2016 Bluehost review: Everything you need to know

Overview: Bluehost offers 100% in house services and low cost shared hosting plans for beginner and intermediate website owners.


Basic: $3.49/mo for shared hosting.

Plus: $5.95/mo for shared hosting.

WordPress Blogger: $28.53/mo for WP hosting.

Ideal Customer: Anyone looking for a simple all in one hosting solution will benefit from Bluehost.


Unique Features:

Quick Start: While Bluehost works well for advanced users, it’s geared for beginners. This is most apparent with their Quick Start add-on service. For $79.99, you get a 45-minute session on how to set up a website. If you’re a beginner, this is money well spent and a valuable service, because time is money. You’ll get a guided cPanel tour, recommendations on what web builders to use, advice on content tailored to your goals, theme, widget, plugin selection and installation, help on page creation including layouts, text, and images, guidance on email account creation and spam protection, and overall advice on how to succeed online with your new website. If you’re a complete beginner, Quick Start allows you to bypass hours or even days of learning things on your own. You can quickly get up and running in less than 45 minutes. If you are new to website creation and want to avoid a lot of frustration Bluehost’s quick start service can help.

Free Hosting for Nonprofits: Bluehost has partnered with Grassroots.org membership (free), to offer free hosting for nonprofits and charities. Even though it’s free, the hosting plan includes everything that’s standard, from site builders, email, domains, 1-click installers, 24/7 support, unlimited disk storage, unlimited site transfer, FTP access, file manager, MySQL databases, multimedia features, script languages, 24/7 network monitoring, shopping carts, site backups, and much more. Best of all, this is a lifetime of free hosting for nonprofits and charities.

Site Doctor: Like Quick Start, Site Doctor is another add-on service. This is a handy service to have to resolve problems caused by malware, hackers, spam, or viruses. You’ll have Bluehost’s in-house experts handling your account and all hosted websites if there are problems. Site Doctor performs software updates, prepares comprehensive backups ready to be restored, scans for security threats and malicious code, and removes and extracts malware and corrupt files completely. Bluehost offers a 30-day guarantee for a clean site under the Site Doctor service and will promptly address additional issues at no extra cost. If you’re not technically savvy or don’t have the time to deal with compromised websites, Site Doctor should be a welcome relief.


We looked at several online review sites to find out what customers were saying about Bluehost. We found that customers were most satisfied with the features and easy set up.

One happy customer explains: “It takes only 5 mins to setup then you are good to go, it is really easy to transfer or point domains to bluehost as well so a lot of time is saved.”

Another reviewer agrees saying: “After switching alot of hosts, finally joined BlueHost. Everything was easy, in a matter of minutes all of my website is transferred to the new one.”

We also found negative reviews however. We found that Bluehose users were most disappointed with wait times for customer support.

One frustrated reviewer writes: “The customer service, if you can call it that, is horrible. When trying to get ahold of tech support either by phone or by web, the wait time has never been less than 20min for me, and two times yesterday it was over 30 min.”

Another customer warns: “As of the last year or so no longer can I just reach tech support easily with a simple call. Getting tech support is like torture. You have to wait forever to talk to someone.”

We also checked Twitter for Bluehost reviews. One user is happy with the speed and communication from tech support:

Another user is frustrated at frequent downtime:


  • Multiple Plans: Bluehost offers multiple plans for shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. They’re priced to meet different needs so you have many options to choose from.
  • Good Pricing: Bluehost is a popular choice for low-cost web hosting. They also offer good introductory prices on all levels. Their shared hosting plan starts from $3.49 per month, VPS from $29.99 per month, and dedicated plan from $149.99 per month.
  • Business on Tapp: Business on Tapp is a community for small businesses, startups, and other entrepreneurs to share their ideas on marketing, strategy, tools, productivity, and finance. Bluehost is a founding sponsor of this app, which shows a positive commitment to small business owners.
  • Optimized Hosting for WordPress: Bluehost has a separate hosting plan for WordPress that’s optimized specifically for this application. This plan is hosted on their VPS platform with custom architecture, so WordPress users can enjoy special attention and fast speed.
  • Knowledge Base: Bluehost has an extensive knowledge base that you should consult before submitting a support ticket, because your question is most likely answered already. They have a series of video tutorials to make troubleshooting easier for visual learners.


  • No Uptime Guarantee: Bluehost has no published uptime guarantee, but they’ve been in the hosting industry for a long time that inspires some level of confidence. They also claim to monitor their servers 24/7.
  • Limitations on Plus Plan: You can expect limitations on the most basic plan, but Bluehost’s Plus Plan has some limitations as well. This is their most popular, mid-tier plan for shared hosting, but you’re not offered unlimited website space or number of websites. Many competing web hosting plans usually offer these on their non-basic plan.
  • Complaints on Support: Their support seems to be hit or miss when you look at reviews online.


Bluehost is priced well for personal or small websites that don’t require a ton of space. There seems to be complaints on their level of support, but their extensive knowledge base might somewhat mitigate this problem.

Takeaway: Bluehost is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and popular web hosting companies. They offer multiple plans to accommodate all users, but are geared specifically towards beginners, as proven by their add-on services.

2016 Arvixe review: Everything you need to know

Overview: Arvixe offers a wide range of hosting options for individuals or businesses to scale and grow.


Personal Class: $3.27/mo for shared hosting.

Personal Class ASP: $5.00/mo for shared hosting.

Personal Class Pro: $7.00/mo for shared hosting.

Ideal Customer: Arvixe is perfect for any user looking for specific hosting needs as well as competitive pricing and comprehensive features.


Unique Features:

No Hidden Fees: Arvixe is unique in that they have no “introductory fees” that seem standard with other web hosting companies. Many companies lure you in with their ultra low introductory fees while presenting in fine print what they really have to pay when they renew. Arvixe has one straightforward pricing system for each plan. When you sign up for their service, you’ll be specifically told when the renewal is, and how much you’ll be expected to pay at that time. And that fee is the same as what you’ll be paying right now if you sign up. As with other companies though, you’ll save more money if you pay annually versus monthly or semi-annually, but that’s standard across the industry. The biggest saving comes from signing up for a 2-year plan, at 43% discount. Arvixe makes this clear when you go to the order page.

