco-Friendly: HostGator is one of the few web hosting companies who is openly dedicated to green energy. It can take a lot of energy to power millions of websites and keep them running, resulting in a larger carbon footprint. HostGator buys servers that are 36% more power efficient. They also invest in wind energy that can help offset server emissions. They purchase certified renewable energy credits (RECs) that are climate-friendly and wind-powered. All these efforts by HostGator to provide green hosting are equivalent to moving hundreds of cars from American roads or powering hundreds of homes per year. If you or your business is eco-conscience then choosing host gator will keep with your goals and values.

Separate Billing Area: Most web hosting companies use the same portal for billing and the control panel. HostGator has intentionally separated the two areas and have a dedicated billing area. This is good for security, because if you ever want someone else (a friend, associate, web developer, etc.) to have access to your control panel, you can do so without compromising your security and exposing your billing information. The billing area has the standard features you would see, like your billing history, account credits, and areas to manage your payment, subscriptions, and credit cards. However, you might find using separate logins for your billing and control panel a tad bit annoying. HostGator recognized this and recently introduced single sign-on so you can use the same login credential to navigate both areas.

CodeGuard: There are many reasons to constantly backup your website, especially if you have content that changes frequently. Backing up can protect you against CMS upgrade woes, like when WordPress releases a new version. But backing up can be a hassle, especially if you’re not technically savvy. Enter CodeGuard. CodeGuard is an add-on service HostGator customers can purchase for shared hosting packages. This service monitors your website, backs it up daily, and provides you the option to restore a backup to revert to the previous version of your website. After the initial backup, if CodeGuard senses a change in your website’s code, it’ll continuously backup your website automatically. You can also perform backups on-demand in addition to daily backups, depending on the level of plan you purchase.


We looked at different web hosting review sites to get honest opinions about Hostgator. Many users were positive about their features and ease of use.

One happy customer writes: “I chose Hostgator as a beginner. They do have a comprehensive feature list, including the very appealing CodeGuard backup service.”

Another reviewer agrees saying: “The Hostgator Cpanel is full of features. My most favorite feature is the quick install facility that enables anyone even with the minimal skills to install WordPress in a minute.”

Not all reviews were positive. We found some Hostgator users upset at the lack of support and resolution times.

One frustrated reviewer states: “Support is totally non existent. Live chat has never once worked for me despite numerous attempts. The “continue” button just does nothing & after contacting them via opening a ticket I never got a reply.”

Another disappointed customer writes: “They let my server get hacked, I submitted a ticket, and they suspended my sites. I submitted another ticket and haven’t heard back from them in 5 days.”

We also checked Twitter to see what customers were saying about Hostgator. We found split reviews here. One user is happy with tech support:

Another user has a down site and no help:


  • 24/7/365 Support: HostGator provides around-the-clock support, through phone (toll free and local), live chat, and support ticket system. There is also an extensive knowledge base that answers many questions, organized by different topics. There are also video tutorials better suited for visual learners.
  • Weebly Website Builder: HostGator has partnered with Weebly to provide their website builder. Weebly is known for an easy-to-use interface that’s convenient, but still extensive for a drag-and-drop website builder.
  • Unmetered Disk Space and Bandwidth: There is really no such thing as unlimited disk space and bandwidth. But HostGator does openly state they don’t meter their customers’ disk space or bandwidth, as long as they’re fully compliant with the Terms of Service.
  • 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee: HostGator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is fairly generous compared to the standard 30-day money-back guarantee. Dedicated servers are not eligible for this guarantee though.
  • Uptime Guarantee: HostGator’s uptime guarantee is 99.9%. They provide RSS feed for service status updates. Their facilities are based in Texas, with power backups and constant monitoring to help meet their uptime guarantee.


  • No Cloud Hosting: HostGator doesn’t have cloud hosting yet; they only have shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting plans.
  • Tricky Interface: HostGator’s main website can be confusing and requires some digging to find all the available options.
  • Unsecure Email: HostGator doesn’t offer built-in antispam or antivirus features for their email accounts, whereas similar companies have those features by default.


HostGator is one of the most well-known and popular web hosting companies. They offer different levels of hosting plans with a separate billing area and unlimited disk space and bandwidth, among other standard features. They’re priced reasonably but lack email security protections. With a generous 45 day money back guarantee you can check out HostGator to see if they are right for you. However if you are looking for cloud hosting you’ll have to check out other providers.

