2016 Lunarpages review: Everything you need to know

Overview: Lunarpages specializes in providing business hosting with excellent speed and uptime.


Starter: $3.95/mo for shared hosting

Basic: $8.95/mo for shared hosting

WordPress: $12.50/mo for WP hosting

Ideal Customer: This is a host for businesses and individual webmasters who want their site to stay up and running properly.


Unique Features:

Global Failover: If you’ve ever had a website that had its server go down, you understand how frustrating it can be. This problem is especially costly when your business collects leads and even sales from your site. Making it harder for your online marketplace to be down is crucial for any business. That’s why Lunarpages created Global Failover. This feature allows your site to be stored on multiple servers around the world. If the server your files are on goes down, another takes its place. The process will keep you from unnecessary outages, improving uptime. In the event of your primary server going down the host will simply start putting out your data from the secondary hardware. The entire process can be automated and help save your data from a large-scale failure.

Scalable Cloud: The amount of data you use to develop new websites or the sites of clients sometimes changes on a monthly basis. Many hosts don’t have a lot of flexibility in their plans. You have only so much disk space and bandwidth before you have to upgrade to a permanently higher price. That’s why Lunarpages has created scalable cloud hosting that allows you to increase and decrease resources on a monthly basis depending on what you need. It seems relatively customizable with the option to purchase things like CPU cores, bandwidth, disk space and RAM. The flexible plans start out at $44.95/mo, and you can add resources by the gigabyte or core for pennies a day per gig. You can figure out exactly how much you may need on a regular basis right on the cloud hosting page, and you can order extra resources conveniently right from your account page. You can also view your current data levels and make any adjustments very easily.

Uptime Blog: Almost every hosting company on the internet claims to take Uptime seriously, but Lunarpages has taken it a step further. This company has actually named their blog “the Uptime Blog”. It’s not just a blog about how to keep your website up and running either. You’ll find posts segmented into a broad range of categories including hosting, security, data recovery and much more. There are also several posts available to help you market your website better and reviews of tools, like WordPress plugins to help you get the most from your CMS. Any webmaster, from beginner to advanced, can use the Uptime Blog to find business and tech tips to keep their data safe and healthy.


We’ve checked several internet review sites and found that the positive aspects of Lunarpages are price and uptime.

One customer long-term customer states: “After 15 years I am still very happy with there great service! My site NEVER goes down– they give me fare renewal prices. Great bang for the buck!”

Another reviewer agrees saying: “We love the uptime and service for over 3 years. We love the dedicated support admins as they resolve any issues asap.”

In our search we found several negative reviews as well. Many customers have complained about email issues as well as their IP addresses being blocked for no reason.

Here one frustrated customer warns: “Our email has been hacked several times. There was no help from them to help get our email back on track. Their spam assassin is a joke. Our email boxes are flooded with spam on a daily basis. Not only that, but we are told that we hit our limit of email usage.”

Another reviews states: “Recently, Lunarpages started automatically blocking IP addresses. They’ve repeatedly blocked my home IP address. It kept happening to me, over and over, even though my IP hadn’t changed. It took between four and 24 hours to get a response from support each time I contacted them.”

We also looked at Twitter to see what customers were saying about Lunarpages. One user is very happy with tech support:

Another customer is very frustrated with support and uptime:


  • Versatile Cloud Options: Lunarpages offers private and shared cloud hosting to help attract developers.
  • cPanel: Their hosting comes with the standard cPanel which is a favorite among seasoned webmasters.
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee: Lunarpages offers a reimbursement for any down time that is faulted to them.
  • Lunar Wiki: You’ll find a large amount of necessary data on the Lunarpages Wiki that is helpful to experienced and new developers.
  • Search Engine Optimization: The company offers services to help you rank for certain terms in Google and other search engines.


  • Support: While Lunarpages touts U.S. based support, their tech staff are located in different locations and have had negative reviews.
  • Lack of Extras: The company offers extras, but they aren’t as plentiful as the ones offered by your average hosting provider.
  • Money Back Guarantee: Lunarpages offers a money back guarantee, but doesn’t explain how to get it or any terms on their website.


Lunarpages is committed to keeping the sites hosted on their servers online. This committment makes them an ideal option for a business or site owner who relies on their platform being available to visitors. With versatile hosting plans for businesses, WordPress users, and cloud developers they will appeal to almost anyone who wants a reliable solution.

Although, if you are looking for an inexpensive host that offers an unlimited bandwidth and disk space plans you may not find what you’re looking for with Lunarpages.

Takeaway: If your business can’t afford downtime, this may be the best hosting option on the market. With scalable options, you’ll have the resources you need right when you need them and won’t have to keep paying for them when you don’t. This makes Lunarpages a very versatile option for e-Commerce store owners and application developers alike.

JP Smooth

"JP Smooth" is a tech entrepreneur and owner of too many websites lol. After using over 50 hosts in his day, he recommends this host because their hosting is faster than 99% of other hosts (and they answer support calls in under a minute).

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