Free Domain for Life: Most companies charge separately for your hosting account and your domain. But Arvixe offers free domain for life. As long as you stay with Arvixe and renew your hosting account year after year, the same will be the case for your domain name. This could potentially represent a ton of savings if you host more than one domain (website) on your hosting account, as you wouldn’t need to pay $10 for each new domain you register. You still have the flexibility to transfer it to another hosting company if you discontinue your account with Arvixe. This can be a very attractive feature for webmasters with multiple sites.

Returning Customer Discounts: If you’re a repeat customer, Arvixe offers up to 50% off for life on all your hosting account orders. This might not be necessary or particularly useful if you stick to one type of plan. For example, if you primarily use their shared hosting plan, Personal Class or Personal Class Pro, you can have anywhere from 6 to unlimited number of websites. So you wouldn’t need to purchase another hosting account. But if you want a different type of plan, such as VPS or dedicated server hosting in addition to what you already have with Arvixe, the discounts could add up over time.


We checked several online sources looking for Arvixe reviews. We found users were happy with the control panel options and uptime.

One happy customer writes: “My overall experience with Arvixe is great, I have everything I need on the Cpanel starting from domain management to custom software installers for ” ready to install scripts” which is regularly updated with the latest versions.”

Another reviewer please with uptime states: “Uptime has been very stable; I use uptime robot to monitor and it tells me my site has 99.96% uptime over the last 30 days. I’m very pleased with the value offered by Arvixe, their hosting is very affordable.”

Not all reviews were positive. We found users were upset with customer support and ticket resolution times.

One frustrated reviewer writes: “Their tech support doesn’t even care that they are not helping you. I have had a ticket open for over 2 months to try and get my e-mail back up.”

Another disappointed customer warns: “Tickets are responded to after months (yes, months!), which in this century is the same as a non-response.”

We also checked Twitter to see what customer were saying about Arvixe. This user is happy with his hosting service:

Another user is having issues with long resolution times:


  • Reasonable Pricing: All of Arvixe’s hosting plans are priced reasonably. For the shared plan, you’ll pay around $7 per month or $60 per year, with free domain included. Their dedicated server plan starts at $175 per month for single processor servers.
  • Free Website Transfer: Arvixe offers free website transfer if you’re moving over from another hosting company.
  • Simple Pricing and Extras: With no confusing introductory fees, free domain for life of your Arvixe account, and returning customer discounts, Arvixe has enticing but simple extras that stand out from their competitors.
  • Multiple Plans: You have a choice of five different plans or “classes”: Personal, Business, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated. One of these plans will most likely meet your needs.
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Arvixe offers a very generous 60-day money-back guarantee, whereas the industry standard is 30 and very rarely, 45 days. You can cancel your account by emailing Arvixe’s sales department.


  • Complaints on Support: While Arvixe provides the standard support through live chat, and ticket system, there are some complaints on how they handle the customer issues. They don’t seem to offer phone support starting in 2015, which can be another issue.
  • Cloud Hosting: Arvixe does offer cloud hosting, but that option is hidden under “Dedicated Class” which can cause some confusion.
  • Website is Hard to Navigate: Arvixe’s website is somewhat haphazard and not user-friendly. You have to mouse over a lot of links to see the full explanation of features. It’s also not mobile-friendly.


Arvixe stands out from their counterparts in a few ways: no introductory prices, free domain for life, and repeat customer discounts. Their hosting plans are robust and should meet any users’ needs, whether for beginners or advanced users. With Arvixe’s generous money back guarantee you can feel safe giving them a try. Their support seems to have gone down since another company acquired them this year. Prior to 2015, Arvixe rated highly in the support area in reviews online. If you are not technically savvy and feel you will need more support, Arvixe may not be right for you.

Takeaway: For competitive pricing and comprehensive features, Arvixe is pretty hard to beat. Arvixe also offers both Linux and Windows hosting, so if you have a preference for one or the other, you’ll be with the right company.

2016 iPage review: Everything you need to know

Overview: iPage specializes in shared hosting plans perfect for all levels of web users.


Essential: $3.25/mo for shared hosting.

WordPress Starter: $3.75/mo for WP hosting.

Basic VPS: $19.99/mo for VPS hosting.

Ideal Customer: Bloggers or hobbyists can benefit from iPages simple and slimmed down offerings.


Unique Features:

One Plan for Shared Hosting: Unlike most web hosting companies that offer multiple tiers for their shared hosting plans (usually three or more), iPage keeps things simple by offering only one plan for shared hosting. But their one plan is still very robust and comprehensive. It offers all the standard features you would see, such as unlimited disk space and emails, free domain registration, site building tools (e.g. website builder using Weebly), online store, search engine and marketing credits for Google AdWords and Yahoo, security features using SiteLock, and 24/7 support. All this comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. There are also hundreds of attractive mobile-friendly templates you can choose from. By keeping just one plan, iPage takes out any headache and prevents analysis paralysis.

A Green Company: iPage is one of the handful of openly green companies, dedicated to green energy and eco-friendly business practices. They purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to offset their energy by 200%. Their offices, servers, and data centers are 100% powered by wind energy. For every kilowatt-hour of energy, they purchase twice that amount of RECs. This is the same as planting 244 acres of trees. Furthermore, they encourage their customers to be green also, by offering Green Certificates and Green Badge that states your website is eco-friendly. Depending on your field and industry, your business may benefit from green marketing campaign.

Community Directory: Sometimes it’s hard to glean from a list of features exactly what you can do with iPage. That’s when their Community Directory comes in handy. It lists websites registered by iPage customers themselves, in all imaginable industries: arts, blogs, personal, business, entertainment and media, education, computers and internet, gifts and shopping, government, health, science, services, society, recreation, and miscellaneous. Many websites listed have been built by iPage’s website builder and one-click installations. If you’re a beginner, you can browse through many sites made by iPage customers and know that the company offers all the tools for you to make a nice-looking, highly customized website even if you don’t know any code.


We looked over online reviews to find honest opinions about iPage. We found that customers were happy with their features and ease of use.

One happy customer writes: “I have been an iPage customer for 8 years, I picked them because of their extensive list of products and their availability of help! I have not been disappointed!”