Takeaway: HostGator is a solid choice for beginning and intermediate users, especially for WordPress. Their support system also earns high marks from various reviews found online. Their partnership with Weebly also means their drag-and-drop website builder is a cut above others. HostGator is also one of the few companies that is openly dedicated to green energy and employing eco-friendly technology.

2016 osTicket review: Everything you need to know

Overview: osTicket caters to businesses and organizations that need help tracking customer support tickets.


Basic: $9.00/mo for shared hosting.

Standard: $12.00/mo for shared hosting.

Premium: $16.00/mo for shared hosting.

Ideal Customer: All business types that need a way to keep track of customer issues or requests will benefit from osTicket’s well designed ticket system.


Unique Features:

Free Trial: osTicket’s cloud hosted solution is known as SupportSystem. You get a free trial for 30 days while enjoying all the benefits of email and phone support, walk-through session, SSL encryption, scaling and security, managed upgrades and maintenance, and automated backups. You also get configurable attachments, unlimited tickets and unlimited users just like the paid versions. The free trial doesn’t require your credit card to sign up, which is another plus. After your trial ends, you’ll be asked for your billing information if you wish to continue. The paid version comes with 3 plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The 30-day free trial is a good way to gauge which plan you might want to use once you convert to paid. SupportSystem pricing is based per agent (someone who interacts with your customers), and all plans include unlimited number of customers and tickets.

Self-Hosted: If you don’t want to go with the paid version of osTicket (SupportSystem), even with the 30-day free trial, you always have to option to self-host osTicket. You need your own web and database server (through another web hosting company, for example) and you’ll have to do all the installation, setup, and troubleshooting yourself. You’ll get no personal support other than what’s in the community forum and wiki, you’ll have to set up your own SSL encryption and email, and you’ll have to deal with backups, maintenance, and security. So why bother self-hosting osTicket on your own platform? The biggest reason is that it’s free. It’s a reasonable option if you’re technically savvy.

Openly Developed: osTicket is openly developed on GitHub page. As a user, you can report bugs or visit GitHub to see the latest development. You can also contribute to the internationalization efforts at Crowdin page. osTicket is actively being translated to languages other than English. Another aspect of osTicket’s open development is their community wiki, as users contribute tips, tricks, troubleshoots, and other information about installing and configuring osTicket. This level of transparency and community involvement ensures that user feedback is taken into account and osTicket is constantly being updated and fine-tuned.


We looked at several online sources to find reviews for osTicket. We found customers love its easy installation and customization.

One happy customer states: “I absolutely love how easy it is to install osTicket and even more importantly, how easy it is for my customers to get in touch with me.”

Another reviewer writes: “osTicket is a free system that is definitely worth trying. The user interface may not be the most beautiful eye-candy piece of software ever made, but that can all be customized as needed.”

We also found a few negative reviews. These osTicket customers are disappointed with feature implementation.

One customer explains that: “It is loaded with features, but sometimes those features are a little cloudy and complication, and there can certainly be times where this becomes frustrating, especially during implementation.”

Another reviewer complains that: “Any features that are not currently implemented into osTicket, I have to code myself, as plugins seem to be slightly lacking.”

We also checked Twitter to see what customers had to say. This user is happy with the ticketing system:

Another user is upset at the lack of merging abilities:


  • Good Documentation: osTicket boasts superior documentation, through community wiki, blog articles, release notes, and support forum. It’s mostly user-contributed so you know the information is current and from the field.
  • Use Your Own Domain: You can use your own domain to brand your support platform. So if you want to download osTicket on MyAwesomeSupport.com, you can do so.
  • Cancel Anytime: If you’re paying for any of the three SupportSystem plans (Basic, Standard, Premium), you can cancel anytime without paying cancellation fees.
  • Affordable Pricing: SupportSystem plans are affordable and can scale based on the number of agents you have. The Basic plan starts at $9 per agent, while the Premium plan is $16 per agent with more robust features.
  • Migration and Integration: You are provided assistance with migration to osTicket from another platform or integrating it with existing business applications.


