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Dedicated hosting is one of the most expensive ways to keep your websites and programs online, but it is also the safest and fastest option available online.

The options that you have with this type of hosting are also far greater regarding development flexibility. Usually dedicated servers are the best choice for large sites, corporate websites, or developers looking to utilize some resources offered.

Choosing the right hosting company typically comes down to the type of hardware and level of service before price.

Here at HostAuthority, we’ve taken a look at dozens of different dedicated hosting plans from around the internet and compiled them into the following list of our top five picks.

Number One: 1&1

1&1 makes it to the top of the list due to several factors including the sheer number of plans available.

While dedicated servers are typically at a higher price point, many website owners wish to have the security and space that they offer. Since 1&1 is one of the largest hosts on the internet, they can provide some of the cheapest dedicated pricing. With nine different plans and hardware that has different processors and data resources even small businesses and individual site owners can afford the options that a dedicated server brings. Some of their plans even offer a three-month free trial to give you the ability to see if their service is right for you. All of the plans are clearly laid out with processors, server speed, RAM, disk space, and the server software is easily viewed. Just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean that you’ll get fewer features. You can choose between Linux or Windows servers and can choose to have your server managed by the 1&1 tech staff. This is a great option for anyone looking to start hosting their files on a dedicated server.

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Number Two: GoDaddy

GoDaddy is known for it’s domain registrar service and small business websites, but they are a great option for dedicated servers as well. In fact, they take it so seriously, they have their dedicated plans in a section labeled “GoDaddy Pro”.

They let you figure out how much RAM and disk space you need and then give you three options about how you want your server to be managed. You can choose self managed (comes standard), partially managed which includes several features (patching, monitoring, backups, etc.), and fully managed which comes with a dedicated team of server experts as well as all of the partially managed options. The partial service is an additional $10/mo no matter which plan you choose, and the full managed is a costly additional $120/mo. GoDaddy is a great host for those who seek a no nonsense dedicated option from a reliable name in the hosting world.

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Number Three: Dreamhost

Dreamhost comes in at the third spot with their great customer support and hands off approach to dedicated server plans. If you’re looking to manage your own server, this won’t be the option for you due to the fact that Dreamhost only offers managed dedicated plans. This is great news for someone who wants the power, space and flexibility of their owner server, but doesn’t want to mess with updates. If you have a high traffic site, ecommerce store, or resell your own hosting this is a great service due to the tremendous tech support and 100% uptime guarantee that is offered. It’s not the least expensive option, but it is one of the most reliable dedicated plans online with excellent customer satisfaction and state of the art SSD hardware. Dreamhost boasts some of the highest RAM and bandwidth of all other dedicated hosts on the market making them a favorite of developers and experienced webmasters. This is a great option for someone who wants the managed services of experts and the best tech available and is willing to spend a little more for the quality.

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Number Four: iPage

iPage is definitely one of our most flexible options in the top list. Their flexibility is something that will be appreciated by developers who work on multiple projects that may need resources allocated on a day by day basis. iPage offers a cloud based environment that allows for instant provisioning to make it easy to manage resources and grow fluidly. This type of scalability is easy to understand and won’t cost you a higher amount due to hidden fees. All of the reasonable pricing options are clearly laid out and you won’t be surprised by your hosting bill. While you do have independent control of your environment, managed hosting comes standard with every server at no additional cost which is a welcome feature for those who don’t have the time for updates and configurations. Another great feature for iPage customers is that there are no overage charges for using more resources than previously expected. Dedicated servers from this hosting company offer webmasters and developers a scalable option at an affordable rate.

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Number Five: HostGator

The final spot on our hunt for the top five dedicated server hosts online belongs to Hostgator. Many people choose this company for shared hosting because of their price, the features and benefits of “unlimited” bandwidth and disk space. Although, HostGator packs some impressive dedicated hosting plans to go along with their cheap shared options. They made it onto the list because of their unique position for using a dedicated server to resell your own hosting. While other hosting companies give you the ability to sell hosting from your server, HostGator makes it incredibly easy. With each plan, you’ll receive WHMCS to help you bill clients and maintain your financial affairs. You also have the WHM control panel to set up client accounts and access to over 4500 website templates and tutorials that are brandable (meaning you can put your logo on them). This dedicated hosting can be used by anyone, but can be a great opportunity for someone wanting to start their own hosting company with a great resource.

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