Another reviewer loves the confidence iPage brings: “I love the simplicity of iPage. They take all the fear away when creating your own site. Even for a beginner it was easy to set up and the tech support helped me get it done.”

Not all reviews were positive. We found that users here were upset with refund and renew policies.

One frustrated reviewer writes: “IPage refused to honor their own written User Agreement and cancellation policy, which essentially guarantees a pro-rata refund of the unused portion of my contract. They refused to budge, and I had to file a dispute through my bank to get a refund.”

Another customer expresses frustrations at the loss of introductory rates: “they autorenew at 750% higher rate at whatever annual/multi year plan you were at. I cancelled and a month later still haven’t been refunded any of what they charged.”

We also checked Twitter to see what customers were saying about iPage. This user is happy with the help they got to launch their website:

Another user is frustrated at being automatically billed for something she didn’t want:


  • Excellent Service: iPage offers 24/7 phone support, live chat, and support ticket system. They also have an extensive knowledge base and user guides to help you get started. There’s also an option to upgrade to premium support for a fee.
  • Attractive Templates: iPage offers hundreds of mobile-friendly templates, which are included in your membership. They look attractive and follow good design principles. You can preview a few of them on their website.
  • Inexpensive Introductory Price: iPage’s introductory price for their single plan is one of the lowest in the industry, at $1.99 per month. It’ll renew at the regular rate of $11.95 per month, but considering their robust plan, that’s still a reasonable rate.
  • 1 GB Free Cloud Space: With your membership, iPage offers 1 GB of free cloud space through JustCloud. You can store your documents, music, videos, and photos and access them from any device, anywhere.
  • North American Support: iPage only has call centers in North America, which means they don’t outsource their support to other countries.


  • Barebones Website: Perhaps owing to the fact that they only offer a single plan for shared hosting, iPage’s website doesn’t offer much information except for the standard list of features. It’s also not very user-friendly and difficult to navigate.
  • Dubious Extras: iPage offers a host of supposed incentives, but they’re standard features of any mid-tier shared hosting plan for other companies anyway. For example, they value their security suite that includes daily malware and spam scans at $100, but this is a fairly standard feature. They also value their support at $50, which is groundless and confusing since support is expected with any website hosting plan.
  • SiteDelux: Although iPage currently offers SiteDelux that optimizes websites for mobile devices, they’re discouraging people from using it.


iPage has a single plan for their shared hosting, which makes things simple. It has a low introductory price but still includes most standard features like unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and a website builder. It also offers a free 1 GB to cloud space, which is a nice add-on.

Takeaway: iPage is great for bloggers, small websites, and personal websites. Its plan is simple to understand and you still get a host of features to make your site as robust as you want.

2016 Web Hosting Hub review: Everything you need to know

Overview: Web Hosting Hub specializes in getting web novices and new businesses online quickly while providing quality shared hosting.


From $3.99/mo for shared hosting.

Ideal Customer: Any small business or blogger looking for easy website set up and lots of freebies.


Unique Features:

Pre-Installed WordPress and PrestaShop: WordPress is the most popular CMS and blogging platform. So you expect it out of every web hosting company. But in most cases, you’ll required to install WordPress yourself. Although this is done easily through a typical “one-click” installer, it still takes time and there’s a chance something may go wrong. Web Hosting Hub makes it just a bit easier to start working with WordPress right away. They offer pre-installed WordPress, so when you specify you want to auto-install WordPress during the checkout process, it’ll be up and ready for you. The process is the same for PrestaShop, one of the most popular ecommerce software. This free installation for WordPress and PrestaShop are not limited to just one level; it’s offered across all three shared hosting plans, from Spark, Nitro, and Dynamo. One-click installers work well most of the time, but Web Hosting Hub’s pre-installed WordPress and PrestaShop just takes one step out of the overall process and shaves a bit of time.

On-Boarding Process: Web Hosting Hub offers a professional, personalized on-boarding process for their new customers. This is clearly aimed at beginners who have little or no experience in buying a hosting package. After you sign up with Web Hosting Hub, you’ll get a call from them. They walk you through setting up your new account in an on-boarding call. This way, if there’s ever something wrong with setting up a new account, you have someone to help you right away on the phone. The on-boarding process also works if you have remaining questions about which plan works best for your goals. This is invaluable for novices that may feel overwhelmed when looking at all the different hosting options and specifications.

Choice of Data Center: Many web hosting companies have just one data center. This keeps things inexpensive for them, but depending on where you live, you could be thousands of miles away from their servers. This means a slower website for you. Even seconds or microseconds of delay add up overtime and cause you to lose customers. To mitigate this, Web Hosting Hub has two data centers: one in Virginia Beach, VA and one in Los Angeles, CA. When you sign up with them, you have a choice of which data center you want to use. Ideally, it would make sense to choose the one closer to where you live, to ensure your email and website can be delivered faster.


We checked several online sources for honest Web Hosting Hub reviews. We found that customers were split on their opinion about customer service.

One happy customer writes: “I’m especially impressed with webhostinghub’s support and support team. Their support is 24/7, response time is very fast and the team is generally helpful and knowledgeable.”

Another reviewer agrees saying: “The support reps know their stuff, and point me to solutions quickly. I’m very happy with this company’s dedication to supporting its customers.”

We found negative reviews for Web Hosting Hub dealing with their customer support and resolution times.

One frustrated user warns: “They claim that they don’t know the issue, can’t comment on the issue or deal with the issue, and then they become rude and almost hostile to the paying customer.”

Another reviewer writes: “My biggest problem has been very poor support of Webmail. Support is slooooow (up to 48 hour response in some cases).”

We also checked Twitter to see what is being said about Web Hosting Hub. This user is happy with his service and migration:

Another user is frustrated with server issues and a lack of communication:


  • 24/7/365 U.S. Based Support: Web Hosting Hub offers around-the-clock support through phone, email, a ticket system, and live chat. This is pretty standard, but their support community is impressive with Q & A, guides and whitepapers, and extensive help center.
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Web Hosting Hub offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is quite generous compared to the industry-standard of 30 days or 60 days (rare).
  • Free Website Transfer: Web Hosting Hub doesn’t charge for website migration. The process is relatively painless; you simply let them know your existing hosting account information and they handle the rest. The transfer is good up to 3 websites.
  • Free Domain: You get a free domain included with your hosting package.
  • Free SSD: Solid-state drives are known to be up to 20 times faster and more reliable over mechanical hard drives. While some hosting companies charge extra for SSD, it’s included in every plan for Web Hosting Hub.