  • No Live Chat: There is no live chat help offered with osTicket’s cloud hosted solution, SupportSystem. You only get email and phone support. But because the community wiki is so well-documented, this is probably not a big problem.
  • Not a Lot of Information: Other than their plans and the list of features, there’s not a lot of information on the system itself, but that could be due to the fact that you can download it for free and see it for yourself.
  • Agent-Based Pricing: Agent-based pricing means you’ll pay $9 per agent (in the Basic plan), so as your support team grows, you’ll pay more. That makes sense, but it’d be nice to have a flat-fee option for unlimited number of agents.


osTicket itself is not a web hosting plan. It’s a free, open-source support ticket program. You have the option of installing it on your own web server and hosting it yourself, or use the cloud hosting solution called SupportSystem. You can try SupportSystem for 30 days for free to see if you’d rather self-host it. The program is thoroughly documented and there are three paid options. The paid plans use agent-based pricing, so the bigger your support team, the more you pay.

Takeaway: If you have your own web and database server, you can download osTicket and install it for free. If you’re not technically savvy, you can try SupportSystem (osTicket on cloud hosting) so someone else can do maintenance and updating. osTicket claims to be the worlds most popular customer support ticket system so either way you can be sure that your business will be efficiently taking care of any customer issues.

2016 Amazon S3 review: Everything you need to know

Overview: Amazon S3 is not your typical hosting solution as it caters specifically to businesses and app developers.


Amazon prices their data plans based on the resources you use per GB and can be accessed from their website.

Ideal Customer: Businesses or app developers will benefit from Amazon’s simple storage solutions.


Unique Features:

Scalable After Free Tier: Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is initially free, and then it becomes a pay-as-you-go system. On the free tier, you get 5 GB of standard storage, 20,000 Get Requests, 2,000 Put Requests, and 15 GB of data transfer per each month for one year. This free tier expires after the initial year. Afterwards, you only pay for what you use. Many businesses and individuals enjoy this cost saving solution. You can choose from multiple regions in the U.S. (East and West Coast), EU, Asia Pacific, or South America. Amazon S3 offers three levels of storage classes. Amazon S3 Standard is for general purposes and data that are accessed frequently. Amazon S3 Standard – Infrequent Access (Standard – IA) is for less frequently accessed data. Amazon Glacier is for long-term archive for data that are rarely accessed, but still need to be stored.

Host Static Websites: Amazon S3 isn’t exactly a web hosting plan. It’s mostly for storing files. But you can actually host static websites on Amazon S3. What are static websites? Those are websites consisted only of HTML, CSS, and/or JavaScript. There is no dynamic content and no interaction with users. If you want to host server-side scripts like PHP or Rails app, you’d have to look elsewhere. To host your static websites on Amazon S3, you just need to create a bucket in the management console (similar to a folder), enable the website hosting option, and upload your pages. You can point your own domain or subdomain in your domain’s DNS settings. If you’re mainly experimenting with HTML and don’t want to pay for a full-fledged hosting account, hosting your static websites on Amazon S3 is something you’d want to look into.

Simple Monthly Calculator: AWS (Amazon Web Services) has created a JavaScript-based simple monthly calculator to help you figure out your monthly cost. This isn’t terribly useful if you’re a small-time user with just a few files uploaded, but if you’re sharing lots of files that you expect to be downloaded many times, this calculator helps you estimate how much cost you might incur. Because of the pay-as-you-go nature of Amazon S3, figuring out how much you might owe will prevent any surprises later on. This unique feature will be invaluable to businesses or individuals that need the flexibility of S3 but are also on a tight budget and need some way to plan for usage costs.


We looked at several online sources to find out what customers were saying about Amazon S3. We found that customers were positive about the features and site speeds.

One customer happy with speed and value writes: “I really like Amazon S3 because it’s fast, really cheap and has very easy API to work for my projects in every programming language.”

Another reviewer agrees saying: “Amazon S3 is a great hosting service. They are always up, have great speeds, and amazing support. I would recommend it to anyone who needs file hosting of big files.”

Not all reviews were positive however. We found some customers were disappointed with customer support and specific pricing options.

One upset customer writes: “Support is a little slow. I hate their bandwidth pricing. Because when i started getting too much traffic it started taking more money.”

Another frustrated reviewer states: “Customer Support is bad for Free-Tier users & you need to pay to get a prompt response! Although I never had to contact them for S3 until now.”