  • No Uptime Guarantee: They don’t openly claim any uptime guarantee on their website.
  • Shared Hosting Only: Web Hosting Hub doesn’t offer any plans on VPS, dedicated server, or cloud hosting. It’s strictly shared hosting.
  • Hackers in the Past: In 2012, Web Hosting Hub was one of the targets of TiGER-M@TE attack, but they handled it right away and openly communicated about this attack on their website.


Web Hosting Hub is your standard company that offers shared hosting plans only. Their introductory prices are competitive and they offer many extras. You have the choice of two data centers. If you have an existing website, they offer a hassle-free website transfer so you don’t have to deal with the headache. With Web Hosting Hub’s generous money back guarantee you can feel good about giving them a try. If you are looking for options other than shared hosting or if you want an uptime guarantee you will need to look at another provider.

Takeaway: If you’re a beginner and need some handholding, you’ll find Web Hosting Hub’s on-boarding process helpful. If you want to use WordPress or PrestaShop, Web Hosting Hub will pre-install it for you to save some time. This host has lots of extras to get you started.

2016 InMotion review: Everything you need to know

Overview: InMotion offers robust web hosting packages for businesses or tech savvy users.


Launch SSD: $4.89/mo for shared hosting.

Business Launch: $4.89/mo for shared hosting.

Power SSD: $6.29/mo for shared hosting.

Ideal Customer: Business and Enterprise users who can afford to pay more for first class service and reliability.


Unique Features:

Max Speed Zone: For VPS and Business Class hosting clients, InMotion Hosting offers their trademarked Max Speed Zone. InMotion Hosting is located in both east and west coast – in Virginia Beach, VA, and Los Angeles, CA. This bi-coastal option lets you choose which data center you want to be closer to in order to take advantage of their advanced routing network. You’ll have access to faster network than their competition, which means faster downloads, email, and website. To make sure their performance lives up to their claim, they test from 35 U.S. locations and 46 locations from around the world. You can see various speed tests and demos on their website to see how fast you can expect your website to be.

BoldGrid Website Builder: BoldGrid is InMotion Hosting’s proprietary website builder. It’s built on WordPress but functions as an easy drag-and-drop editor so you don’t actually have to be familiar with WordPress. You own all content 100%. Unlike traditional drag-and-drop website builders that tend to make websites look elementary, BoldGrid allows you to create sophisticated, modern websites that are responsive and optimized for mobile devices. In addition, you can purchase BoldGrid Copyright Coins, which allow you to buy media and content such as marketing content, photos, etc. from within BoldGrid on WordPress. All WordPress themes you can choose from are HTML5, and follow the best modern design practices. If you’re out of ideas for your website, you’ll have access to content and images you saw on the demo WordPress theme so you can customize them to your liking.

Free Data Backups: There are some hosting companies that claim no responsibility for backups, putting all the burden on the site owners. Many hosting companies charge for data backups, even if they’re as little as $1 per month. The ones that don’t charge, limit free data backups for their higher-tiered plans. InMotion Hosting offers free data backups across all their shared hosting plans, Launch, Power, and Pro. Also, they’ll let you restore once every 4 months, whereas other companies charge to have your backup restored. For additional restores, it’s $49. Because sites larger than 10 GB won’t be backed up automatically, you’ll have to talk to the sales department for more options about that. Still, free backups and restores for websites under 10 GB are pretty generous. They also let you backup manually with their easy-to-use backup tool.


We checked several Internet review sites for honest opinions about InMotion. We found many customers happy with their technical support and pricing.

One happy customer states: “I can not think of a problem that support did not attend to promptly. I am also happy with uptime and their pricing and have often recommended them to friends and business associates.”

Another user agrees saying: “I think one of the greatest pros of this company is the support they have. You can reach someone 24/7 and get help fast.”

Not all reviews were positive however. We found that some InMotion users were disappointed with uptime and specific service issues.

One frustrated reviewer writes: “The sole reason for this change is in due to their downtime issues. Every three months or so my server will go down for anywhere from a half an hour to a couple of hours.”

Another user is unhappy with some recent changes: “They seem like a great web host at first, and they were, until their new terms of service. Everything you could do with their service is now a violation of their terms of service.”

We also checked Twitter to see what InMotion customers were saying. This user is happy with receiving great customer service:

Another user is frustrated with downtime and a lack of communication:


  • Free “No Downtime” Website Transfer: InMotion Hosting offers free website transfers, up to 3 or fewer cPanel accounts, websites, and/or databases. Free professional migration service means you don’t have to worry about downtime or losing your data.
  • Free SSD: InMotion Hosting offers free solid-state drives for increased performance, across all three of their shared hosting plans. Some companies charge for this or limit it to only their top-tier plan.
  • Free Data Backups: Free data backups are provided across all plans on shared business hosting.
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee: InMotion Hosting offers a generous 90-day money-back guarantee with the usual limitations; the cost of your domain name or other extras you purchase won’t be refunded.
  • 24/7/365 U.S.-Based Support: InMotion Hosting has the standard around-the-clock support through phone, live chat, and email. They also have a very extensive knowledge base and help center that answers most technical questions you may encounter.


  • Hacked in the Past: InMotion Hosting was one of the targets of TiGER-M@TE attack in the past.
  • VPS or Dedicated Hosting Plan for Magento: This limitation is fairly common, but while other companies don’t “recommend” having Magento on shared plans but still allow them, InMotion Hosting doesn’t allow Magento altogether on shared plans.
  • No Windows Hosting: InMotion Hosting only has Linux-based hosting plans and no Windows hosting.


InMotion Hosting offers the standard packages you would see in similar companies, including unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You have a choice of two data centers to maximize your website’s performance. You’ll have free data backups and a generous 90-day money-back guarantee, as well as SSD that’s 20 times faster than mechanical hard drives. However is you need Windows based hosting or want an uptime guarantee you may be better off looking at another hosting provider.

Takeaway: While InMotion Hosting does offer VPS and dedicated server hosting plans, their strength seems to lie in shared hosting plans. They offer good packages for beginning to intermediate users. If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll still be able to build some attractive and mobile-optimized websites with their BoldGrid website builder.

The best web hosting services of 2017

HostAuthority has searched far and wide to compile the top hosting providers to help you choose which one to use for your website or blog.

Next, we have created a detailed guide to help you pick the best hosting company for your particular needs. The guide includes all of the potential features, options, and guarantees you should look at before making your final decision.

#1: SiteGround


Overview: With excellent hardware for the fastest speed, incredible customer service, and a very affordable rate; SiteGround is our number one hosting provider.


SiteGround is one of the most coveted hosts on the internet.

Their excellent customer service and a wide range of options make it the perfect host for small businesses and bloggers. Those who use web applications like WordPress, Joomla, or Magento will enjoy the speed of your site.

The SSD servers are spread across the globe in the U.S.A., Europe, and Asia to help users access your files fast. The company was founded by professionals who understand the need for the best tech. SiteGround also offers a personal touch, with customer support that is genuinely enjoyed by many. The programs they offer appeal to almost anyone who needs hosting with generous guarantees and free backups for your data. As one of the most highly-rated hosts online, most of their customers have only good things to say about them.

All of these factors add together to make them our overall best hosting platform available.

Unique Features:

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • CMS Friendly
  • Linux SSD Servers
  • Free Daily Backup


StartUp: $3.95/mo for shared hosting
GrowBig: $7.95/mo for shared hosting
GoGeek: $14.95/mo for shared hosting

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#2: Bluehost

Overview: Bluehost is the perfect platform for bloggers, internet marketers and WordPress fans due to their affordable and powerful shared plans.


Bluehost has become one of the best options for small businesses, bloggers, and niche site webmasters.

Their plans give an all-inclusive solution for anyone looking for one place for their hosting. Their 100% U.S. based customer phone support team can help you any time of day and night if you have any problems. If you use WordPress for your sites, you’ll be happy to know that Bluehost was the first hosting company recommended by WordPress themselves.

Due to their early adoption of the WP platform, Bluehost has been adopted by many affiliate marketers and has a very well known an easy to use affiliate program. There are so many reasons to choose Bluehost, which is why they’re one of our top choices.

Unique Features:

  • Free Domain
  • U.S. Based Support
  • Blogger Friendly
  • Unlimited Traffic


Basic: $3.49/mo for shared hosting.

Plus: $5.95/mo for shared hosting.

WordPress Blogger: $28.53/mo for WP hosting.

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#3: HostGator

Overview: HostGator is a favorite among bloggers and small business owners due to the upfront options and clear pricing structure.


HostGator is one of the best entry level hosts on the market.

A great option for beginners who need a blog or a business site. Their plans are robust, easy to understand and affordable. They are so beginner friendly that the least expensive plan is called, “Hatchling” to signify the birth of your new site. E-commerce stores and entrepreneurs can benefit from the free 1-800 number that is given to all “business” plan customers.

HostGator also offers one of the most generous affiliate programs with an increasing payment system that tops off at $125/sale. The environmentally conscious will enjoy that the company has no carbon footprint because they purchase renewable energy credits equal to 130% of their emissions.

With a significant portion of the entire internet’s traffic running through their servers, this host is one of the most popular online.

Unique Features:

  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • WordPress Friendly
  • Affordable
  • 24/7 Phone Support


Hatchling: $5.56/mo for shared hosting.

Baby: $7.96/mo for shared hosting.

Business: $11.96/mo for shared hosting.

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2016 DreamHost review: Everything you need to know

Overview: DreamHost offers all encompassing hosting options for bloggers and business alike.


Web: $5.95/mo for shared hosting.

VPS: $15.00/mo for VPS hosting.

DreamPress: $19.95/mo for VPS hosting.

Ideal Customer: Any tech savvy users looking for multiple hosting options but that won’t need a lot of extra support will find what they need with DreamHost.


Unique Features:

100% Uptime Guarantee: It’s likely you’ve heard of 99.95% or even 99.99% uptime. DreamHost is very unusual in that they offer a 100% uptime guarantee, across all their hosting plans, whether shared, VPS, or dedicated. That’s a bold claim, but it’s also clearly stated in their terms of service. A failure to provide 100% uptime will result in you getting compensated. If at any time your website, database, email, FTP, or SSH become unavailable, you’ll receive a DreamHost credit equal to 1 day of service, for 1 hour of downtime. This caps off at 10% of your next pre-paid renewal fee. Understandably, the uptime guarantee doesn’t cover scheduled maintenance, coding or configuration errors on your part. DreamHost considers your downtime to start when you open a support ticket, so the faster you’re aware of your website going down and open the ticket, the better. However this level of guarantee is very attractive to all users looking for a reliable host.

97-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Besides the 100% uptime guarantee, DreamHost offers another unusual guarantee. Contrary to the industry standard of 30-day, 45-day, 60-day, or even the rare 90-day money-back guarantee, DreamHost has a 97-day money-back guarantee. There are the usual caveats though. The money-back guarantee applies only to accounts purchased by credit cards. Refunds are only available for shared hosting. Domain registrations, SSL certificates, and other extras are not eligible for refund. Still, this unusual guarantee makes DreamHost stand out among competitors and also shows that they stand behind their products with confidence. The combined money back and uptime guarantees provide some of the best customer assurances on the market.

DreamPress 2: As WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS and blogging platform, most web hosting companies offer it. Some even go as far as having a customized plan just for WordPress. But DreamPress 2 takes it one step further by managing WordPress sites on virtual private servers. DreamPress 2 is DreamHost’s exclusive plan for WordPress. While you can install WordPress on regular hosting accounts, DreamPress 2 is specifically optimized for WordPress. It’s hosted on virtual private servers, making WordPress highly reliable and fast. All MySQL databases are hosted on an isolated virtual private server as well. There’s also auto-scaling RAM; DreamPress 2 will dynamically scale your WordPress site’s resources so you don’t have to be afraid of your website outgrowing the available resources. There are websites hosted by DreamPress 2 that see as many as 2.1 million visitors per month. Your files are hosted on 30 GB of SSD storage. You’ll also have access to support specialists who exclusively deal with WordPress issues, via live chat, email, or Twitter. With DreamPress 2, you only have to focus on building and maintaining a very nice WordPress website, while DreamHost handles all the updates, fine-tuning, and backing up your files.