We looked at Twitter to see what was being said about Amazon S3. This user is excited about their opportunities with the host:

There were no recent negative tweets, however we found this user who was having major problems:


  • Uptime Availability: Amazon S3 has a published uptime availability of 99.99% in a given year, making the service highly reliable.
  • Low Cost: The free tier for first 12 months and the pay-as-you-go model make using Amazon S3 extremely low cost for storing large amounts of data. There are no minimum fees or upfront commitments.
  • Secure: Amazon S3 automatically encrypts all your data once it is uploaded, so it can be transferred securely over SSL. You can also configure your own bucket policies and manage permissions, deciding on who gets access to what. You can do this through AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).
  • Scalable: You can store as much data (including static websites) as you need. You can also decide on the frequency of accessed data, so you can move them to appropriate storage classes (Standard – IA or Glacier) if necessary. You’re in complete control of how much scaling up or down you want to do.
  • Integrated: Amazon S3 works well with other AWS services such as Amazon CloudFront, Amazon EMR, and much more.


  • Support: The support has limited hours.
  • Only for Static Websites: If you’re using Amazon S3 in lieu of a full-fledged web hosting plan, you can only host static websites and not server-side scripts like PHP.
  • Need to Estimate Usage: Estimating your usage, even with a simple calculator, might be a hassle for some people.


Amazon S3 is primarily a storage platform, but you can use it host your static websites. This option works great if you don’t anticipate a lot of traffic on your website, you don’t update your website a lot, or you have a small, personal website that you don’t want to pay full hosting for. Amazon S3 for hosting static websites has been highly reviewed by other users online; they like the constant availability, speed, and no-to-low cost.

Takeaway: If you have a small website that doesn’t need to be updated often, there is no need to pay for a hosting plan from another company. Amazon S3 should suit your needs and you’ll pay very little (nothing in the first year).

2016 Omnis Network review: Everything you need to know

Overview: Omnis Network offers a full array of web services that will appeal to small businesses, personal users and hobbyists alike.


Linux: $6.95/mo for shared hosting.

Windows: $8.95/mo for shared hosting.

Linux VPS: $15.00/mo for VPS hosting.

Ideal Customer: Any webmaster looking for well defined hosting plans but are comfortable only using Omnis’ custom control panel.


Unique Features:

Clearance Overstock: Omnis offers what they call Clearance Overstock. They offer previous generation servers at a discounted price. It’s similar to buying a slightly used car. It still functions well but you just pay less for it. All servers feature 24/7/365 technical support, 6 TB data transfer, custom-built premium server hardware, IPv4/29 range, control panel that’s easy to use, real-time bandwidth graphs, power manager (reboot, power on, power off), and web-based reverse DNS manager. Depending on the options – CPU, memory, HDD – the price of Clearance Overstock servers range from $56 to $132 per month. Compare this to their current servers that they named In-Stock Servers that cost $72 to $156 per month. If you’d like to save a little bit of money by using previous generation servers, Omnis Network gives you that option.

Single Plan for Linux or Windows: Omnis places more emphasis on dedicated servers and VPS, but they do offer shared cloud web-hosting plans. There is no haphazard selection of multi-tier plans though. There is only a single plan for each platform: Linux Cloud and Windows Cloud. Linux Cloud is $5.95 per month with unmetered disk space, unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited email. Windows Cloud is a little bit higher at $7.95 per month with the same features as Linux Cloud. There is no indication that these are introductory prices, which means you’ll pay the same price when the renewal comes up. Both plans include a free domain for a year, 30-day money-back guarantee, free site builder, shared SSL, and more. You have the option of purchasing a premium site builder, dedicated IP, or private SSL.

Omnis Network Script Installer: One-click installers of popular applications are not new or unique, but Omnis has their proprietary installers called Omnis Network Script Installer. You can access them through the account manager. Omnis has handpicked the best software for every purpose – blogging, content management systems, forums, image galleries, ecommerce, and additional scripts. This means you won’t get every app under the sun but only the ones Omnis thought were worthwhile, but the list of available packages is still exhaustive. It is perfect for your personal or business site to get going fast while helping the site look and run at its best.


We checked online review sites looking for honest opinions about Omnis Network. We found customers had good things to say about their reliability and customer support.

One customer writes: “Tech support is always reachable and easy to communicate with. And I don’t have to talk to several different support employees to get an answer.”