We have checked several online review sources and found that DreamHost customers have had positive experiences with customer support.

One long-term customer writes: “I’ve used DreamHost for a long time and they have always been wonderful to work with regarding help with applying and purchasing new features.”

Another reviewer agrees saying: “They’ve always answered my support questions, kept a very good uptime record for me, and provided a solid interface and dashboard.”

Not all reviews were positive however. We found some DreamHost customers disappointed with email issues and the control panel.

One frustrated user states: “Performance sucks even for webmail. Multiple tickets to them about the problem and they still wont resolve that the db calls are timing out.”

Another reviewer warns: “Unlike most other web hosts, they opt to build their own administrative panel and its not very intuitive to use. Finding the simplest of things turns into a nightmare.”

We also checked Twitter to see what people are saying about DreamHost. We found one user singing their praises:

Another user is very frustrated with the lack of customer support:


  • Multiple Options: DreamHost not only offers shared hosting plans, but also managed WordPress hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, and cloud services, so you’ll have many options to choose from.
  • One Free Domain Name for Life: While most companies offer one free domain for only a year, DreamHost offers one free domain name for the life of your account.
  • Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth: You have unlimited storage and bandwidth with your DreamHost plans, provided you adhere to the terms of service.
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting: You can have as many domains (websites) as you want in your account.
  • Cloud Storage Service: DreamObjects is DreamHost’s cloud storage service, so you can use it to backup your personal files or whatever you want. You can try it for free for 30 days.


  • Only Email/Ticket Support: DreamHost doesn’t offer telephone support or live chat, which could be an issue for some people.
  • No cPanel or Plesk: DreamHost has a proprietary web-based control panel, rather than cPanel or Plesk.
  • No Reseller Account: There is no reseller account offered with DreamHost.


DreamHost is one of the most well-known and popular web hosting companies, with unusual guarantees. The 97-day money-back guarantee and 100% uptime guarantee show they’re confident in what they have to offer. Other than that, their plans are straightforward and fairly standard. If you’re used to cPanel or Plesk though, you might not like DreamHost’s web-based control panel. A few reviews claimed the panel was not intuitive and was difficult to navigate. If you are a beginner and feel like you may need some hand-holding, the lack of phone or chat support may be a deal breaker.

Takeaway: DreamHost is WordPress-friendly, with their own customized plan, DreamPress 2, that’s exclusively for WordPress websites. If you’re an avid WordPress user, you’ll definitely want to look into DreamHost’s DreamPress 2 since they host your WordPress sites on virtual private servers.

2016 Fatcow review: Everything you need to know

Overview: Fatcow provides a simpler hosting structure that caters to new businesses and other less technical users.


FatCow: $4.08/mo for shared hosting.

Basic VPS: $19.99/mo for VPS hosting.

Business VPS: $47.99/mo for VPS hosting.

Ideal Customer: Small businesses or website novices looking for hosting with simple yet competitive prices and easy to use features will enjoy Fatcow.


Unique Features:

100% Wind-Powered: Many hosting companies are going “green” these days and some elaborate on the fact as one of their main selling points. But FatCow is one of the few companies that is 100% wind-powered, not just partially. The company purchased wind-generated Renewable Energy Certificates to offset 200% of their electricity used in website hosting. This commitment is equivalent to planting 2,390 acres of trees or not driving over 6.1 million miles per year. If you rate eco-friendliness high on your list, you can be assured that your website and emails are truly green with FatCow. Their staff also makes an effort to be eco-friendly by riding their bicycles to work, printing on both sides of the paper, and using public transportation.

The Original FatCow Plan: Most hosting companies offer multi-tiered plans. There’s a basic and barebones plan, a mid-tier (and supposedly most “popular”) plan, and a higher-end business plan. The plans get even more complex with VPS and dedicated hosting. FatCow does offer VPS and dedicated hosting, but they take out all the complications of shared hosting by providing only one plan, their Original FatCow Plan. This all-in-one hosting has most of the standard features offered by other companies’ high-level plans, including unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited mailboxes, free domain name, website builder, shopping carts, unlimited number of FTP users and subusers, search engine marketing, and ad credits to name a few. It even throws in 1 GB of JustCloud Storage. Having just one plan for shared hosting makes pricing much simpler. The plan is quite robust and comprehensive for the price. They now have a good introductory pricing of $49 a year with no setup fees and instant activation. These features make this plan very attractive to novices and experienced webmasters alike.

Farm-Fresh Web Icons: Every web designer knows that having a collection of resources (free or paid) at his/her disposal saves time and makes the design process easier. To answer this, FatCow has free Farm-Fresh Web Icons. Since this is free and readily downloadable by anyone, you don’t actually need to sign up with FatCow’s services. But what’s commendable is that by creating these icons and making them available for free, FatCow demonstrates their commitment to the design community. This isn’t something every web hosting company does. Many web hosting companies do offer their own templates, but they’re often poorly designed or don’t follow modern design practices. On the contrary, FatCow’s Farm-Fresh Web Icons are attractive, usable, and there are close to 4,000 of them. They’re free to use for private or commercial purposes. This feature can be extremely useful for any web designer or blogger.


We have looked at online reviews for Fatcow to see what customer had to say. We found that many customers were pleased with their pricing and bonus features.

One happy customer writes: “We have been with Fatcow.com quite a few years now. The cost is one of the cheapest in the industries. They have been very supportive, available at all times.”

Another reviewer agrees saying: “Their pricing for this hosting plans were nice they gave me a free domain with free advertising credits from google, bing and facebook.”

Not all reviews were positive however. We found users were disappointed with add-on fees and inconsistent service.

One reviewer states: “I am very disappointed with Fat Cow. We started off great. I got a great deal and a decent website. Then they started tacking on all these additional charges and add-on that I didn’t even request.”