Another reviewer writes: “Omnis network has been for me very reliable, up to date, efficient, and extremely helpful. In the two years that I have been with them, I can honestly say I don’t recall them ever being down.”

Not all reviews were positive however. We found some customers were upset with resource limitations and server performance.

One frustrated reviewer warns: “Even though they tout that you have access to unlimited bandwidth, storage, emails, etc, when you start increasing your use, they start limiting your resources.”

Another customer complains: “Its almost as if they have servers that need replacement or a lot of maintenance. I’ve also found that they often perform maintenance during business hours (US) instead of in the middle of the night which is dreadful.”

We also looked at Twitter to see what people were saying about Omnis Network. This user is happy with customer support:

Another user is frustrated with an ongoing issue:


  • Uptime Guarantee: For shared cloud hosting plans (Linux and Windows), Omnis has a published uptime guarantee of 99.9% on their website.
  • Unlimited Resources: For shared cloud hosting, you get unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and email.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: For shared cloud hosting, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee with the usual fine print – no refunds on domain names or any extras purchased.
  • Free Domain Name: Free domain name is included up to a year.
  • Support: Omnis Network’s support is pretty standard with email, phone support, and live chat. There’s also a usable knowledgebase. There doesn’t seem to be any option to upgrade to VIP or premium support.


  • Limited Site Builder: The “free” site builder that comes with shared cloud hosting plans is limited to 3 pages, which is paltry. If you want more robust options, you’d have to upgrade to a premium site builder for $7.95 per month for the pro version or $11.95 per month for the ecommerce version.
  • No cPanel or Plesk: There is no mention of the popular cPanel or Plesk, which means you’d have to learn to use Omnis Network’s proprietary control panel.
  • No Extras: There doesn’t seem to be any extras, such as credits towards Google AdWords or Yahoo ads.


It’s pretty clear Omnis Network’s main target audience is those looking for dedicated servers or VPS. They offer a wide range of options for dedicated servers, including Clearance Overstock for previous generations of servers. They do have shared web hosting plans (Linux Cloud and Windows Cloud) that are simple but robust in what they offer. No cPanel or Plesk could be troublesome for those who like using these popular control panels. The prices are reasonable for being non-introductory. The site builder is very limited and upgrading to the pro version or ecommerce version can be cost-prohibitive. Their website claims that the host focuses on premier customer service and affordability.

Takeaway: Omnis Network’s products don’t seem geared towards beginners, especially if you want to stick to shared hosting and use their site builder. You’d be better off uploading your own HTML and code rather than paying for the site builder upgrade. But if you’re looking for more inexpensive dedicated servers, you’d do well with Omnis Network’s Clearance Overstock.

2016 Verio review: Everything you need to know

Overview: Verio caters to small businesses or small to mid-sized ecommerce sites with highly scalable hosting solutions.


Basic: $9.95/mo for shared hosting.

Enhanced: $19.95/mo for shared hosting.

Premium: $29.95/mo for shared hosting.

Ideal Customer: Any small business looking to expand their online presence with specific hosting options.


Unique Features:

LiveChime Intercept Marketing: Verio’s online marketing tools include LiveChime Intercept Marketing. It’s a type of social media marketing tool that’s cloud-based and uses a kind of “listening tool” to find customers whenever they’re talking about certain keywords that pertain to your business. It enables small to medium businesses to find customers that might currently need their services on social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter). It’s a way to build qualified leads and put your business in front of potential customers, instead of waiting for them to come to you. Once you find the potential leads, you can interact with them through email, messages, or live chat. Those interactions would be highly targeted and therefore would be more likely to convert into sales. This service will be invaluable to any business looking to save time and make more money. Verio offers LiveChime Intercept Marketing as an add-on service with 5 different pricing plans.

Verio Marketplace: Verio Marketplace is a one-stop-shopping place for you to find business solutions. You can research, evaluate, and select tools that will help your business grow and scale. You can evaluate multiple solutions, one of them at no cost. It currently has two offerings, with more to come: Verio Cloud N and Verio Cloud Builder. Cloud N serves as an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); you get to have the flexibility of public cloud service to scale your business without the high maintenance costs. Cloud Builder offers custom prebuilt solutions that are already configured to your needs. This service is free and acts a companion product to Cloud N. These services are perfect for any business either looking to get started online or wanting to expand their online presence.