Another frustrated customer explains: “Fatcow seems to deliver an inconsistent customer experience. Some of my sites work well there, and others don’t.”

We also checked Twitter to see what people are saying about Fatcow. One user is happy with his experience with customer service:

Another user is frustrated because customer service can’t be reached:


  • Low Introductory Rate: $49 per year introductory rate is pretty hard to beat for such a comprehensive plan.
  • 1 GB Cloud Storage: With your plan, you get access to 1 GB of JustCloud storage so you can save your photos, files, music, and other media, and access it from anywhere and on any device.
  • 24/7 Support: FatCow offers the standard 24/7/365 support through phone, live chat, and a ticket system. They also have a pretty extensive knowledgebase and user guides.
  • Simple Plan: Having one simple plan makes things easier. You don’t have to suffer from analysis paralysis to see which plans would meet your goals and needs. For a flat-priced simple plan though, the Original FatCow Plan offers many features that you’d have to pay more for with other hosting companies.


  • No Uptime Guarantee: There is no published uptime guarantee on their website.
  • No Backup Included: You’re required to do your own backups manually and there doesn’t seem to be any service that’ll provide backups for even a monthly charge.
  • No Cloud Hosting: FatCow’s hosting plans are limited to shared, dedicated server, and VPS hosting.


FatCow takes the headache out of hosting by offering one simple shared hosting plan, but it’s still robust and includes most features that you’ll likely look for. You can be assured you’re dealing with a green hosting company as 100% of their operations are wind-powered. They also display commitment to the web design community by offering their own icons. But there is no uptime guarantee and the lack of any auto-backup features may concern some users. If you want to try cloud hosting or would like more control you will have to look at other hosting companies.

Takeaway: FatCow isn’t exactly distinguishable from other web hosting companies, but their simple pricing plan and low introductory pricing makes the company ideal for personal websites, bloggers, and small business websites.

2016 A Small Orange review: Everything you need to know

Overview: A Small Orange is an exclusively Linux-based hosting company that offers a variety of hosting options for personal or business sites.


Tiny: $2.92/mo for shared hosting.

Small: $5.00/mo for shared hosting.

Medium: $10.00/mo for shared hosting.

Ideal Customer: Any level of webmaster or small business that wants the option to choose from a variety of straight forward hosting packages but is comfortable with chat only support.


Unique Features:

Clementine Managed Hosting: A Small Orange offers what they call Clementine Managed Hosting, which is their turnkey service for managed servers. Under this plan, the company performs all updates and maintenance for you, including O/S updates, new software and tool installation, security patches, server optimization, and backups. Clementine Managed Hosting offers the best of both worlds: it’s easy to use as a shared hosting account, but with the performance of VPS or dedicated server. Your website is on a private Linux container with low-density configuration, but without the cost you’d normally incur with having a dedicated server. The regular Clementine Plan is $45 a month and comes with 2 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD, 1 TB monthly bandwidth, and 1 cPanel user account. The higher tier, Clementine Plus, comes with 8 GB RAM, 2 x 128 GB SSD (or 1 TB HDD), 5 TB monthly bandwidth, and 1 cPanel user account.

Business Hosting: A Small Orange has special emphasis on businesses. They have a separate level of plans dedicated just for businesses that are not part of their regular shared plans. Their business plans have 3 tiers – startup, small business, and enterprise. All three levels include a free SSL Certificate, which is normally valued at $39. They also have PCI-compliant servers, meaning their servers meet the data security standards guided by the Payment Card Industry. This is an important feature for business accounts that are online merchants and regularly deal with accepting payments. All business plans come with enterprise database support, including PostgreSQL and MariaDB designed to power heavy ecommerce needs. In addition, all business plans ensure your websites have lower customer densities than on regular shared plans, to accommodate and execute the processes of any heavy ecommerce software.

Two Data Centers: Having two or more data centers isn’t completely unheard of, but those with two data centers tend to be bi-coastal. They typically have one data center in the east coast and one in the west coast. A Small Orange is different in that their two data centers are located in Dallas, Texas, and Dearborn, Michigan. There’s no mention of whether you can choose one or the other, but it can be assumed your website will be allocated to the server that’s closer to where you are. The location of your hosting server is important to your sites overall performance, speed, and reliability. Both data centers have high performance, carrier-neutral networks, and provide all the amenities, security, and redundancy you’d expect from any other hosting company.


We have looked over several online reviews for A Small Orange. We found customers happy with resolution times and set up speed.

One happy customer writes: “Their resolution time is amazingly low… You ask them for any assistance and they will make sure that the correct thing is delivered to you. Their uptime is excellent, I have never faced any downtime so far.”

Another reviewer states: “A Small Orange set me up in a matter of minutes. This was the fastest set-up I ever experienced, compared to other hosting companies I have used.”

Not all reviews were positive however. We also found customers frustrated with their uptime guarantee and support ticketing system.

One disappointed customer warns: “Their 99.9% uptime guarantee only applies to their cheap plans (makes no sense). Our sites are constantly down. Constant issues. Seriously terrible uptime.”

Another reviewer complains that: “Every ticket response is replied by a different person and they don’t read back the full ticket case just the last response.”

We also checked Twitter to see what people are saying about A Small Orange. This user is happy with his migration and ensuing service:

Another user is frustrated at the lack of reliability:


  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee: A Small Orange offers a very generous 90-day money-back guarantee, with the usual limitations. For example, your domain cost or any extras won’t be refunded.
  • Uptime Guarantee: According to the terms of service by the company, they offer 99.9% uptime guarantee in a given calendar month. Although there is no uptime tracker available on their site.
  • cPanel Included: For lovers of cPanel, A Small Orange provides this popular control panel.
  • Weebly Website Builder: A Small Orange offers website builder powered by Weebly. Weebly is simple and intuitive to use, and you can upgrade to have more functions for $11 per month.
  • Free Migration: A Small Orange offers a free migration service if you’re coming from another hosting company.


  • Limited Support: The support seems limited only to live chat, as no other information (phone number or ticket system) is published on the website.
  • No Proprietary Website Builder for Free: While the company uses Weebly as their website builder, they don’t have a proprietary free website builder that other companies provide with more robust functions.
  • Limited Storage and Bandwidth: A Small Orange’s shared plans offer limited storage and bandwidth, even for higher-tiered plans. The lowest tier has 500 MB of storage for $2.92 per month and the highest tier has 30 GB of storage for $20 per month.


A Small Orange offers a variety of plans, but their emphasis and attention to businesses stand out. They have 3 plans dedicated solely for business owners, whether small or enterprise. Some of the features are limited where other hosting companies would provide them for free. For example, there is no proprietary website builder and no unlimited storage and bandwidth. However, with free migration and a generous money back guarantee, you can feel good about giving A Small Orange try.

Takeaway: If you’re looking for a lot of storage and bandwidth, A Small Orange might not be appropriate for you. You’d be paying an awful lot for a limited amount of storage and bandwidth.

2016 A2 review: Everything you need to know

Overview: A2 markets themselves as the developer friendly web hosting company and they cater primarily to this crowd.


Lite: $3.92/mo for shared hosting.

Swift: $4.90/mo for shared hosting.

Turbo: $9.31/mo for shared hosting.

Ideal Customer: Any developer or webmaster looking for optimized performance boosters or who use TeslaThemes.


Unique Features:

A2 Optimized Caching and Software: A2 Hosting is geared more towards web developers. As such, they have high-performance servers and caching options. Their proprietary A2 Optimized Caching is a pre-configured site accelerator. It’s a cPanel plugin that provides pre-configured caching options for your websites in a single interface, causing your pages to load faster. There are three caching options: Turbo Cache, OPcache/APC, and Memcached. Turbo Cache stores entire HTML contents and are served without running PHP for up to 20 times faster page loads. OPcache cuts PHP response time in half and is available for PHP 5.5 or higher. APC is available for the earlier versions of PHP. Memcached speeds up MySQL databases by keeping the most important data in memory for faster retrieval. A2 Hosting also provides A2 Optimized Software, which has automatically configured the fastest page loads for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, and more popular applications. Compression and caching are auto-optimized so you don’t have to configure the optimal settings yourself, unless you want to.

High Performance SwiftServers: Slow websites drive visitors away. That’s why A2 hosts all websites on their exclusive High Performance SwiftServers. Not all features of SwiftServers are available for all the plans, but many are. There are multiple server locations, from Michigan, Amsterdam, and Singapore. The free version of CloudFlare CDN is included in all plans, providing an average of 200% faster page loads. CloudFlare upgrades are provided for a fee for faster mobile speed. Railgun Network Optimizer is included for free with the highest plan (Turbo), and available for a fee for the other plans (Lite and Swift). A2 Hosting also provides HTTP/2, which is significantly faster than HTTP and represents a major update since 1999. It’s projected to provide 20-30% faster delivery of files than HTTP. The Turbo plan also includes websocket proxy integration, which creates a two-way interaction between a website and a browser for live content and real-time games. These are just some features; if you wanted all the extensive features of SwiftServers, you’d be best served by their Turbo account.

Quadruple Redundant Network: While A2 Hosting has data centers in three different places, it’s possible one or more of them could go down. With that in mind, they have multiple global transit carriers to make sure you remain connected. They include 10G Level 3, 10G CenturyLink/Saavis, 10G Cogent, and 2.5G Comcast. A2 Hosting is one of the very few hosting companies to offer this kind of network redundancy to make sure their customers don’t experience service interruption. A2 also offers you the chance to test their data centers. On their website they offer a 100MB File Download Speed Test and a V-Speed Third Party Speed Test which allows you to test the upload and download speeds of the data center of your choice.


We have checked several online review sites looking for honest opinions about A2 Hosting. We found that customers were happy with the various features and pricing.

One customer is happy with the overall hosting experience saying: “I’ve never experienced better features, functionality, up-time, and support – tech, billing & customer – than what I receive at A2 Hosting.”

Another reviewer agrees: “The uptime has been fantastic and the support staff is always responsive, polite, and helpful. The pricing has also been very satisfactory.”

We also found negative reviews for A2. Here customers were disappointed with the level of support and data limits.

One unhappy customer states: “The ‘support gurus’ did not seem to read my queries, and when they did reply, their answers seemed to be computer generated stock phrases and links, not related to what I was asking.”

Another frustrated reviewer warns: “But beware if your databases exceed 500MB that you may find it difficult if not impossible to perform routine admin tasks using A2 provided utilities via their cPanel such as phpMyAdmin.”

We also checked Twitter to see what people are saying about A2 Hosting. One user is happy with everything about the host:

Another user is experiencing trouble contacting support:


  • Uptime Guarantee: A2 Hosting has a published 99.9% uptime guarantee on their website.
  • Free Website Migration: A2 Hosting offers a free site migration if you’re using cPanel with your current host. You only have to contact the support staff to have it done.
  • cPanel Included: A2 Hosting includes cPanel, one of the most popular and well-known control panels for managing websites.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: They have a fairly standard 30-day money-back guarantee with the usual caveats, such as no refunds on domain registrations, setup fees, and SSL certificates (outside the 7-day window).
  • Discount for TeslaThemes: TeslaThemes is a premium WordPress theme club. Their themes are attractive, mobile-optimized, and come with a lot of built-in functionality. A2 Hosting gives 20% discount for TeslaThemes if you purchase any of the three plans.


  • Not Marketed for Beginners: This isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, but A2 Hosting is definitely geared more towards developers. If you’re a beginner, you’ll face a learning curve.
  • PHP 7 Only on Turbo Plan: PHP 7 is only available and supported on their highest-tiered plan, Turbo.
  • No Domain Included: No free domain is included with any of the plans.


A2 Hosting mainly targets developers rather than casual users who simply want to maintain their personal websites or blogs. They offer a variety of optimized performance boosters. Although they place heavy emphasis on performance, their three shared hosting plans still have reasonable prices, introductory or otherwise. You will just have to purchase your domain from another site before you get started.

Takeaway: If you’re a developer, you’ll be interested in their turbo server and proprietary optimized caching. But you can still benefit from A2 Hosting as a beginner, as there are one-click installers for popular apps like WordPress and cPanel that is known to be user-friendly and intuitive.