Ecommerce Hosting with ShopSite: Verio places special emphasis on ecommerce by offering separate hosting plans for ecommerce sites. They use ShopSite – a shopping cart software designed specifically for small to medium businesses. ShopSite is easy to learn but still has all the powerful features to run a successful online store. It’s browser-based so there is no software to download or install. There are three ecommerce hosting plans by Verio: Starter, Manager, and Pro. Starter is aimed at merchants starting out with 15 products or less. Manager is for those that have lots of products and need mobile-ready pages. Pro is the most comprehensive plan with Facebook integration, inventory tracking, digital downloads, and more. ShopSite uses Constant Contact as their email marketing software, so customers will have to set up an account with Constant Contact.


We looked over several online reviews to find out what people were saying about Verio. We found customers were pleased with customer support and service.

One happy customer explains: “Verio does still have 100% accessible support in America, and they are quite knowledgeable, with some willing to go out of their way to help educate you.”

Another reviewer writes: “Their service is rock solid, updates are consistent and problem free, and they are very flexible concerning disk quota’s and storage. Although $$$, well worth it.”

Not all reviews were positive however. We found customers disappointed with uptime and billing.

One frustrated reviewer writes: “The system is overly complicated, almost intentionally making it difficult to leave the service. We turned our account off months ago, only to discover it is still on and still billing us.”

Another customer complains that: “The mail servers are down all the time now, the web hosting servers are down at least 5% of the time, which may not sound like a lot, but that is HUGE for web companies that rely on their site to be up 24/7.”

We checked Twitter to see what customers were saying about Verio. This user is happy with a helpful support tech:

Another user is frustrated at an ongoing issue:


  • Windows, Linux, Unix Hosting: Verio offers three hosting platforms: Windows, Linux, and Unix. Shared hosting plans are offered in both Windows and Unix. Linux is only offered for VPS and managed dedicated servers.
  • 24/7/365 Support: Verio offers the standard around-the-clock support through live chat and phone number. There is also a knowledgebase and control panel demos. A separate billing platform allows you to still make a payment if you can’t access your account, without having to contact support.
  • No Setup Fees: There are no setup fees for any Verio plans.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Verio offers the industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee with the usual exceptions – no refunds for extras.
  • Uptime Guarantee: Verio publishes a 99.9% uptime guarantee on their website.


  • Bad Reviews: Verio doesn’t seem to have many favorable reviews online. Complaints seem to generally revolve around their support, or lack thereof. While it’s possible only the most disgruntled customers leave online reviews, the fact that there aren’t that many positive reviews can be startling.
  • Priced High: Verio’s basic web hosting plans seem to be priced higher than competitors. Basic hosting offers 25 pages at $9.95 a month. This could be due to the fact they don’t have introductory prices.
  • No Free Domain: No plans include a free domain.


Verio has a wide range of options for shared web hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. Their products come in three different platforms: Windows, Linux, and Unix. Shared hosting plans are offered on Windows or Unix platforms, while Linux is only offered for VPS and dedicated servers. They also have a special focus on ecommerce websites with three different plans using ShopSite. Support, product offerings, and money-back guarantee all seem standard. Because there are no introductory prices on any of their plans, even the most basic shared hosting plan might seem a bit high.

Takeaway: If you’re concerned about bad reviews, you’ll obviously want to stay away from Verio. Their products don’t seem to stand out among competitors and there is no distinct advantage to their service over others.

2016 HostDime review: Everything you need to know

Overview: HostDime specializes in secure, high-end shared hosting for businesses.


sWIN1: $13.70/mo for shared hosting.

sHD1: $17.96/mo for shared hosting.

sWIN2: $18.29/mo for shared hosting.

Ideal Customer: HostDime is great for companies with limited IT staff who wants to tailor a customized server to meet their specific needs.


Unique Features:

cPanel Options: The most popular control panel for developers and webmasters is arguably cPanel. Many hosts offer it with each hosting plan, but some developers and resellers need more licenses to fill the needs of their business. HostDime has become a licensed reseller of the cPanel control panel software and offers it on their site. cPanel allows webmasters to access FTP files, email, statistics and other features easily and you can purchase an internal license of version 11 for $30/mo or a VPS optimized cPanel for only $13/mo. You can also choose to purchase external licenses in bulk. One VPS optimized cPanel for $15/mo or options for 2-10, 11-19, 20-49 ranging in price from $30.95/mo to 33.95/mo depending on the number you need. The licenses are fully brandable to show your business name when anyone accesses their files. It comes with free installation and a free virus scanner to make sure your hardware is safe.

Web Presence Builder: Site builders are an industry standard and are provided by almost every company that sells hosting plans. Most have drag and drop interfaces and templates to get you going fast. Although, most of them lack what is becoming more and more important over time, which is keeping the audience in mind. Parellels Web Presence Builder has an easy to use drag and drop builder and thousands of templates, but the other options set them apart from the normal builders. To start, Presence offers industry specific templates from over 100 types of businesses. This software is also multilingual to help you if English isn’t your first language. Keeping your audience in mind, your site is easily integrated with social media and every site you build will be optimized for mobile devices. Small businesses will also enjoy the ability to have a shop directly on their site or hooked up to their facebook page. This site builder is one of the most versatile in the hosting world and is perfect for someone who needs a website, but isn’t a programmer.

Disaster Recovery: Everyone with a website understands that data can be lost easily in a variety of ways. You may not know that half of all businesses close within two years of a data disaster. Sadly, many users and hosts aren’t proactive enough with their data, but if you wait to react to disasters you may be putting your business in jeopardy. Data disaster recovery is something that HostDime takes seriously by offering plans that are custom made for each plan holder. By offering specialty backup schedules, redundancy systems, or even choosing a secure data center to prevent the result of man made or natural disasters, HostDime will create a plan that makes sure the files and information on your server is secure. There is no pricing information on the site and anyone interested has to contact the provider directly, but once your data is safe you won’t have to be concerned with potential hacks, disasters, or data loss anymore.


We checked different internet review sites looking for customer opinions of HostDime. We found these users were mostly happy with the wide variety of features available.

One happy customer writes: “They had a lot of features, like auto installer for scripts such as WordPress and alot more such as forum scripts. Also one thing which I liked also is that they had a full featured Cpanel.”

Another reviewer agrees saying: “The offerings with Hostdime, cpanel/whm, ssl services and more are better than reliable. I’ve gotten SSl’s over the years at a more than reasonable rate and Hostdime installs them painlessly for you.”

Not all reviews were positive however. We found some HostDime users disappointed with with customer support and downtime.

One frustrated reviewer explains: “Yeah, the prices are good for what they promise. The only problem is that they don’t deliver the uptime, the tech support, the customer service they promise, so the value is nil.”

Another customer upset with support writes: “When I have had to contact the support desk to find out what to do I have found some of the personnel arrogant, unhelpful, and indirect.”

We also checked Twitter to see what customers were saying about HostDime. This user is delighted with the level of service from the host:

Another user is frustrated at constant downtime:


  • Fully Managed: All of HostDime’s services are fully managed which means that they set up your site and help you along every step of the way.
  • In-House Support: HostDime claims to focus on customer support by having all of their tech specialists in-house. Support is available 24/7 by phone, email, or online chat.
  • Real-time Updates: Anyone can look on HostDime’s website and see live video feeds of their data center, and they show real-time network and server status updates.
  • Freebies: Your hosting package will come with freebies such as Softaculous, Fantastico, Parallels Web Presence Builder, and CORE Management Portal.
  • Wide Range of Options: HostDime offers six dedicated managed plans, multiple VSP and business hosting plans, and five different SSL options to purchase.


  • Costly Migration: While migration is free for sites 500MB or less, larger accounts cost extra. The cost varies depending on the size but can reach up to $50.
  • Convoluted Uptime Policy: HostDime does guarantee 99.9% uptime, however if you wish to receive a credit if they fall short of this number, they have a series of hoops you have to jump through.
  • Not for Hobbyists: HostDime caters primarily to businesses and does not offer a low cost basic hosting option.


If you’re looking for a company that can host your website with excellent service and incredible security, HostDime may be your ideal provider. While it is shared hosting, their resources and data protection make it a better value than most VPS hosts.

Although, if you’re looking for the cheapest hosting out there, this isn’t for you.

Takeaway: HostDime is a solid choice for businesses of any size to host their sites by a professional company.